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With the deluge of rain that we've experienced over the last few weeks, it is important to continue to remain vigilant in the storm upkeep of your property and/or construction site. Found below are some tips that we've been sharing.

Tips for Property Owners
  • Check your roof for leaks or missing/damaged tiles and shingles
  • Clear gutters, downspouts and drains of debris and clogs
  • Secure or remove patio furniture, i.e. umbrellas, chairs, tables, tarps and awnings to reduce wind-blown damage
  • Inspect and repair exterior appendages (deck, balcony, stairs) on your property
  • Prepare your emergency kit, have adequate supplies, and review your emergency plan with family members.
Tips for Contractors
  • Fill and/or cover up trenches and building openings to prevent water collection
  • Remove tools, debris or any items from construction sites that can be blown away
  • Protect ceiling and roof work that is in progress
  • Secure scaffolding in anticipation of strong winds
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Tom C. Hui, S.E., C.B.O.
Director and Certified Building Official
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as of February 2019

90-Day Review on Unlawful Residential Demolition Legislation

In the January issue, we informed you that stricter controls on residential demolition work legislation was  introduced by Supervisor Aaron Peskin.

Per a request by the Planning Department, this item has been continued for 90-days. DBI also will participate in this review. We expect to have this item at the Board sometime in late March to early April.

For more information on this, read the legislation here
Read About The Slope Protection Act Before Starting Your Project

In late 2018, the  Slope Protection Act (originally passed in 2008) was amended. The amended Slope & Seismic Hazard Zone Protection Act (SSPA) requires new buildings or structures and certain other construction work occurring on properties to undergo additional review for structural integrity and impact on slope stability. Depending on the project, you may be required to submit additional reports by a license professional identifying areas of potential slope instabilities, defining potential risks of development due to geological and geotechnical factors, and recommending appropriate slope instability mitigation strategies. Additionally, your project may require a third party peer review to provide additional and specialized expertise to inform DBI's plan review. The Building Official also may elect to establish a Structural Advisory Committee to review the proposed project.

For more details on SSPA requirements, please read: 
Information Sheet S-19.
Need a Plumbing or Electrical Permit?

Get it online! Since 2001, licensed trade professionals can obtain their plumbing, electrical, or boiler permits to operate online. You'll need to register for an account to file your permit online. After you've registered and are given an online account, you'll be able to o btain certified permits immediately and print official permits in the office or in your home, which means you can readily post at the worksite and not need to drop in to our office. In addition to filing these permits online, you can schedule your inspection online, as well. Doing this saves time and avoids standing in line. You will be required to pay a minimal convenience fee per permit.
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We continue to hire more staff to ensure we are providing the highest levels of effective and efficient customer services. Please give a big welcome to our newest hires.

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 Mark Berdichevsky
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DBI is the regulatory building safety agency responsible for overseeing the effective, efficient, fair and safe enforcement of building , electrical, plumbing, disability access and housing codes for the City and County of San Francisco's more than 200,000 commercial and residential buildings. 


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Stay up to date on the most recent proposed and passed legislation affecting DBI. Here are some listed below:

File No. 190045  - proposed new ordinance by Mayor Breed per Assembly Bill 932 to exempt emergency homeless shelters  from issuance of building permits while conducting life safety reviews.

File No. 190136 - ordinance on code cleanup covering clarifications for building, plumbing, electrical and
housing codes, as well as reenacting a long-standing permit requirement for fences, adding administrative provisions to implement new State law on sub-metering for individual water use, and adding enforcement provisions for the building facade and maintenance program which gets under way in 2021.

File No. 181108 - Amending the police and housing codes to require disclosure of storm flood risks, including 3R reports.

File No. 171194 - Amending the Building Code to conform with State law to provide an expedited permit process for solar energy systems.

No File Number Yet - Microenterprise Home Kitchens. Per State AB 626, City Departments meeting to discuss local ordinance elements needed to enable these home kitchens while requiring owners to comply with local codes.


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