August 5 - 12, 2018

Thank you for your interest in Rails-to-Trails of Wayne County. 
This 8 day series about the OTET ride will be sent daily from August 5 - 12. 

Special thanks to organizer and promoter Keith Workman
for taking us - and you - along on this journey!

Another good day with comfortable temps and only about 6 drops of rain. The storm held off until well after they arrived at the hotel in Massillon. 
There was a special surprise for Keith Workman today! 
The OTET riders came through Wayne County today!  They stopped in Dalton at Los Tios for lunch where Jenni Reusser and Becky Jewell, both members of the Rails-to-Trails of Wayne County Board of Directors surprised Keith with a special thank you gift of an official OTET tee-shirt.    
Keith has organized group rides for many years. He has a passion for sharing his passion for trails and does an exceptional job of bringing people together. For a number of years he took groups on the Washington, D.C. to Pittsburgh trip on the C&O and GAP trails.  This is his first OTET group ride.  Keith's rides always include a fundraiser for RTWC.  When  you explore trails with Keith you receive a huge bonus from his knowledge of history and insights into trail development.   THANK YOU, KEITH WORKMAN!

Folks cheered and applauded as the Thank You presentation took place at Los Tios.
Each rider was also presented with a special keepsake photo of themselves with the OTET logo.

Keith stops along the way to count  
heads & bikes.
Part of today's ride included roads in Wayne County from Fredericksburg to Dalton. This photo was taken along that part of the ride.  It's beautiful country, but the rolling hills can be challenging either going up or down or both.  This is a critical missing link of constructed rail-trail on the OTET.  Your RTWC Board hopes this will one day become completed in rail-trail.  With your support we can make that happen.
All thirteen of the OTET riders met the challenge and mastered the hills, arriving happily in Dalton for lunch!

There was one unfortunate situation today.  Rose & Joanne's friend Susan (with dirt on her shoulder) an experienced rider, met them to ride the Fredericksburg to Dalton section.  Her wheel got stuck in a rut just south of Fredericksburg and she went down, ending up with bruises and a cracked helmet.  To be sure she was all right, they took her to Wooster Hospital.  The report was she had a broken collarbone and a slight concussion.   Once again, friends, never ever ride without a helmet.

The Holmes County Trail is a rare treat with lovely views and perspectives,
along with the occasional road apples to dodge along the way.

The Holmes County Trail is double wide to make room for cyclists and buggys both.
Add the bonus of beautiful countryside and it's hard to beat for a great ride!

ON THE ROADS:  A great view of the rolling hills between Fredericksburg and Dalton.
One rider reported that the challenge of the steepest hill was going down the other side.

After lunch in Dalton, the group headed off on the Sippo Valley Trail,
which crosses the Wayne County Line into Stark County and on into Massillon.

Much of the Stark County Parks trail is not paved but continues to be a lovely, scenic ride.

Everyone made it to Massillon before the heavy rains came. 
Along with a few extra guests, they enjoyed dinner at Kosmos in Massillon.


SUN. AUG. 5: Cincinnati to Waynesville. . (55 m)

MON. AUG. 6:Waynesville to London   (46 m)
TUES. AUG 7 : London to Columbus  (45 m)
WED. AUG. 8: Columbus to Mount Vernon  (40 m) 

THUR. AUG. 9: Mount Vernon to Millersburg (41 m)

FRI. AUG 10: Millersburg to Massillon (40 m)

SAT: AUG. 11:  Massillon to Hudson  (45 m)

SUN: AUG. 12 : Hudson to Cleveland (24 m);  Celebrate, load and drive home!