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The wait is over. DCC Lankhmar is now in stores! And it is joined by the first new modules for the DCC Horror line, Creep, Skrag, Creep! Add to that some DCC Lankhmar characters sheets, a new module conversion for Fantasy Grounds, a trip to Pennsylvania and Save Against Fear, a reminder about our Road Crew, and top it all off with a visit from The Martian Vizier!

Let's get to it!
Coming soon to a location near you.
Two huge releases are now available!
October means the season of the witch! And the monster! And the thief! And the warrior!

Basically, October is a very good season, and this week we're happy to see the release of both DCC Horror #5: Creep, Skrag, Creep! and the entire initial DCC Lankhmar line!

That means not only do we have a slew of DCC Lankhmar material that will be hitting stores this week, but we've also got a brand-new Dungeon Crawl Classics 0-level funnel—that just happens to be a horror-survival adventure to boot!

Let's look at what you can find in stores this week!
VERY limited supply!
Three new sheets for your Lankhmar campaign!
Dungeon Crawl Classics Lankhmar has been astounding thanks to all of you! These character sheets take it to the next level and they get your campaign off and running in no time.

The legendary Brinkmans—that's Jen and Bob—have taken the initiative to create form-fillable character sheets for Dungeon Crawl Classics Lankhmar!

The DCC Lankhmar character sheets are wonderful for any Lankhmar campaign. Here's what's in the zipped file:
  • Lankhmar Thief Sheet Non-fillable
  • Lankhmar Thief Sheet Fillable
  • Lankhmar Warrior Sheet Non-fillable
  • Lankhmar Warrior Sheet Fillable
  • Lankhmar Wizard Sheet Non-fillable
  • Lankhmare Wizard Fillable

That's a total of six sheets that you can use in your game. Just fill them out and go to task! Your group is going to love having them—while their characters are still alive at least.
An exploration-based adventure for level 2 characters!
If you use Fantasy Grounds, we've put your fate in your hands. More specifically, we've put Fate's Fell Hand into your online game.

DCC #78: Fate's Fell Hand is now available on Fantasy Grounds! One of the most popular Dungeon Crawl Classics adventures, Fate's Fell Hand is a great adventure to keep your Fantasy Grounds game going strong. 

Fate's Fell Hand challenges new and old players alike. Only the most cunning of PCs can hope to thwart the machinations of three dire wizards and escape Fate's Fell Hand!

The line of Dungeon Crawl Classics material is growing at a steady pace! Be sure to check all of the material out at their site. And you can add Fate's Fell Hand to your library today!

DCC #78: Fate's Fell Hand is available for Fantasy Grounds on both their home site and through the popular Steam online engine. Take your online game to the next level, and see what Fate might have in store!
The Martian vizier looks in on OAR #2!
The Dying Sea of Mars is not so vast as to give Koraz-hu, the Martian Vizier, a true appreciation of the scope such bodies can reach on other worlds. Nor is his Mars a place of fecund life, steaming jungles, or terrible monsters which lurk in half-drowned temples. The Mars which he inhabits had become hostile to such teeming creatures as had once inhabited its remote past. Long before Koraz-hu broke the shell of his birth, such days on Mars had been almost forgotten.

When the Vizier’s agents on our own world sent him the second of the Original Adventures Reincarnated series by Goodman Games, he was naturally mystified. To understand its arcane secrets, who could he turn to? Omolo the Impassive, on distant Yuggoth, understood Fifth Edition Fantasy , but surely could understand neither the heat nor the liquid water of the setting. Nor would he willingly visit our Earth again, where gravity made him weaker than he deemed wise, and the fact that the terrestrial Curtis had anticipated his projected visit – not even a full Martian year ago! – made him wary.

No. It would have to be the Venus of the Seventh Vibrational Plane, where oceans and jungles were ever-present, great reptiles like those of the Earth’s past still roamed, and where (he thought) some still dwelled who might welcome his visit...
Gaming for a cause!
Come out and visit us this weekend, October 11-13, at Save Against Fear at the Harrisburg Mall in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. This wonderful convention combines both tabletop gaming and love for the community.

Come out and visit Goodman Games at Booth #9 & 11, and Judge Brendan LaSalle as he runs events all weekend! You never know what he has cooked up for his players. Will you survive? Or will it be an infamous TPK? Sign-up, roll some dice, and hope to survive!

At the booth, we'll have  The Chained Coffin  hardbacks,  DCC Lankhmar , the latest  Mutant Crawl Classics adventure,  Tales of the Magician’s Skull No. 3 , the deluxe version of  Sailors on the Starless Sea , the last few copies of  The Inn at Five Points , some of our latest t-shirts, and much. much more! 
So fun to play, everyone can join!
With all of its tricks and fun, The Road Crew makes playing Dungeon Crawl Classics and Mutant Crawl Classics even better! You may never tire of rolling dice and watching a TPK.

Just add your name to The Road Crew list, and your gaming experience will instantly come to life! That's right, and it's all FREE! Plus, you get great benefits. Here's what comes inside your membership to The Road Crew:
  • Run a public game of DCC RPGMCC RPG, Xcrawl, or any other game we publish in any public forum—in person or online.
  • Post about it on our Events Page.
  • Collect great swag and Road Crew bragging rights!

WOW! Right before your very eyes the entire Road Crew comes to life! And you can even learn a few new tricks during your time with The Road Crew. Experience will do that, you know.
Return to the Starship Warden!
Return to the Starship Warden in an all-new novel written by Craig Martelle and James M. Ward!

Red is the Android – Legend from the Starship Warden is a full-length novel co-written by the creator of Metamorphosis Alpha himself. The story takes you aboard the Warden, where a young man named Finnur Starsign finds himself searching for aid from The Red Androids. The only problem, the rallying cry of The Red Androids is "Humanity must die if the ship is to live!"

Can Finnur and his mate find a way to save themselves and The Starship Warden at the same time?

Red is the Android – Legend from the Starship Warden is now available in our online store!
And if you are looking for more adventure in the world of Metamorphosis Alpha, be sure to check out the other two books in our online store, Metamorphosis Alpha: Chronicles From the Warden, Volume 1 and Metamorphosis Alpha: Chronicles From the Warden, Volume 2.

Plus, you can always create your own stories, by playing the original Metamorphosis Alpha RPG. We've got a tremendous selection of Met Alpha products in our online store, including the Metamorphosis Alpha Deluxe Collector’s Edition and the massively-detailed Metamorphosis Alpha – Epsilon City Box Set.

Be sure to check out Red is the Android – Legend from the Starship Warden and the rest of the Metamorphosis Alpha line today!
Vol. III of Doug's sketchbook is now available!
It's the third trip to the magical place known as The Drain Chamber! One of the stalwarts of Goodman Games, Mr. Doug Kovacs, is back with the third volume of his sketchbook series!

The Drain Chamber Vol. III provides more insight into Doug's personal approach to art, and the process he uses on a daily basis. Not only can you see some of the preliminary sketches for his DCC RPG work, but also some of the personal commissions that Doug has done. This is the only place that you can see some of this material. And you can only get this book at Doug's site,!

Here's the description from Doug's site:
Signed, full color, limited print run of 100. Includes both sketches from commissioned work (lots of Dungeon Crawl Classics ) and personal projects, including many cats from the year in which Doug drew a cat every day.

Act now while you still can! Like the description says, this is limited to only 100 copies—and there are far fewer than that left! 
Looking for a great game this weekend? Always remember to check out our Events Page! Below is an excerpt of what is available in the next few days, but for the full schedule click on the image!