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Whether it's us going to Columbia, SC, or us releasing a slew of new product, this is an active week for Goodman Games! Plus, MCC Miniatures get licensed, Judge Ogrebeef returns, and the Martian Vizier talks to Michael Curtis!

Let's get to it!
The Skull returns with more tales!

Tales From the Magician's Skull  is a printed fantasy magazine dedicated to presenting all-new sword-and-sorcery fiction by the finest modern crafters in the genre. These stories are the real thing, crammed with sword-swinging action, dark sorceries, dread, and ferocious monsters -- and they hurtle forward at a headlong pace.

The second issue of Tales From the Magician's Skull continues the great material that we put in place with the first issue. The second issue contains 7 new stories by some amazing talent, including Nathan Long, Setzu Uzume, James Enge, John C. Hocking, James Stoddard, Violette Malan, and Dave Gross. This issue also debuts Stefan Poag's newly illustrated version of the classic Abraham Merritt story,  The People of the Pit !

And remember, in each issue, we present an appendix of game statistics for the various creatures, spells, and items described in each issue. All of these stats are for the  Dungeon Crawl Classics Role Playing Game  system.
Space adventure with an Erol Otis cover!

A Level 6 Adventure for DCC RPG

It hangs like a grim moon over the world, an ancient prison fashioned from the divine remains of a dead god. Within this ivory prison is an evil so powerful that even the Scions of Law could not destroy it. Soon, however, its long imprisonment may be at an end.

An alien mass of writhing, terrible life has emerged from the Void of the Stars to collide with the floating prison, unleashing even stranger foes into the God-Skull. As the Keepers of the prison and their monk allies fight the invaders, that ancient evil begins to plot its escape. Can the heroes intervene to both repel the alien invaders before they reach the world below and keep a terrible power imprisoned? Or will one or both threats tear the world apart in a campaign of conquest and revenge?

Imprisoned in the God-Skull is a 6th level  Dungeon Crawl Classic  adventure born from the extraordinary artist genius of Erol Otus and the fantastical writings of Michael Curtis. The two have joined forces and conceived a  DCC RPG  adventure that is, quite literally, out of this world!
This year's Free RPG Day module is now on the shelves!

A level 1 adventure for 5E

During a brief stop-over at a wilderness stronghold, a simple trip to a local provisioner reveals foul play! The shop has been broken in, and the shopkeeper is missing—but the place has not been burglarized. The heroes are thrust into an investigation. Clues discovered by the heroes hint at larger corruption that festers among the border lands surrounding the stronghold. What sinister forces lurk beneath the keep?

This all-new 5E adventure module includes new magic items, a new spell, and is ready to play right now!
Dwarves and fish men!

A level 10 adventure for 5E

The village of Drydale has a problem. People are disappearing in the night. Worse, some return bearing the scars of a horrific surgical procedure and possess strange new powers. These unfortunates have no memory of their ordeal beyond a terrible vision of drowning in the dark. The adventurers arrive in time to stop a group of icthyoid monstrosities from abducting Drydale's blacksmith, and then track the creatures back to a network of caverns. There they face a host of enslaved minions and uncover an otherworldly evil lurking in the black waters beneath the mountain.

Will the heroes end the threat to Drydale? Can they avoid eternal servitude in the drowning caverns of the fish god?
The 2nd printing has a new back-up!

A Level 4 Adventure for DCC RPG

Punjar: wide-eyed madmen stalk the streets pronouncing the end of days, mail-clad priests crush the skulls of heathens underfoot, and timorous virgins are offered up in sacrifice within sooty temples. But even the greatest of shining temples and the strangest of mystery cults don’t dare to challenge the terrifying finality of death.

Until now. In  Blades Against Death , the adventurers cross between the realms of the living and the dead, and wager their souls in a desperate bid to steal a soul from Death’s hoary grasp. To win over the God of Dooms, you must be the most daring, stalwart and cunning and – when all else fails – willing to test your blades against Death!

A mid-level adventure for the  Dungeon Crawl Classics Role Playing Game , Blades against Death offers characters a once in a lifetime escapade. Those that return from the Realms of the Dead will have earned the true title of adventurer, while those that fail will spend eternity in Death’s service.

Includes the new mini-adventure “Abbott of the Woods” by Harley Stroh, as well as the four Tarot Card handouts now printed in full color.
Includes a new Patron!

A Level 1 Adventure for DCC RPG

The rumors are true! The secret cave of the mystics holds a hoard of treasure vast enough to buy the kingdom seven times over. Gold coins piled as high as snow banks! Gleaming swords and jewel-encrusted wands crackling with arcane energy! Precious gems as large as your fist! The only thing standing between your present circumstances and a life of fabulous wealth is a pesky, slumbering elder god with a penchant for consuming entire worlds, an endless army of vat-grown hybrid monstrosities, a veritable tidal wave of disembodied eyes with awesome powers, giant acid worms, and a curse with the power to rip the still-living eyes from your skull. Do you have the mettle to stare down a god or will your eyes forever adorn the vault of The One Who Watches From Below ?

The second printing includes an additional 8 pages of new content, with a complete patron description for Shigazilnizthrub plus three new spells. The cover for the second printing also has the title printed in metallic foil.
Back in print and now available!

Back in stock and ready to bring all the mutant madness to your tabletop! The second printing of  MCC  is now available!

Return to the glory days of science fiction gaming with the  Mutant Crawl Classics Role Playing Game . Adventure like it’s 1978 again, with modern rules grounded in the origins of post-apocalyptic role playing. Fast play, a mysterious future, and 100% compatibility with the  DCC RPG  system await you — just activate your artifact...
Back in stores now!

We're happy to announce that we've gotten in a new printing on the previously sold-out  MCC Judge's Screen !

Mutant Crawl Classics  is here and begging to be played! This 3-panel judge’s screen contains all the essential game tables and reference material you'll need to run adventures in Terra A.D.
Head's up, South Carolina!

Attention South Carolina! Goodman Games is invading your capitol city this weekend as we attend  Soda City Comic Con . Our booth crew will be in Columbia, SC for the two-day show that begins this Saturday, August 25th.

And we'll have some great new items for you to check out, as well! Not only will we have all of the latest new releases, but we'll also have con specials like  The Tower of the Black Pearl Convention Exclusive , the new  Yellow Foil Mutant Crawl Classics HC , all of the  "Vintage" DCC Module Editions , and much more!

We'll see you this weekend!
Licensed figures for sci-fi apocalypse RPG!

As we revealed in our What’s New With Goodman Games seminar at Gen Con, Goodman Games is very excited to announce that Dark-Platypus Studio has acquired the license to produce a line of miniatures for  Mutant Crawl Classics !

The initial release for  Mutant Mayhem Minis  is currently planned as fifteen characters along with several monster figures. No exact date for release is currently on schedule, but you can look for a Kickstarter to begin in late August, which will offer a significant savings for anyone willing to jump in on the ground floor and help get this project off the ground.
Some Martian insight into one of our top creators!

Night lay upon North America, and Mars rode close to its sister world. The Martian Vizier had informed his Warlord that the subject would be asleep, but it was not so. Perhaps with some deadline yet to be met, Michael Curtis was both awake and (apparently) prepared for the contact. The Vizier appeared before the writer, almost as though he were standing there. Only faintly could one see through his embroidered robes.

“Hold on, Vizier. My English-to-Barsoomian translation machine is acting up.” WHAM-WHAM-WHAM! “There, that should fix it. That’s the last time I buy anything from Northwest Smith. Okay, Vizier, lay your questions on me.”

“Fear not,” the Vizier said with a smile. “I speak your English tongue fluently...”
This Judge got his own gong!

It was last year, at the  2017 Gen Con DCC Team Tournament , where The Gong of Doom made its debut. The idea and the presentation of it served as a huge inspiration to one of our Road Crew Judges in particular—Judge Ogrebeef. It was such an inspiration that he wanted to experience it for himself. At his own tournament.

Not that long ago we profiled Judge Ogrebeef with a Roadworthy post, but his initiative to procure a gong of his own and run a tournament piqued our interest. So, we returned to question Judge Ogrebeef about his tournament and the gong that went along with it.

Click over and read about his tournament and his gong!