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  • Dr. Mac's Minute: Who's the Star?
  • Baker Offering an illustration of Dakotans “Willing & Working Together” for Jesus
  • DBC begins search for new ministry assistant
  • Dakota Baptists to Gather in October in Mandan, ND
  • Sunday school & small group leaders: training materials available
  • Around the Dakotas
  • Black Hills churches take the gospel outdoors
  • CP Story: Joey & Vicki Hay
  • IMB: South Asian believer sacrifices for persecutor
Dr. Mac's Minute
Who’s the Star?

Passage: Exodus 2:23-25
Who is the star of the book of Exodus (and Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy, for that matter)? If you have ever seen the 1956 film, The Ten Commandments, it would be understandable if you conclude that the answer is Moses. Moses was raised in the lap of Egyptian luxury. Moses killed the soldier. Moses talked to a burning bush. Moses brought the plagues upon Pharaoh. Moses led the people to and across the Red Sea. Moses! Moses! Moses!

If that is what you think, it is understandable . . . but you would be wrong. While these books of the Bible track the life of Moses, the real star of the show is God. The Israelites had been laboring under the heavy-handed oppression of the Egyptians. They cried out, not to Moses, but to God. GOD heard their groaning. GOD remembered His covenant with them. GOD saw and took notice of them. It’s all about God (Ex. 2:23-25).

We miss the point when we forget that the story of Moses is, in fact, the story of God moving with compassion to deliver His people. And the worst things in the last 40 years of Moses’ life happened when he forgot that truth.
While he was right to defend God’s holiness in front of the golden calf, Moses’ unrestrained anger pushed him to shatter the tablets carved and presented to him by God (Ex. 32:19-20). While he would have been justified in rebuking the lack of faith of his grumbling people, Moses forgot who was really at the top of Israel’s organizational chart when he pridefully chastised them, “Listen now you rebels; shall WE bring forth water for you out of this rock” (Num. 20:9). He then struck a rock that God told him to speak to, producing the water they needed. I wonder if God was thinking, “Who’s this ‘WE,’ Moses???” It cost Moses the privilege of personally leading the Israelites into the Promised Land (Num. 20:12-13).

We make the same mistake when we forget that God is still the star of the show. Whether it is taking credit when we should give Him the glory or fretting and stewing over things He has promised to resolve, we miss God’s best when we fail to recognize God’s rightful place in our life.

God still hears. God still remembers. God still sees. And . . . God still takes notice. What decisions are you facing? What actions do you need to take? What conflicts need to be resolved? It was all about God in Moses’ day, and it is all about Him as you face your day today. Let go and let the Star shine in and through your life.
Baker Offering an illustration of Dakotans
 “Willing & Working Together” for Jesus

September is the month for this year’s Baker Offering for State Missions. The theme for this year’s offering is “Willing & Working Together.” The theme comes from Philippians 2:13: “For it is God who is at work in you, both to will and to work for His good pleasure.”

The goal for this year’s offering is $40,000, which will be allocated between four DBC ministries:  pastor and church emergencies (30%), Native American ministry (25%), leadership development (25%), and summer missions/interns (20%). 

Each church received a packet of resource samples that are available to help promote this year’s offering. The packets included individual week of prayer guides, offering envelopes, a poster and a flyer, and copy-ready bulletin inserts. Additional supplies of each of these resources are available either by requesting them online at the DBC website or by calling the DBC office at 605-716-0130. 

Gifts to the Baker Offering can be made through your church or online at the DBC website. 

The annual offering is named for John & Clide Baker. John was the first executive director for the Northern Plains Baptist Convention, out of which the Dakota Baptist Convention formed. He and his wife Clide devoted many years of their lives to North and South Dakota.
DBC begins search for new ministry assistant
Joann Liddell joined the DBC staff as ministry assistant in May. Unfortunately, due to some emergency needs within her family in other parts of the country, she will not be able to continue with this role long-term. She is going to continue serving as ministry assistant as long as she is able or until a replacement can be found.

If you know of someone in the Black Hills area who can serve as our ministry assistant, have them contact our Executive Director, Fred MacDonald. His cell phone number is 605-519-3925 and his e-mail address is

Essential abilities include general office work, data entry, computer skills (Word, Excel, etc.), and event coordination. Basic bookkeeping knowledge is helpful. The job is 32 hours per week with a competitive hourly wage and an insurance benefit.
Dakota Baptists to Gather in October in Mandan, ND

The 2021 Dakota Gathering will meet October 7-8 in Mandan, ND. The theme for this year’s annual meeting is, “Willing & Working Together.”

This year’s event will open with a time of worship, fellowship, and encouragement at 2:30 on Thursday afternoon. The session will open with praise and a message from Willie McLaurin. McLaurin is the Vice President for Great Commission Relations with the Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee. 

Following the worship time, two breakout conferences will be held for men and women. John Flowers, pastor at Living Hope Baptist in West Fargo, ND, Matt Hadden from Creator’s Fellowship in Sharp’s Corner, SD, and DBC president Paul Young will lead the men’s session. Young also serves as pastor of Dakota Baptist Church in Fort Totten, ND. The women’s session will be led by Kristy Wallace, from Hope City Church in Bismarck, ND, and Denise MacDonald, from Hills of Grace Church in Rapid City, SD. 

After the afternoon session, the DBC will have the annual “Partnering Together” banquet. The meal will be provided by the SBC Executive Committee. DBC ministry partners (NAMB, the IMB, Guidestone, and the Executive Committee) will share reports and greetings during the dinner.

Two business sessions will be held. The first, on Thursday evening, will feature a presentation from the Dakota Vision 2025 Task Force, two recommendations from the Constitution & Bylaws Committee, and the Executive Director’s annual message. Music will be led by Dillon Rykard, worship pastor at Cornerstone Church in Williston, ND.

The final session will be Friday morning. The messengers will conduct the remaining business, including the election of officers. Music will be led by Todd Fuehrer, pastor of The Gathering Place in Bismarck/Mandan. McLaurin will open the session with a Bible study. Sermons will be preached by Russ Grim, pastor at First Southern Baptist in Gregory, SD, and Young’s president’s message.
Training Materials Available!

by Jeff Musgrave

We have a training package available, courtesy of our partnership with other western state conventions and Lifeway. In years past, we have taken a team from the Dakotas and brought training back to you. This year, the event was assembled in a digital training format to access on demand. We have a limited number of access codes to take advantage of this training. I am looking for churches who would like to hold a training clinic for you church or multiple area churches to take advantage of this training opportunity and material. If you are interested in holding a training for re-launching or revitalizing SS or small groups in your church or area before September 30th, please contact me at or 701-818-8801.
Black Hills churches take the gospel outdoors

Two Rapid City churches are headed outdoors to share the message of Christ this summer:
Mercy Gate Church has been conducting several block parties all around the city this summer. Pastor Kenneth Brock shared that a series of mission teams from thirteen different churches are coming to the Black Hills to assist with these evangelistic efforts. Dozens of professions of faith have been reported so far. Mercy Gate is one of the newer DBC churches and they are preparing to launch a church plant in Box Elder, SD. Andy and Tabitha Daniel have recently moved to the area from Missouri with their three children to lead this new work.
Hills of Grace Church is once again holding their monthly outdoor outreach throughout the summer. The last Wednesday of each month the congregation meets in the church parking lot. They grill burgers and brats and set up games for the families in the area. Jimmy Dettman is the pastor at Hills of Grace.
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South Asian believer sacrifices for persecutor

For believers in South Asia, persecution comes in many forms. Often, professing faith in Christ can affect their standing within their communities and their ability to secure a means of providing for their families. Mark* found faith in Christ...

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