August 5 - 12, 2018

Thank you for following our 2018 Ohio to Erie Trail adventure August 5 - 12.
Congratulations to all 13 riders for completing the journey! 

Special thanks to organizer and promoter Keith Workman and his wife Carol
for taking us - and you - along on this journey!

Gerald, Keith, Tom, Katie, Joanne, Rose, Dave, Cheryl,  
Mike, Peggy, Gary, Margaret, Annette

Today was:
Towpath in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park
Towpath through  
Cleveland Metro Parks
Cleveland Streets.
The weather was perfect today, with a light breeze.

7 days down, 1 to go.
What a group! What a ride!

"For the last night, my choice of hotel was less than great..."

...and the "breakfast" was a "grab & go" bag. So you know what they tell you to do when life gives you lemons. Therefore, when life give you a "grab & go" breakfast, a restaurant and ice cream are what you do. We rode 10 miles on what little food we had and stopped for a 2nd breakfast at Yours Truly Restaurant at Rockside Road. Then we went on to Westside Market and Mitchell's ice cream nearby. Then we could easily skip lunch.
Arriving at West Side Market in Cleveland.

After ice cream we also took a side trip to see
the house featured in the movie "A Christmas Story."

It's important to know Keith often holds safety meetings.  This one was held a prior to entering Cleveland because they would be riding busy streets.

The official ceremony of dipping front tires into Lake Erie!

After dipping our front wheels in Lake Erie,
pushing back through the sand was our final challenge and the hardest part of the day.
From here we were shuttled to the script Cleveland sign for our final photo.

Loaded up and ready to go home.  Thank you all for your support!.

"And so we have another fundraising trip "in the books" and successful by most accounts.  
Of course there are things that can be improved and will be the next time.  
It's always a learning experience for us all."   Signing off, Keith Workman. 
A SUPER ACCOMPLISHMENT!  Congratulations! 
From The RTWC Board of Directions

The Bonus of Traveling the Trails
Extra Notes of Interest from Keith

Over the trip we met a number of touring riders. You can tell the are going a distance by their panniers (bicycle saddle bags). We always enjoy talking to them and sharing notes.
1. When we were coming out of Cincinnati, there were two college friends, riding and camping from Cincinnati to Pittsburgh to Washington DC.

2. In Massillon we met a couple from New Zealand who had already traveled from Maine to Massillon and were now heading to Pittsburgh and DC.

3. There were two fellows (began as a larger group but now was down to 2), who had come from Washington State. They were traveling down the Towpath and now wanted to ride the GAP and C&O (Pittsburgh to DC.) One asked Mike for suggestions and he told them to take the Conotton Creek Trail. Then they asked me, "Where to next?" I said, "Take the Panhandle Trail and then the Montour Trail, go around Pittsburgh to McKeesport and there find the GAP. We laid out how each connection was made and the roads needed in between. It felt good to be able to help fellow bicyclists who shared our passion for trails.

SUN. AUG. 5: Cincinnati to Waynesville. . (55 m)

MON. AUG. 6: Waynesville to London   (46 m)
TUES AUG. 7: London to Columbus (45 m)  
WED. AUG. 8: Columbus to Mount Vernon  (40 m) 

THUR. AUG. 9: Mount Vernon to Millersburg (41 m)

FRI. AUG 10: Millersburg to Massillon (40 m)

SAT: AUG. 11: Massillon to Hudson  (45 m) 

SUN: AUG. 12 : Hudson to Cleveland (24 m)