August 5 - 12, 2018

Thank you for your interest in Rails-to-Trails of Wayne County. 
This 8 day series about the OTET ride will be sent daily from August 5 - 12. 

Special thanks to organizer and promoter Keith Workman for taking us - and you - along on this journey!

We stopped for pictures where we switched from the street to the start of the Little Miami Trail.

Today was the longest ride: 55 miles
When we got up this morning, there was fog on the river, but it was mostly burned off, by the time we started riding.  
We went back across the Purple People bridge from KY to Ohio. The bridge appears to have been a combination car/train/pedestrian bridge when it was built. In The left side, which was the car side, is now for bikes. The narrow center part is still for pedestrians and the railroad part (far right) has the tracks removed and is unused.  
The Purple People Bridge
Not everyone has a park named after them, but Annette Foster does, 
or so it would seem.
Outside of Loveland, there was a tree down from the thunderstorm yesterday evening,  
but there was enough room to walk around it.  
Before lunch, we came to the now abandoned Peters Cartridge Company. This company made machine loaded cartridges (such as the shells/ammunition for guns)
providing thousands of jobs during the 1st and 2nd World Wars.

Part of the fun of the group rides is stopping interesting places for lunch and the interesting people you meet along the way.  Today we ate lunch in Morrow. There we met two fellows riding with panniers (bicycle saddlebags) and Gary and Gerald invited them to have lunch. (far right table) They are college roommates who are riding from Cincinnati to Columbus to Pittsburgh to Washington DC.  That is quite an adventure!

Good signage along the way is always helpful.   
It's  interesting to see the different ways various trails share rules and information.  

Some of us claimed that Senior Road was named after us!
Sunday night we are stayed in Waynesville
at two very nice
Bed & Breakfasts:
The Hammel House and
The Sinclair House. 


SUN. AUG. 5:Cincinnati to Waynesville. .(55 m)

MON. AUG. 6: Waynesville to London  (46 m)

TUES. AUG 7 London to Columbus  (45 m) 

WED. AUG. 8:  Columbus to Mount Vernon  (40 m) 

THUR. AUG. 9:  Mount Vernon to Millersburg (41 m)

FRI. AUG 10:  Millersburg to Massillon   (40 m)

SAT: AUG. 11:  Massillon to Hudson  (45 m)

SUN: AUG. 12 : Hudson to Cleveland (24 m);  Celebrate, load and drive home!