A message from the DBHDS
Disaster Behavioral Health Coordinator
We've never seen anything like COVID-19 before that has disrupted our personal and professional lives on such a large-scale for what will be such a long duration. Yet, healthcare workers, first responders, and many others in Virginia's public and private sectors are affected disproportionately during this challenging time. They are pushing forward despite fatigue, and in some cases fear, in an unyielding commitment to those they serve. Many are sacrificing time with their loved ones in an effort to keep them safe. These dedicated individuals can take necessary precautions to protect themselves from exposure, but this unprecedented time also takes a significant toll mentally. 

DBHDS is compiling a growing list of resources to strengthen the mental wellness of those on the front lines of this public health emergency, and others who are impacted. We hope you will find these resources helpful.

Alison Land ,
Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services

Resources for Healthcare Providers During COVID-19
Resources for Individuals and Communities during COVID-19
  • Lifeline @800273TALK: "Warm Line" Talk about any of your concerns!
Stay Informed! Visit Governor Ralph Northam's web page for updates on how the Commonwealth is being affected by COVID-19.
Resource Spotlight:
Assisting the Elderly during disasters

Physical and cognitive considerations are among the most likely challenges for disaster assistance with the elderly. However, if we as a response team and program are to provide trauma informed care, then perhaps there are more variables to consider. For example, would an individual who lost a recently purchased home versus that of a person who has resided in their home for decades be the same? The likelihood that an older citizen, after a catastrophe, has experienced previous crisis and loss is much greater than that of a younger citizen. These may be difficult circumstances to consider but the good news is that during the response period following a disaster; awareness on our part goes a long way to providing a trauma informed response.