WOW! What a week!

If you haven't already heard about it, we've got some news— BIG NEWS—in the form of DCC Day! Get the details below!

Of course, that's hardly everything, as we also have three great new third-party releases in our online store, not to mention (though we are) an appearance at two more conventions this weekend, an Adventure in Fiction with August Derleth, and an interview with artist-extraordinaire, Peter Mullen!

Exclusive for the newsletter this week, there's a sneak peek at one of the third-party books that hit our store, Arawn's Challenge! And we've got three convention recaps, some great Kickstarter news, and even an opportunity for writers and artists in the form of the 2020 Gongfarmer's Almanac!

Let's get to it!
Find the Goodman Games booth at one of these upcoming cons to pick up rare con exclusives!
Amidst the whirlwind of the promise of new third-party zines that is ZineQuest 2, let us not overlook the fact that some product from third-party publishers has already been in the queue to release—and they just made it to the front of the line!

We’ve got a total of three new releases from two of our third-party publishers, one for Dungeon Crawl Classics , and a pair for Mutant Crawl Classics .

Let’s take a look!
A 3rd level adventure for Dungeon Crawl Classics!

Brutally TPK your whole party? Let them fight their way back to the world of the living!

You find yourself in the land of the dead, fighting your way back to the world of the living. Bargain with the Ambassador to the 18 courts of Hell, face the judges of the dead, battle Garan the Fallen and riddle with the skeletal sphinx, and only then will you be worthy of Arawn’s Challenge.

With a cover by Doug Kovacs!
The Bane of the Ancients is a 0- or 1st-level Mutant Crawl Classics-compatible adventure inspired by zombie horror…and the horrors of office life!

When an infectious horde starts ravaging the land, a bold party of adventurers agrees to travel deep into the Slouismo Fen, where legend has it an ancient temple in the center of a dead lake holds a powerful relic known only as the “Bane of the Ancients.”

Players will face horrible monsters and discover wondrous relics of the Ancients, like the small humanoid figurine with an oversized head that bobbles on its neck. They may dare to drink from the ancient water shrine sitting upon a three-foot-tall pedestal, where the Ancients gathered to swap stories with one another. But can they find the cure and return to their village in time to save it?

Take the adventure and find out!
A perfect tie-in with The Bane of the Ancients!

A pad of 25 custom 3”x 4” sticky-note “termination” pink slips! Let your PCs know exactly why they’ve been let go…from the mortal plane! Was it Decapitation? Disembowelment? Dismemberment? Were they Unwise? Unlucky? Circle all that apply! Or fill in the blank!

That’s right—now you can terminate PCs in corporate style!
Mark your calendar for Saturday, May 16, 2020! Goodman Games is excited to announce the inaugural DCC Day !

What is DCC Day ? It’s your chance to get free adventure modules, exclusive limited-edition items, and great swag - plus a reason to visit your favorite gaming hangout and GAME! Let’s look at some of what it offers.

FOR GAMERS: DCC Day means you have access to free and rare Dungeon Crawl Classics titles, and a chance to stock up on past releases at a great price. Every participating retailer is encouraged to run a great promotion on DCC Day . In addition, participating stores will be offering a FREE DCC Day 2020 Adventure Pack , which includes three all-new adventures: one for Dungeon Crawl Classics , one for DCC Lankhmar , and one for Mutant Crawl Classics . There’s a special edition of the DCC Core Rulebook featuring “angry Hugh”—and it’s only available on DCC Day . Plus, Harley Stroh has written a new adventure called Shadow of the Beakmen, which will go on sale for DCC Day only at participating retailers! Make sure your local game store signs up to participate!

FOR ROAD CREW: DCC Day is a terrific reason to run an event at your local store. Sign up with your local store to run a game, and we'll provide special swag for those who do!

FOR RETAILERS: DCC Day is an amazing sales opportunity! Goodman Games has created an event that is too good to be true. If you place a restock order on our DCC line, you can get the DCC Day kit for free. And we absorb the margin hit for you to run a sale.

Retailers, sign up at the GAMA Trade Show! Goodman Games will be at booth 431 with the inaugural offer. The best deal will be at the show in Reno! If you won’t be at the GAMA Trade Show, then email us ! After the GAMA Expo, we will offer unsold kits to the general retailer public!

Here are some of the special releases for DCC Day 2020 !
DCC Day 2020 Adventure Pack

FREE at participating retailers! A new module with three brand-new adventures inside. DCC: Expedition to Algol by Julian Bernick, DCC Lankhmar: The Heist by Harley Stroh, and Mutant Crawl Classics: Ruins of Future Past by Tim Callahan!
DCC Quick-Start Rules

A special DCC Day edition! FREE at participating retailers!
DCC Day #1: Shadow of the Beakmen

An all-new level 1 adventure by Harley Stroh. A $9.99 module only available at participating DCC Day stores!
DCC Day Core Rulebook, “Angry Hugh” edition

A new printing of the DCC Core Rulebook featuring the new “Angry Hugh” cover art! This exclusive limited-edition cover will be for sale ONLY at participating retailers!
Be sure to remind your local retailer that you want to be a part of the inaugural DCC Day on May 16th! This is sure to be a huge day for Dungeon Crawl Classics fans everywhere!
Newsletter Exclusive
Every year, a group of awesome volunteers self-publishes The Gongfarmer’s Almanac (GFA). and gives away free copies to any and all comers at Gen Con. Afterwards, the final product is FREE for download or print at-cost. If you are a writer, artist, editor, layout designer, proofer, or just love supporting the zine community, you have a home in the GFA . It is a great opportunity to get to work with other fans and get to know some of the DCC insiders.

Peasants rejoice! Following in the footsteps of the “survive the funnel” topic of last year, 2020 is “let’s level up,” such as level 1 adventures, character classes, patrons, weapons, artifacts, higher level monsters, etc. That said, and like always, we are open to all types of content of all levels: short adventures, new classes, gods, patrons, rules, items, monsters, etc.

Get the full details and sign up via the Welcome to GFA 2020 – Level Up! Edition at the link below!
Newsletter Exclusive
Daniel Vance and the folks at Vance Games are no stranger to the world of DCC and the fans that follow the game. They have already produced some very popular products, and their latest is Arawn's Challenge. And to give you a chance to check it out for yourself, they've allowed us to give you this special Sneak Peek of the book!

Here's the description of the title:

A 3rd level adventure for Dungeon Crawl Classics !

Brutally TPK your whole party? Let them fight their way back to the world of the living!

You find yourself in the land of the dead, fighting your way back to the world of the living. Bargain with the Ambassador to the 18 courts of Hell, face the judges of the dead, battle Garan the Fallen and riddle with the skeletal sphinx, and only then will you be worthy of Arawn’s Challenge.


Click on the link below to get an 8-page preview of Arawn's Challenge, and be sure to click on the artwork to get a larger version to view!
Newsletter Exclusive
Shipping for the Kickstarter backers has begun! And is almost over! We're at 92% complete as of right now.

As of today, all US orders have left the building, and you should see tracking numbers posting to BackerKit right away. International orders will be going out soon.
February is Zinequest month! And Dungeon Crawl Classics is reaping the benefit of this promotion! There are FOUR DCC Kickstarters currently going, giving you a variety of choices to enhance your campaign.

It has already been a wild month of Kickstarter launches, but with ZineQuest 2 still in full swing, it’s not stopping yet!

This time out, the folks at Breaker Press Games have launched the  DCC Kickstarter for Rabid Dogs ! Described as a mix of role-playing games and punk rock,  Rabid Dogs  is the creation of Nick Raban, who wants to mix in the edgy feeling he got from playing fantasy RPGs in his past with his love of  Dungeon Crawl Classics .

Here’s what is promised in the first issue.

The Contents:

I’m an Outsider… The Outlier Character Class – The ranger concept just doesn’t fit with the “you’re no hero” ethos of  DCC , and admittedly, I had a middle school obsession with the bandit character class for  AD&D  re-published in  Best of Dragon Vol. 4 . The Outlier mashes up these two concepts into something uniquely DCC .

I Wanna Be Your Dog… The Canine Character Class – What happens when the party’s shepherd dies and their herding dog becomes the heart of the party? Well, you probably should just let them be the fuzzy anti-hero they were destined to be.

Equal People… Demihumans and Mixed Race Player Characters – Unrestricted by traditions put forth by authors of the past, you should be the class and race you most connect with and will have the most fun playing. Here’s how to do that with DCC.

Road to Ruin… Three Roadside Encounters – A mysterious roadside statue, a philosophical wanderer, and a curious hilltop glade. Three encounters to test the wits of your band of adventurers
It's time to re-visit The Smoking Wyrm! The second issue of the DCC Zine Tales From The Smoking Wyrm is now a part of the ZineQuest 2 promotion through Kickstarter!

The premise behind the zine has it set at an inn where all manner of beings come and go, and adventure of all sorts can be found through the stories told at the hearth and bar of said establishment.

The second issue of the zine offers another heaping helping of the same sort of material found in the first. Here's what they state on their Kickstarter page:

What's Inside?
The second issue will contain seven features, usable by both players and judges! Each article will be featured in greater detail in future Kickstarter updates so you have a good sense of what you will be getting, but here is a short list:
  • King of Beasts as Patron—Bonding with the wild side gives you distinct advantages!
  • Dwarven Jäger—A subclass of dwarf with a very useful skillset.
  • Ritual Magic, Part II—A close-up look at several rituals aimed at those of religious bent. Want to know why unholy creatures burst into flames when they cross the threshold into holy ground—this will tell you, along with other mysteries.
  • Culpepper’s Herbal—More herbs for your game. We continue building out an herbal catalog that all adventurers can take advantage of, even in the darkest of times.
  • The Shoggoth—A classic monster from deep in our adventuring subconscious finally flexes its full muscles! Also includes a Find Familiar spell for Cthulhu cultists to gain Shoggoth familiars!
  • Wyrm Words—A crossword puzzle of all the Gygaxian words in the second issue—this way, a definition is never in doubt!
  • Onward Retainer—Starring the Legion—The second installment of an adventuring comic in the old school style

As you can see, there is no shortage of material being offered in the second volume. And that's just the standard plan. There are plenty of stretch goals to expand the floorplan of this zine! Help them reach them all.

So if you want to be in on the ground floor—it IS an inn, after all—then you need to head over to the Tales From The Smoking Wyrm Kickstarter page and pledge your support today!
Newsletter Exclusive
The Bay Area shook again over President’s Day Weekend, but not from any action measurable on the Richter Scale — Goodman Games returned to the venerable DunDraCon once more! 

Freshly minted mutants slithered through the Hive of the Overmind! The brave and the hearty squared off against The Corpse That Love Built (and the follower of Bobugbubilz croaked, but in a good way)! The Hole in the Sky swallowed yet another band of zeroes, bringing it’s total ever closer to a Sezjillion. And there are other exploits to recount, but it would take until DunDraCon 2021 to recount them all!

We’d like to thank Chad Martens and all of the DunDraCon committee for putting on another great weekend of gaming, and thank all the fans for coming out. We’ll see you next year for more adventures in DunDraCon’s new, even-larger location! ’Til then, keep the plantient tribe safe and best of luck on future Disapproval rolls!
Once more, the city of Chattanooga welcomed the gang from Goodman Games, as did the halls of Con Nooga!

Hundreds of fans both new and old came by the booth to see the latest, as well as meet the newest Goodman Games con rep, Susie Murph! Everyone left the booth happy and carrying their prized purchases, some on the way to the gaming tables where they were met by Judge Brendan, Judge Dave Baity, Judge Yorkus Rex, and many others!

A huge thanks to the organizers and fans of Con Nooga for putting on another great show. We can't wait to be back again next year!

Click the link below to check out a gallery of pics from Con Nooga 2020!
Judge Brendan made his season debut this past weekend, as he got in his pre-convention game at Infinity Flux in Chattanooga, TN! Here's what he had to say about it:

I kicked off convention season the night before Con Nooga with a store game. Infinity Flux in Chattanooga is a great FLGS. They have a huge selection of comic books and great music—oh, and did I mention their stock of Goodman Games releases? They've got your hook up, Chattanooga. They set me up with a double table in the back for five players and myself.

I ran my Dark Trails adventure, Not So Fast, Billy Ray . It was a rocky first game of the year. I was feeling rusty, not having run a game since Pax Unplugged last December. Plus, who did I have at my table but Mister Dark Trails himself, David Baity! That got me way more nervous than usual. Despite my nerves, the game was a really fun time. The posse wound up surviving the doom that moseyed up to Ogallala, NB, despite the best efforts of the Peterson Boys and their supernatural allies.

I hope I get a chance to hit Infinity Flux again at some point, and to roll dice with that gang once more!
The Goodman presence continues to expand, this time hitting cons both large and small!

If you are in or around Iowa, you might want to make the trip over to Cedar Rapids to join us at  Gamicon Copper ! Dieter Zimmerman will be on hand to man the booth, and it will have everything you’ve wanted from Goodman.  DCC Core Book  and modules? Yep.  DCC Lankhmar ? Yep.  Mutant Crawl Classics ? Yep. Original Adventures Reincarnated? We’ll have that, too. It will be a wealth of goods and goodies that you can only find at a show.

And up in Boston, MA, we’ll be showing the folks at  PAX East  that gaming is more than just something on a video screen. Jim Loves Games will be on hand to represent Goodman Games and our role-playing iteration of gaming. So come out amidst the chaos of the exhibit hall to find some dice-rolling fun at the Jim Loves Games booth!

So, whether you are in the midwest or the northeast, we’ll have a convention appearance that is not far away! Come out this weekend to meet us at the show nearest you!
by Bradley K. McDevitt
Our Adventures in Fiction series is meant to take a look at the writers and creators behind the genre(s) that helped to forge not only our favorite hobby, but our lives. Most of you probably know the name H.P. Lovecraft, but do you know August Derleth? Bradley K. McDevitt reminds you that you have a good reason to remember him.

Without August Derleth (1909-1971), you probably wouldn’t have that Cthulhu bumper sticker on your car, that Cthulhu for President poster, and certainly not that Plushie Cthulhu you have staring down at you from your geek-memorabilia shelf. Not that Cthulhu would not exist, but he (it?) would be just one more forgotten character in a series of stories by an author unknown except to the most ardent of horror literati. Howard Philip Lovecraft’s greatest creation and most if not all of his fiction would have passed into obscurity if not for August Derleth’s founding of Arkham House publishing...
Our partner Akileos Publishing is responsible for the upcoming French edition of  Dungeon Crawl Classics . We recently  ran an interview they did with our own Dark Master, Joseph Goodman , as well as another  interview conducted with Harley Stroh —but that’s not the end of it.

Akileos had one more interview in them: Peter Mullen. This interview was already  run on their site in French  but the whole thing was conducted in English, and we thought you might want to read it for yourself.

Below is the link to the English version of the interview. This will give you some insight into Peter’s creative process, and the things that  twisted his mind  influenced his creativity!
Tales From The Magician’s Skull  is a fantasy magazine dedicated to presenting all-new sword-and-sorcery fiction by the finest modern crafters in the genre. These stories are the real thing, crammed with sword-swinging action, dark sorceries, dread, and ferocious monsters — and they hurtle forward at a headlong pace towards their conclusion!

And now you can look forward to the fourth issue of this hit magazine! That’s right, we have opened up pre-orders on  Tales From The Magician’s Skull #4 !

Want to make sure you never miss out on an issue of  Tales From The Magician’s Skull ? We have the solution for you. Subscribe!  You can sign up for a four-issue subscription through our site.  And don’t worry, we ship all over the world so everyone is covered.

Let’s go over the details on the upcoming fourth issue.
Here is the material in the fourth issue:

Guardian of the Broken Gem  by John C. Hocking
Benhus wondered what he could expect if they took him alive. Torture and interrogation, probably. They’d pry the fact that he worked for the King from him and that would seal his death warrant. He squeezed the hilt of the white dagger and wondered how many of them he could kill before they took him down.

On Death Seed Island  by Adrian Cole
The cloud writhed gently, as if shifting in a breeze, though the air in the grove was very still. In a moment it had formed itself into a distinctive shape and the men drew back in alarm. It was a human figure, hunched, its face a blur, save for the eyes and mouth.

Masks of Silence  by James Enge
The glass cages were full of… things. Not people, but parts of people. They were moving—they were alive: meaty throbbing hearts, shiny pulsating strips of liver, fingers crawling like inchworms, feet flopping like fish. “There is a part of hell that’s supposed to be like this,” Deor remarked.

Cage of Honor  by James Stoddard
Without hesitation, he sent his knife whistling through the air, striking the witch full in the throat. Ignoring her, he caught the woman in his arms, and she was everything to him all at once, everything he ever wanted.

The Witch’s Hound  by C. L. Werner
In a burst of supernatural speed, the dog-ape lunged at Oba. It drove its hairy body beneath the sweep of his sword and drove its shoulder into his midriff in a maneuver that was more tackle than pounce. The samurai was knocked back, sent sprawling on the ground.

The Dead Queen’s Triumph  by Ryan Harvey
“You—don’t yet believe—that I am your queen.” The tongue moved freer as the abomination became used to speaking. “For long, I forgot that I was as well. But I am royal blood still. See?” One of the manipulated arms placed its hand over a flap on the chest cylinder. Fingers gripped the sides and pulled it open.

Thieves of the Fallen World  by Tom Doyle
We’d taken these unearthly glowing gems and blades of cold flame from beings who (at best) weren’t quite human. These trophies were still puissant for ill, and a captured battle lance twitched at me like a living bug impaled on a pin. You shouldn’t be keeping such things, sire.

Apedamak’s Army  by Milton Davis
Garang had made a mistake. He crouched as he walked backwards to the hut, hoping the beasts did not see him. He was halfway to the hut when the last beast spotted him and changed directions, shrieking at him as it attacked.

Appendix: Game Statistics  by Terry Olson
In each issue, we present an appendix of game statistics for the various creatures, spells, and items described in each issue. All of these stats are for the Dungeon Crawl Classics Role-Playing Game system.

Don’t miss out! You can ensure getting all this great material now, by  pre-ordering a copy of Tales From The Magician’s Skull #4 , shipping in early April!
And don’t forget that you can  subscribe to Tales From The Magician’s Skull ! That way you’ll be sure to get the next four issues delivered to you right on time!
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