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03 June 2011     
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ICANNICANN: Update: New gTLD Oversight HearingCapital Hill logo


New gTLDs made news this past week stemming from a US  House of Representatives subcommittee hearing on "ICANN Generic Top-Level Domains

(gTLDs) Oversight Hearing" and comments by Assistant Secretary for the US Department of Commerce, Larry Strickling, at the Global Internet Governance workshop at the American University in Washington.


In the House of Representative subcommittee hearing, Kurt Pritz of ICANN received tough questions and little praise in regard the new gTLD program.  Witnesses representing trademark and IP interests made the appeal to delay the launch of the new gTLDs, but didn't present any new information to help support their arguments.  Comments by Larry Strickling in a keynote to the audience at the American University focused more on governmental concerns, namely ICANN "address(ing) the collective concerns of governments, as expressed through the Government Advisory Committee (GAC)."  He also stated "We (the US) remain committed to the ICANN model as the best way to preserve and protect the security and stability of the DNS." 


ICANN will be meeting with the GAC on 20 May 2011 to take in final feedback.   The next version of the guidebook is due on 30 May 2011, and ICANN envisages approving the final guidebook on 20 June 2011 



Speech transcript of Larry Strickling:    


US House of Representative subcommittee hearing recording: 

Africa MapAFRICAAFRICA: A New Class of Consumer Grows in Africa

-- Market on Par With China's and India's


Wall Street Journal: BY PETER WONACOTT

JOHANNESBURG - Sustained economic growth in Africa has produced for the first time a broad middle class, one that cuts across the continent and is on par with the size of the middle classes in the billion-person emerging markets of China and India.The rise of a middle class in the world's poorest continent is a dramatic marker for the global economy. At a time when the U.S., Europe and Japan are struggling to grow, Africa is beginning to beckon as a consumer of what other nations produce, thanks in part to a young population more upwardly mobile than ever before.[more]


INDUSTRYIndustry: Domain Name Registrations Reach 209.8 Million, 2.2 Percent Increase over 2010 Q4    By CircleID Reporter 

The latestDomian name Industry stat Domain Name Industry Brief published by Verisign reports 4.5 million domain names were added to the Internet in the first three months of 2011. According to the report, the first quarter of 2011 closed with a base of more than 209.8 million domain name registrations across all Top Level Domains (TLDs), or a 2.2 percent increase over the fourth quarter of 2010. Registrations grew by 15.3 million, or 7.9 percent year over year. [more]


Thomas Kamanzi, Newsletter Editor,