DC Talk Therapy Welcomes
New Therapist Kathleen Nardella
On April 24, Kathleen Nardella, LICSW, will join our practice. Ms. Nardella sees individuals and couples of all ages, including college-age clients. She provides counseling for anxiety, depression and major life transitions that many young adults experience.

Her area of expertise is in the area of separation and divorce. In addition to traditional couples counseling, Ms. Nardella offers discernment counseling, a type of brief couples counseling designed for those uncertain whether they want to continue their relationship.

Ms. Nardella has a direct, straightforward approach that her clients appreciate.

She offers daytime, evening and Saturday appointments, and she offers video therapy.

Ms. Nardella has an undergraduate degree from Goucher College, a law degree from Penn State Dickinson Law and a master’s of social work from the University of Maryland-Baltimore.

To make an appointment with Ms. Nardella for individual counseling or couples counseling, please call us at 202-588-1288 or email us at info@dctalktherapy.com

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