DCAN Update | Feb. 16, 2021
Our Detroit College Ambassadors Weigh In
What does a leader do? Fundamentally, the role of a leader is to provide direction and motivation, all to achieve a common goal. Leadership is typically synonymous with our professional work but it's equally important in our personal lives.

Numerous research reports assert that leadership is vital to professional achievement. Those in leadership positions early on have higher probabilities of success. Those successes include improved high school completion rates, greater career aspirations, and higher prospective rates of lifetime earnings.

Without the application of leadership skills in our personal lives, attaining higher professional achievement can be limited. Leadership is integral to positive personal development. Leadership skills and opportunities sharpen various life skills that can be applied to everyday situations. It enables us to curate many skill sets like goal-setting, problem-solving, and communication skills. Without the necessary skills, we could severely limit our ability to develop our relationships with ourselves and others.
Meet Our Ambassadors
The Detroit College Ambassador (DCA) program is an annual youth leadership project in which selected students who attended or are attending Detroit area high schools serve as near-peer youth college ambassadors who promote college-going cultures within their schools and social circles.

These students act as community leaders within the city of Detroit. The ambassadors are trained to work with their high school counselors and school administrators to create or enhance the college-going culture in their buildings. The ambassadors engage in peer-to-peer support and knowledge sharing to increase postsecondary planning, college applications completion, and FAFSA.

The Detroit College Ambassadors mission aligns with DCAN’s mission is to increase postsecondary readiness, enrollment, and attainment so that all students in Detroit can achieve their educational dreams.

Sydney Alyce Newsome Smith
University High School Academy, 17, "is a 90s fanatic."

Samuel Burke
Fitzgerald High School, 17, "likes to do community service with his friends."

Christian LeeAnn Hill
University of Michigan, 20, “was on the news before.”
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Admission Granted Series

Join us on March 11th at 3:00 PM EST on Instagram Live @detroit.college.ambassadors. A representative from Saginaw Valley State University will give insight on their school and updates for interested and admitted students.

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Join us on March 4th at 12:00 PM EST. $15 gift cards will be sent to registered attendees! We are covering resume building and job preparation.
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