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It's less than two weeks to Halloween! That makes it time to prepare for your big horror-oriented adventure, and we've got just the choice for you with our new DCC Horror releases. There's also a great new third-party MCC Kickstarter for you to check out, a trio of shows in the UK this weekend, a look at the influences of Edgar Allan Poe and EC Comics, and a peek inside the creative process behind Creep, Skrag, Creep!

Let's get to it!
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Two great releases are now available!
Do you hear chains rattling? Are their strange sounds coming from the attic? Have you been seeing shadow figures out of the corner of your eye? Don’t worry, it’s not a sign that your house is haunted, it’s just a reminder that Halloween is on the way, and you need to plan for your holiday adventure!

Thankfully, we’re here to help. We’ve got a ton of options for you, as we’ve highlighted on our  Halloween Horror Modules  page. A bevy of choices awaits you, ranging from  Age of Cthulhu  to some great third-party releases and on to our own adventures for  Dungeon Crawl Classics !

We’ve even got two new releases timed to tie-in with one of the most favorite holidays of the year. Let’s take a closer look!
A level 0 funnel adventure for DCC RPG.

The ship is adrift and a crew is dead. When the passengers of the Star of Nostro awaken, drugged and bound, and discover the crew is missing, a desperate race for survival begins. The vessel was meant to transport your group of humble villagers to a brighter future. It is now a coffin ship filled with mysterious deaths, dark plots, and a stalking horror that will not stop until it has feasted on every last soul.

Will your characters’ ingenuity be quick enough to find a means to survive, or will you too fall victim to what creeps in the shadows?
A level 6 adventure for Dungeon Crawl Classics.

Mother was wrong: There are monsters in the closet.

Terror seeks out the adventurers in the safety of their own homes, drawing them into a tailored web of vengeance long-deferred. Torn from their beds, the PCs find themselves trapped in the House of Tattered Remnants, the home and prison of an eldritch entity known only as The Sempstress. The adventurers must overcome patchwork horrors, unearthly craftsmen, and even the unraveling of their own realities if they hope to defeat the Sempstress in her lair and escape the House. Or will they be unmade by The Sempstress’ evil?
Join in the daily grind of The Bane of The Ancients
Head on over to Kickstarter to find out what all the talk is about! This fun campaign is inspired by zombies and the horrors of office life. A true terror that we all can understand!

The Bane of the Ancients  is compatible with  Mutant Crawl Classics  and is set in a post-apocalyptic world. Let’s find out a little bit about what this is all about. As the campaign says:

The Bane of the Ancients  is a 0- or 1st-level  Mutant Crawl Classics -compatible roleplaying adventure module inspired by zombie horror movies…and the horrors of office life. Available in print or PDF,  The Bane of the Ancients  will appear in 8.5×11-inch book format, feature a full-color cover and B/W interior with illustrations, and provide approximately 24 pages of zombie and corporate mayhem!

Also, make sure to check out the awesome add-ons that are  Dungeon Crawl Classics  compatible. Like the great adventures  The Peasants’ Fell Bargain  or the epic 0 to 2nd-level  DCC -compatible module  The Exodus of Wolfbane .
A look at the creation of the new DCC Horror module
“De Keradel is an enthusiast, and thorough. Like Napoleon, he knows that you cannot make an omelette without breaking eggs; nor can you have meat without cattle; nor human sacrifices without humans.” 
–  Creep, Shadow! , Abraham Merritt

I chose that quote to set the mood for the  DCC Horror  adventure,  Creep, Skrag, Creep!  It is one of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite Appendix N authors, Abraham Merritt – author of  The Moon Pool Burn, Witch, Burn! , and  Seven Footprints to Satan . Fans of  Creep, Shadow!  will spot some familiar NPC names, locations, and artifacts from that novel.

But when you look closer,  Creep, Skrag, Creep!  draws even more inspiration from the movies  Alien The Thing , and  Halloween . The way I described it to my playtesters:  They Served Brandolyn Red  was an homage to ghost movies,  The Corpse That Love Built  was my homage to the Universal monster movies, and  Creep, Skrag, Creep!  is my homage to unstoppable stalking monster movies. If looking for Merritt Easter eggs is not enough to pique your curiosity, allow me to offer the additional following reasons to check out the adventure:

Avast, captain! There be spoilers ahead… 
How comics influenced D&D
“Drag over a casket kiddies and place your palpitating body upon it… being careful not to jar it, otherwise its unfortunate occupant might GO TO PIECES! If you have time to KILL, let’s have a chat…”

Thus begins the Crypt-Keeper’s Corner, the letters page in the June-July 1950 edition of E.C. Comics  Crypt of Terror . You could be forgiven if you mistook that dramatic introduction as the opening salvo from any game master at any table-top role-playing game. In fact, it’s also fairly easy to see how Gary Gygax, the main co-creator of Dungeons and Dragons (and an entire gaming industry) would fess up to being influenced by the art and storytelling found within the comic books of his formative years. But they are not just any old comic books that he mentions; Gary took the time to single out the creative output of one particular company among the veritable sea of comic books being printed at the time...
Three appearances this weekend!
It seems to be mini-con season in the UK! Hot on the heels of another successful  ‘Owlbear and Wizards Staff’  convention in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, the UK Road Crew are gearing up to hit some of the smaller UK conventions on Saturday, 19th October: 
  • Judge Andy will be offering two Dungeon Crawl Classic RPG sessions at Spaghetti ConJunction 3B, Birmingham
  • Judge Bruce will be running DCC Lankhmar and Mutant Crawl Classics, whilst Judge Griff will be running Umerican Survival Guide at BurritoCon4 in Manchester

That’s two great shows, and three great Judges to choose from for one single weekend! So if you are in the UK—or want to get over there for a vacation and some dice rolling—stop on by either show for some  Dungeon Crawl Classics  fun!
American horror master!
Ok, class, before we start… let’s have a show of hands. Who here thinks about reading Edgar Allan Poe and gets traumatic flashbacks to seventh grade English?

I thought so. Having the father of the modern horror story force-fed us tends to have that effect, as opposed to other lesser writers like Lovecraft, Howard, or Tolkien, all of whom we had to discover on our own. 

So even when Joe Goodman suggested doing some Appendix N Archaeology articles, I had not thought of the Bard of Baltimore until he suggested revisiting Poe. And in retrospect, decades from those dreaded reading assignments, I can think back, remember stories like  The Pit and the Pendulum The Masque of the Red Death , and  The Telltale Heart  and realize that he was, more than Hawthorne or Stoker, the father of modern horror fiction. Before Poe, there were horror stories and novels like  Varney the Vampire  or Geoffrey Lewis’  The Monk , but the majority were more morality stories than anything else or ended, Scooby-Doo-style, with the villains unmasked as mere charlatans...
A great place to find games!
Are you sitting at home wondering what to do tonight or this week? Come on over to our  Events Page  and see what is going on around you!

The Goodman Games Events Page is a place to find games going on anywhere around the world. It’s a way to search for and find a game that you can participate in and play with other fans in your area. And if you want to put in your own game to attract folks, you can do that, too! It’s designed to let players and judges find each other for some gaming fun.

So you want to judge an event? Wonderful news! Head on over to the  Road Crew Page  and find out how to start getting some awesome swag!

Just to give you an idea of what some of the awesome swag you will get for Game 1: The players receive a selection of bookmarks, while the judge receives a custom  DCC  license plate frame plus a DCC or MCC notepad!
Two huge releases are now available!
October means the season of the witch! And the monster! And the thief! And the warrior!

Basically, October is a very good season, and this week we're happy to see the release of both DCC Horror #5: Creep, Skrag, Creep! and the entire initial DCC Lankhmar line!

That means not only do we have a slew of DCC Lankhmar material that will be hitting stores this week, but we've also got a brand-new Dungeon Crawl Classics 0-level funnel—that just happens to be a horror-survival adventure to boot!

Let's look at what you can find in stores this week!
VERY limited supply!
Three new sheets for your Lankhmar campaign!
Dungeon Crawl Classics Lankhmar has been astounding thanks to all of you! These character sheets take it to the next level and they get your campaign off and running in no time.

The legendary Brinkmans—that's Jen and Bob—have taken the initiative to create form-fillable character sheets for Dungeon Crawl Classics Lankhmar!

The DCC Lankhmar character sheets are wonderful for any Lankhmar campaign. Here's what's in the zipped file:
  • Lankhmar Thief Sheet Non-fillable
  • Lankhmar Thief Sheet Fillable
  • Lankhmar Warrior Sheet Non-fillable
  • Lankhmar Warrior Sheet Fillable
  • Lankhmar Wizard Sheet Non-fillable
  • Lankhmare Wizard Fillable

That's a total of six sheets that you can use in your game. Just fill them out and go to task! Your group is going to love having them—while their characters are still alive at least.
An exploration-based adventure for level 2 characters!
If you use Fantasy Grounds, we've put your fate in your hands. More specifically, we've put Fate's Fell Hand into your online game.

DCC #78: Fate's Fell Hand is now available on Fantasy Grounds! One of the most popular Dungeon Crawl Classics adventures, Fate's Fell Hand is a great adventure to keep your Fantasy Grounds game going strong. 

Fate's Fell Hand challenges new and old players alike. Only the most cunning of PCs can hope to thwart the machinations of three dire wizards and escape Fate's Fell Hand!

The line of Dungeon Crawl Classics material is growing at a steady pace! Be sure to check all of the material out at their site. And you can add Fate's Fell Hand to your library today!

DCC #78: Fate's Fell Hand is available for Fantasy Grounds on both their home site and through the popular Steam online engine. Take your online game to the next level, and see what Fate might have in store!
Looking for a great game this weekend? Always remember to check out our Events Page! Below is an excerpt of what is available in the next few days, but for the full schedule click on the image!