DC Department of Public Works lost $53 million since 2010!
DC Department of Public Works Director Christopher Geldart (center) testifies before the DC Council.
Learn how DC can literally stop burning taxpayer money, by adopting zero-waste policies that divert more trash from landfill and incineration!
DC Environmental Network:

Mark your calendar. On September 22nd at Noon, join the DC Environmental Network, Institute for Local Self-Reliance, a noted local reporter, and zero-waste management experts, for a briefing on how the District's Department of Public Works can save millions of dollars by reforming currently failing and costly waste management practices.

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Our first presentation will focus on how raising tipping fees to cover costs, and negotiating better waste contracts, can protect taxpayer dollars, and the environment.

Our second presentation will demonstrate how Save-As-You-Throw, a variable rate pricing waste management system, can save DC taxpayers millions and divert waste from landfill and incineration.


  • Chris Weiss, Executive Director, DC Environmental Network

Waste Mismanagement: How the District Loses Millions on Garbage Disposal

Save-As-You-Throw: A Proven Waste Management System that Can Save DC Taxpayers Millions!

  • Kristen Brown, Vice-President, Waste Reduction Strategy, WasteZero

  • Don Gambelin, Head of Business Development and Sales, Everest Labs

All are welcome. RSVP below.
Pollution concept. Garbage pile in trash dump or landfill.
With the pandemic economy, the District of Columbia cannot afford to lose millions of dollars!

In the recently concluded DC government budget deliberations, the Mayor and Council had to consider significant revenue cuts, to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars, that could impact both the current FY20 budget and the upcoming FY21 budget. These considerations were necessary because of revenue losses connected to the COVID-19 pandemic, associated economic downturn, and other factors.

The financial troubles are, of course, not behind us. In an August 5th letter, Jeffrey DeWitt, DC Chief Financial Officer, shared how we may soon face more revenue reductions:

"If the District were required to shut down again or revert back to Phase I reopening, federal assistance to the local economy were significantly reduced or eliminated, and/or unemployment levels do not begin a recovery, a lowering of the FY 2021 forecast by as much as $500 million is possible.” 

Meanwhile, as we deal with these financial uncertainties there is the painful certainty that the District's Department of Public Works has been unnecessarily losing, sometimes literally burning (through unnecessary incineration), millions of taxpayer dollars each year for over a decade. This boondoggle is still occurring even during this time of economic upheaval and need.

Additionally, the District of Columbia continues to have one of the worst recycling, waste diversion rates, in the Washington Metro region.

Let's stop this madness and mismanagement that is costing DC taxpayers millions of dollars and hurting our urban environment.
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09/22/20 12:00pm - 09/22/20 1:30pm

Come learn how financial reforms at DPW will save taxpayer dollars!
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