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Written by: Holly Peterson

No one likes summer like I do, I love it hot, arid and sunny. So you can imagine how I feel when the cooler days set in. Well... as much as I love summer, I equally love early fall, the changing of flowers to mums and leaves from green to gold. Nights on the patio from hot to crisp.
Though I hate to see my hostas brown and shrivel, I have to admit I am getting tired of weeding and feeding and watering. As much work as summer creates, fall and the upcoming winter create yet another kind of work. That is where early planning pays off if you are a home owner or renter.

Who will remove leaves and snow? Can you do it? Will you need to bring in help? PLAN AHEAD! It is hard to make things happen at the last minute, you can't pull out of the driveway nor the bus pull in with eight inches of snow and you have to get to work or a doctors appointment. Arrange for friends or neighbors to help, if you don't have the money to pay - offer to exchange services...can you babysit or cook a meal? Get creative...and get a plan!
Medicare Open Enrollment  
October 15th to December 7th
Medicare Open Enrollment is the annual opportunity for them to review, compare and enroll in Medicare health and drug plans is October 15th to December 7th.

  • Open enrollment is the time to review your current health/drug plans and make changes if you want.
  • Review your coverage to see if you can find a better value. Even if you are happy with your current coverage, you might find something that’s a better fit for your budget or health needs.
  • Plans can change their offerings every year, review to make sure your plan still works for you.
  • Medicare Advantage plans are offered by private insurance companies and combine all your benefits into one plan.

Know before you GO!
Written by: Brian Ellio t
BLAST!   " Wish I knew how accessible this place was before I came here, or a little heads up would’ve been nice" …. How many times has a thought like that crossed your mind? Imagine you actually know the answers ahead of time with what to expect!  Access For All is a program designed with that specific purpose. Now you can know how accessible a location is before you go with www.accessforall.disabilityconnect.org  The website is a database that provides accessibility information on businesses and public spaces regarding their PARKING, ENTRANCE, CIRCULATION/SEATING, and RESTROOMS. Information is readily available by computer, tablet, or smart phone. Establishments that have been surveyed can be searched by county (current counties listed are Jackson, Hillsdale and Lenawee), then keywords (food, clothes, gas station) or city. To be listed on the website an establishment must have scored better than 75% on our access survey. Places that scored 75% or better have also been given a window cling they can display; promoting their access to any passerby from the street.
         Equipped with the information prior to going out, a person will know whether there is/isn’t parking nearby or behind the building, the ramp is around back or to use a side door to gain entry, and know what places have accessible restrooms or limited seating options inside. Now you can plan accordingly and be prepped with info BEFORE YOU GO, versus hoping things will be alright upon arrival. Access For All is not meant to signify all these locations as ADA compliant, but merely a person that uses a wheelchair, walker, or even parents with strollers may have easier maneuverability within.  While not all places listed are fully accessible (yet), this is an attempt to highlight those that are and let consumers know what to expect before venturing out. Keep your eyes open for the Access for All window clings!
disAbility Awareness Dinner 2017
October 5th was a memorable evening with disAbility Connections hosting Michigan Supreme Court Justice Richard Bernstein as it's speaker for this years disAbility Awareness Dinner. His message of inspiration and motivation were truly remarkable.
Attendees enjoy dinner, Justice Bernstein's inspiring message, a silent auction and stories shared from individuals who have benefited from services through disAbility Connections. Photo on right: Justice Bernstein talk with Connie and Brad Williams.
Everyday is a great day to be a GOGO!

Don't miss your opportunity to be a member of the GOGO's, it's a social club for individuals (with disabilities) over the age of 18. We get together all around town once a month for a different activity or event. The last 2 events of 2017 are right around the corner. You MUST have enrollment paperwork and individuals who need personal assistance need to bring assistance along with them. It's always a good time.
For more information contact Holly at 990-8061 for application and information!

Kit Young and Lyle Torrant Centers Movie Night
2 theatres, $1 popcorn and lemonade (with free refills)
Showing TROLL's at Torrant Center 6:30 PM in the gym
Gauardians of the Galaxie at Kit Young Cafeteria 6:30 PM

GOGO's Holiday Party
Held at First Church of the Nazarene
$5 Gift Exchange (optional)
Dinner, Karaoke, FUN!!!