DCAN Update | November 9, 2021
November is Scholarship Month!
The McNeil Scholar Program-Detroit

The McNeil Scholar Program-Detroit awards $500 to $5000 on an annual basis and are renewable for three consecutive years for DPSCD high school graduates.
The Lloyd F. Hutt Scholarship

Each year, The Lake Michigan Credit Union awards (20) $2,000 scholarships for Michigan and Florida high school seniors. Application closes January 31, 2022.
Frederick Douglass Bicentennial Scholarship

This scholarship program was established in support of students attending accredited historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) nationwide. The program awards two (2) $10,000. Deadline is November 18, 2021.
Complete the FAFSA Early!
There are some changes to the 2022-2023 FAFSA this year!

Completing the FAFSA is key to college enrollment so make sure when you are working with students that you are up to date on the complexities.

NCAN has put together a handy FAFSA guide for counselors and student tips, so check out the links below and make sure you are sharing it with students and families!
Sign Up Your School by December 3rd!
The College “Fit” Project is a pilot campaign to engage learning how to determine the best "fit" schools. The Detroit College Match tool focuses on the academic alignment for match, reach and safety in conjunction with African American graduation rates, it does not however take into account the social-emotional disparagement that students endure embarking on their post graduation journeys.

The campaign will not only educate and elevate important factors that affect enrollment but will also develop critical thinking and knowledge application needed for college research. Students will use detroitcollegematch.com and a word bank to support determining a college list.

This project is designed for both middle and high school students. Register your school today to compete for up to $800 in prizes!
Masonry Cohort 7
This hands-on training program will provide students with the skills necessary to work on important Masonry Restoration projects in the city of Detroit and beyond.

  • Nov 22nd - Feb. 19 Masonry Cohort 13 - 2021
  • December 13th Masonry Cohort 14 - 2021

Please contact chanel@detroittraining.com or call her 313-334-6558 for more information regarding this course.
Michigan Residential Builders License

The MI Residential Builders license class is structured toward anyone who has a desire to develop their own construction business or who is looking to obtain a license. This is a live stream course.

  • Nov 29th, 2021 - Dec 18th 
  • Jan 10th, 2022 - Jan 29th    

Please contact Jordan@detroittraining.com or call her 313-800-4199 for more information regarding this course
Accessing and maintaining Michigan’s financial aid programs are made difficult by misaligned and disjointed rules. Michigan could build a better financial aid for its students.

To reach its degree attainment goal, Michigan should lower administrative barriers to financial aid and close longstanding affordability gaps. The Institute for College Access and Success and The Century Foundation researchers lay a blueprint for streamlining financial aid.
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