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April 2020
A Message from the Superintendent
For many of us, we have now somewhat settled in to what is being called our “new normal." You may be navigating a new work from home schedule, learning to home school your child, or digging deep into the pages of your cookbooks to find something new for dinner. Some of you may have found yourselves on the front lines of this pandemic as an essential employee or first responder. Whether you're staying home to reduce the spread or serving your community as an essential employee, I thank you. Your efforts do not go unnoticed and they matter.

This pandemic has certainly placed us in uncharted territory where the terrain changes daily. What has remained constant however, is the community we know and love, standing firm and lending a hand to their neighbors in need. The amount of support we have received has been overwhelming. It is undeniable that Delaware cares for the people we serve and their families.

Amidst all of the tragedy and negativity surrounding us with the COVID-19 pandemic there is also so much good.

The provider community has always been committed to supporting people with disabilities. But now more than ever, their dedication to continuing this important work is commendable.

DCBDD employees have been working tirelessly to ensure the same level and quality of support is delivered. I appreciate their fierce devotion to our mission and the compassion they bring to work each and every day.

Our community partners have stood by our side making deliveries, donating supplies, and providing support to the people we serve.

When I listen to Governor DeWine say we are “in this together Ohio” I don’t just hear it, I see it everywhere I look. These community acts are inspiring and keep us all focused on the mission at hand - to stop the spread.

I hope you all are staying safe and well. In the words of Dr. Amy Acton, "Wear the mask and the cape." Thank you all for your heroic efforts during such trying times.


Kristine Hodge,
Community Events Resources
Parent Pages
Take a look at the February Edition of Parent Pages!
The Parent Pages are independently produced.
Family ECHO
Nationwide Children's Hospital Child Development Center has developed educational sessions for families which can be accessed from the comfort of home.

Family ECHO uses ZOOM technology to connect participants with a team of interdisciplinary experts for presentation and discussion on topics related to improving and managing behaviors, self-care, family supports and resources. This unique format allows you to learn from home during this unique time. Families and caregivers are encouraged to sign up for sessions early as space is limited.  Click here to learn more about how it works and how to participating.
Can't Stop Columbus
Can't stop Columbus is astate-wide volunteer movement to create resources for the community. Their current focus is the COVID-19 pandemic.

School to Adult Transition Life (SALT) Series
Free monthly series developed to provide a learning opportunity, along with the resources and guidance to families of children with disabilities to help navigate the transition through school to adult life and beyond.
Resources for Stay-At-Home Order
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are all finding ourselves in a "new normal." We have developed lists of resources for everything from learning from home to virtual museum tours to grocery delivery options.
  • Click here for the list of 100+ resources for online learning, free subscriptions, and activities to do at home!
  • Click here for a list of accessible parks.
  • Click here for a list of grocery delivery and pick up services.
Charting the LifeCourse Tool
Charting the LifeCourse™ tools  are designed to support families, with all their complexity and diversity, in ways to maximize their capacity, strengths and unique abilities. Right now, many, if not all of us are facing challenges, specifically related to COVID-19. These tools can be used now, in the midst of this challenge, but can also be used in regular, everyday challenges that we face in our lives. Click here to learn more.
The Time is Now for Community Masks
To defeat COVID-19 wearing masks, following social distancing guidelines, and practicing healthy sanitation and cleaning practices is extremely important. Homemade masks can help protect all of us. Our mission is to provide relevant information about the importance of wearing masks and provide trusted resources to create your own.

Ohio Family to Family
Please join Family to Family on April 24, 2020 at 1pm for a free, virtual training titled, “Taking Charge of My Child’s Care Plan During COVID-19”. 

After you register, and a few days prior to the training, you will receive a separate email link with the details of the virtual Zoom training. You can use your phone or computer.

Help with finding practical ways to be prepared for an unplanned illness or hospitalization. We want to help you turn fear of “what ifs” into action now more than ever
#DSPHero Campaign
We want to share our appreciation for the amazing direct support professionals (DSPs) and the incredible ways they support people with disabilities. We have launched the DSP Hero campaign to convey how grateful we are for their continued support.

Governor DeWine asked Ohioans to fly their flag to stand united with one another during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Sharing his sentiment, we ask you to print this “flag” and stick it in your front window or share on social media to show your support for the incredible work our DSPs are doing. We hope you will post a picture of your flag on social media, wherever it may be hung, and use the #DSPHero.

COVID-19 Updates
DCBDD is keeping our COVID-19 webpage updated with new information and resources. Please continue to check this page for the most up to date and accurate information available.As always, do not hesitate to reach out to your DCBDD contact or call the main line 740-201-3600 for assistance. We are here to help!