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DBC Monthly Newsletter | June 2023

Dr. Mac's Minute:

The Overcomer's Toolbox (pt. 3)

Passage: Revelation 12:10-12

Focus: And they overcame him. . . and because of the word of their testimony. . ." (v. 11)

Where we’ve been . . . Satan has three basic tools: “the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the boastful pride of life” (I John 2:16). He also tries to discourage by accusing us when we fail. He is, “the accuser of the brethren” (Rev. 12:10). God provides three tools to resist Satan: And they overcame him because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony, and they did not love their life, even when faced with death’” (Rev. 12:11). The first tool is our relationship with Jesus. The blood of the Lamb saves, secures, and sustains us.

Tool #2—“The word of their testimony”: Prosecutors often must depend on “circumstantial evidence.” When no one has seen the incident, the prosecutor has to build a case based on circumstances that, when taken together, provide proof, “beyond a reasonable doubt.” This is possible, but it is difficult. It is much easier to convince a skeptical juror when someone boldly steps to the witness stand and says, “I saw it all; here is what happened.”

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Dakota News

It's Vacation Bible School Time!

By: Karen Holmes

One of my favorite seasons of the year is Vacation Bible School season.  I usually start planning our VBS 2 weeks after our current VBS ends.  Some of you may think, wow, that's crazy.  I don't start thinking about VBS until maybe March or April before we do ours in the summer.  Come to find out, Lifeway releases the theme for the next year's VBS the first week of June. Perfect time to start planning!   

One of the things I love about VBS is it doesn't matter what size church you have.  You can pull off a wonderful VBS.  All you need is a few committed workers, and confidence.  First Baptist Church of Webster is a good example of that.  For years they had mission teams come and do VBS at their church. But one year, that changed.  A few of them decided they could do it and wanted to try.  The Heartland Association helped them with getting materials, a bit of training on how to get organized, and they were off!  This is their 3rd year doing VBS on their own, and they love it.  They have theirs at the park in town. 

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What is RISE? 

Part 2

By: Everett Hornbostel

Last month we started on a journey called RISE. In that first article, I shared with you a little about my background and how RISE came into being. This month, we will move into the second part of this program, which I have called “Interrupt.” Before we dive into this part, let’s discuss why RISE came into being.

Churches are a place where people can go because they are dealing with “stuff.” There is something a person is seeking when they go to a church. One expectation a person might have when they enter a church is safety. Unfortunately, more and more violent actions are taking place against churches. It isn’t always the case that some outsider is perpetrating the violence against the church. In many cases, it is a domestic issue which spills over into the church.

What I Learned From A Muslim

By: Alysia McCord

I remember once overseas when a Muslim friend invited me downtown to an English class. My husband also taught a gospel-based English class, and I wanted her to go to that, and see me as a friend. So, I went with her.

When I got here, I was taken aback. The lady teaching the class immediately started attacking Jesus and the crucifixion and resurrection, never breaking once in her determination to prove that what she assumed were my beliefs wrong. All the while she barely stopped to take a breath or allow me to get in a word edgewise.

I remember how horrified I was; how could I let her say those things about Jesus? “If only she knew the truth about Him, surely she wouldn’t be able to say those things,” I thought. How could she attack him? 

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Pastor Andy Daniel graduated this past May with a Master of Arts in Church Ministry from Baptist Bible Theological Seminary in Springfield, MO. Andy is the lead pastor of Mercy Gate Church in Box Elder, SD. 


Nick Geray, pastor of Dusty Way Chapel in Fargo, ND, was recently honored by the 3 Gems Saddle Club for his years of work. The club presented him with a 2022 show season award buckle. Geray said he is blessed to be able to be a part of the lives of such precious friends. He said that the buckle “is to me a symbol of my acceptance by a community of folks who I have grown to love and care for deeply.”

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Calvary Baptist Church in Blunt, SD celebrated their 50th anniversary in May. Deacon Joe Fanger read a history of the church and his son Joe, Jr. lead worship. The church also honored their past pastors. Buck Hill serves as interim pastor at Calvary Baptist.


26 pastors and other leaders from several churches in Mississippi toured North Dakota last month and met several Dakota pastors and church planters. An informal partnership is developing between the two state conventions. The two state conventions are looking for ways to assist each other in fulfilling the Great Commission

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"They will still bear fruit in old age, healthy and green, to declare, 'The Lord is just.' " Psalm 92:14-15a (CSB)

Your participation in Mission:Dignity® Sunday 2023 would be a blessing to so many retirement-aged ministers, workers and their widows!


Order materials for your church; give with family and friends.

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