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The D.C. Superior Court ruled in October that a housing provider committed discrimination by barring tenants who use temporary housing subsidies from renting at the property. The decision on this lawsuit, which was filed by the ERC last year, could help DC address its homelessness crisis.
The D.C. Attorney General filed a lawsuit against local property management and real estate companies for discriminating against Section 8 housing voucher holders. Source of income discrimination makes it harder for low income families to find stable housing.
A new joint study from the Brookings Institution and Gallup found that homes in majority-Black neighborhoods were consistently undervalued. This devaluation could not be fully explained by factors such as crime rates or school access, and could be due in part to anti-Black racism.
A lawsuit filed in May claimed that the DOE's policy of dismissing repeated discrimination complaints failed to protect the rights of children with disabilities. Last month, the DOE rescinded that policy. Advocates emphasize that civil rights complaints empower families to report violations of the law without spending money on legal fees.
Awareness of the importance of web accessibility has grown among university leaders in recent years, but ensuring that every aspect of a university's website meets recommended web-accessibility standards remains a huge challenge.
According to the Census, nearly half of Washington, D.C. residents who do not speak English rely on public transportation. Metro has taken steps, such as distributing rail information in various languages and providing phone interpretation in their customer service office, but advocates say they could do more.
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