August 5 - 12, 2018

Thank you for your interest in Rails-to-Trails of Wayne County. 
This 8 day series about the OTET ride will be sent daily from August 5 - 12. 

Special thanks to organizer and promoter Keith Workman
for taking us - and you - along on this journey!

Today's Ride:

Mt. Vernon to Danville

Danville to Glenmont

Glenmont to Killbuck

Killbuck to Millersburg

It was a beautiful morning on the Kokosing Trail from  
Mt. Vernon to Danville.
But not without a few glitches, according to Keith! 
"We left early again and I was the last to leave.  Or so I thought.  
It wasn't long before I caught up to Mike and Peg and then we stopped for a break in Danville. While resting there, along came Rose and Joanne.  Here they had still been in their room and I did not know they were behind us.  Oops!"

The 5 of us stopped for lunch at 11:30 as planned, at the VFW in Killbuck after riding from Danville to Glenmont to Killbuck.
But none of the early riders were there.  Where could they be? Were they lost?
We finished lunch and were preparing to head toward Millersburg when Gerald arrived. Ah ha! The early group had all stopped to visit the gardens just outside of Gambier.  We had not noticed their bikes parked there and had ridden on past them.  

The Kokosing Trail at Gambier
A stop at Gambier always makes for a great photo opportunity.

Baddaw Pass
Flat Tire!
Then we found out Margaret had a flat tire coming down from Baddaw Pass heading toward Glenmont. Gary helped her change it. They arrived soon after and eventually everyone did enjoy the  hospitality at the VFW. They had hamburgers, fish, egg salad sandwiches and a special - which today was three chicken planks -and a salad. It was quite a variety and very inexpensive.
The Mohican Valley Trail consists of a 5 mile trail which runs along an abandoned right-of-way of the old Penn Central Railroad on the eastern edge of Knox County between Brinkhaven and Danville.  The trail features the beautiful Bridge of Dreams in Brinkhaven. The bridge is a 370-foot covered bridge across the Mohican River valley.  It is the second longest covered bridge in Ohio and the third in the country. The trail links the Kokosing Gap Trail with the Mohican Valley Trail
If you haven't been on the Mohican Valley Trail and Baddaw Pass
CLICK HERE to read more about it.
We've been told it got its name from the railroad days  
when it was known as "that bad 'ol pass"

If a photo is worth a thousand words, this will explain why. 
The Bridge of Dreams at Brinkhaven got its name because the equestrian group determined to build the bridge over the abandoned rail crossing was told they were dreaming to think they could actually make it a reality.  Guess what!  They did it!


The depot at Killbuck in its heyday.

Killbuck Depot today.

Heading toward Millersburg on the Holmes County Tr ail.
The Holmes County Trail is always a great place to ride.  This is entering Millersburg from the south.
The last two days spoiled us because we had been able to get in our rooms by 1:00.
Today, our rooms were not available until almost 3 PM, so some of us went to the  
Millersburg Depot to see their displays and then up to the ice cream shop. 
Does your Wal-Mart have an Amish Buggy Shed? 
The one in Millersburg does.

A nice relaxing upper at Bag's  Sports Pub in Millersburg after another good day.

SUN. AUG. 5: Cincinnati to Waynesville. . (55 m)

MON. AUG. 6:Waynesville to London   (46 m)
TUES. AUG 7 : London to Columbus  (45 m)
WED. AUG. 8: Columbus to Mount Vernon  (40 m) 

THUR. AUG. 9: Mount Vernon to Millersburg (41 m)

FRI. AUG 10:  Millersburg to Massillon   (40 m)

SAT: AUG. 11:  Massillon to Hudson  (45 m)

SUN: AUG. 12 : Hudson to Cleveland (24 m);  Celebrate, load and drive home!