DCAN Update | May 11, 2021
We will be supporting students with pathways to college this summer with a focus on the class of 2021. There is a team to support them no matter their pathway. If you would like us to connect with your students this summer, we will be creating a student newsletter keeping students and parents connected to support and resources this summer. 

If you would like us to keep your students connected over the summer, please provide your rosters (first name, last name, emails, phone numbers) to Olivia Tubaro (otubaro@detroitcan.org) with the 
Subject: Summer Student Support Rosters. 
In partnership with the Detroit Regional Chamber, we are hosting the first Detroit Summer Bridge Program for students that graduated from Detroit schools that will be attending Wayne State University, Oakland University, and Henry Ford College.

Program Dates: June 21- August 21st

Student eligibility: 
  • Must be a Detroit High School 2021 Graduate (Public, Private or Charter)
  • Must be attending a partnered institution in the Fall (WSU, OU, HFC)
  • Must complete the application 

Benefit to student: 
  • Earn 3-4 college credits free of charge with no financial aid application required for summer, all books included
  • Earn an education stipend for the completion of the program that they can use at their discretion for needed expenses
  • Learn skills to support their transition to their institution
  • Start network of peers from Detroit that are headed to college
  • Prizes, incentives, workshops, social media campaigns etc.

This program is free for students. There are limited seats per institution. The program is virtual with 6-8 hours per week of engagement. Students can still work and do not have to leave home for the summer to participate.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Onjila Odeneal (oodeneal@detroitcan.org). Subject: Summer Bridge Program. 
Put This On Your Calendar!
DCAN's second annual Strategy Institute is meant to support schools and organizations with developing a college-going culture, student support/resources, and college access and success.

We will follow up with a registration link at a later date, but in the meantime please block off August 16-19th on your calendar!
Summer Staffing
Remote Summer Access Coaches: Remote summer access coaches will work with and support graduating seniors with college transitioning and college prep support. We are seeking counselors and/or college advisors that work in DPSCD or the charter districts within Detroit to fulfill these roles. If you or anyone you know are interested, please send a resume to our Deputy Director Onjila Odeneal (oodeneal@detroitcan.org) Subject: Summer Access Coach Interest.

The pay for this role will be $30/hr working 20 hours per week. Again, this is a remote position beginning in late June. You will need internet access and a computer with webcam capabilities for student support. The deadline for submission is May 24th by 5pm. 
CONNECT: Detroit College Access Network