August 5 - 12, 2018

Thank you for your interest in Rails-to-Trails of Wayne County. 
This 8 day series about the OTET ride will be sent daily from August 5 - 12. 

Special thanks to organizer and promoter Keith Workman
for taking us - and you - along on this journey!

Xenia Station is always a great rest stop.
A Nice Day's Ride  
even though it was  
a hot and humid  
45 miles. 
We left Waynesville by 8:30 AM. The Little Miami Trail had a wonderful tree canopy all the way to Xenia that helped keep us cooler.  We took a break at Xenia Station.
The Ohio Bike Route 1 (the Ohio To Erie Trail) leaves Xenia on the Prairie Grass Trail going to London.
We ate lunch early in Cedarville, though the restaurant I had planned had gone out of business, so we went to Beans & Cream that serves not only coffee and ice cream but also breakfast and lunch.
At Beans & Cream in Cedarville, Ohio.
Posing with public art in London, Ohio.
We continued north to South Charleston, a nice town  
with a restored depot and two cabooses.    
Mike took this picture of Peggy sitting in the shade  
covering her ears as a train rolled by.
However, as we got farther north on the Prairie Grass Trail, the tree cover decreased  
and the temperature increased. We did feel a slight tail wind though

We arrived in London about 2 PM .  There is a very nice rest area/bike camping area  
as you arrive in town from the south. The tent camping area has a restroom, water, and pavilion, all adjacent to the Senior Center. Then we biked across town on streets to meet our shuttle to load the bikes for the 7 mile drive to the Holiday Inn Express at I-70.
We are ready to rest up for tomorrow's ride into Columbus. 

SUN. AUG. 5: Cincinnati to Waynesville. . (55 m)

MON. AUG. 6:Waynesville to London   (46 m)
TUES. AUG 7 London to Columbus  (45 m) 

WED. AUG. 8:  Columbus to Mount Vernon  (40 m) 

THUR. AUG. 9:  Mount Vernon to Millersburg (41 m)

FRI. AUG 10:  Millersburg to Massillon   (40 m)

SAT: AUG. 11:  Massillon to Hudson  (45 m)

SUN: AUG. 12 : Hudson to Cleveland (24 m);  Celebrate, load and drive home!