DCAN Update | Apr. 20, 2021
Supporting the Class of 2021
Happy Spring! We'd like to thank you all so much for your ongoing support and partnership. Our ultimate goal is to support you, the experts and advocates in student college advising. As such, we have an "all hands on deck" approach to assist students and families with crossing the finish line to college enrollment for this year.

We have created a Digital Media Toolkit with our senior events and supports. You can copy and paste language, see our upcoming events, and have a turnkey way of helping us spread the word about what's available and happening. Ideally, these items will be shared/posted to where students are ie: teams, groupme, social media, Remind, etc.

  • Use THIS video to (7 minutes) to see how to best use this Toolkit.

NOTE: This folder will be updated every other Monday.


The DCAN and Detroit Promise Team
We are collecting videos of Detroit students celebrating their postsecondary decision, whether it be enrolling in a trade or technical program, attending a 2 or 4-year university, joining the military, etc.

We would like to invite you to participate in Detroit Decision Day by supporting us with the following:

  • Encouraging students to submit a video of 30 seconds or less revealing their decision
  • Submitting a video of yourself congratulating the Class of 2021 or explaining important things to consider when making a decision. We are inviting all high schools, higher education, trade programs, after-school programs, faith leaders, and government officials to submit a congrats.

Every student that submits a video will receive a $20 gift card. The top 3 high schools that submit videos will receive a $50 gift card.

The deadline for submission is Friday, April 23, 2021 at 11:59pm. Our Final Reveal will be shared on May 7th.
Share with Your Network!
MCAN is hiring a Program Supervisor of the College Completion Corps (CCC). This is a new position to MCAN. Under the supervision of the Program Director, the Program Supervisor will supervise the Coaches (approximately 15 full-time) who are geographically located in, and serving students in, east and southeast Michigan and will have a special focus on students who are part of the Futures for Frontliners and Michigan Reconnect scholarship programs.
YDRC is hiring two positions: a Network Engagement Manager and a Data and Improvement Associate. Each position will support Detroit area youth-serving professionals and organizations.
In an effort to encourage more students to apply to college, MCAN is promoting Spring Application Week. This week, April 19-23, many Michigan colleges and universities will waive application fees to remove this potential barrier to prospective students. If you know of seniors who are still unsure about their postsecondary paths, please encourage them to apply!
Stopping Summer Melt Starts in the Spring, by Ainsley Ash
"Since the most disadvantaged students are the most susceptible to summer melt, it is imperative that districts, schools, and college access programs are prepared to provide support for high school seniors as they transition. Regardless of your organization’s capacity, there are actions that you can take to combat summer melt."
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