January 2016


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DCCF Awards $110,000 in Grants to Local
Nonprofit Home Health Care Organizations

DCCF i n collaboration with The Philadelphia Foundationrecently awarded $110,000 in grants through its Home Health Care (HHC) Fund to four local nonprofit health care organizations that are dedicated to helping low-income seniors and others in need of home health care services. The following organizations received grants:  
Iris Leon, Executive Director, DCCF  (left), DCCF Board members and HHC Grants Committee Chair, presented checks totaling $110,000 to Home Health Care Fund grantees. 

Fundraising Tips

As part of our monthly Morning Buzz workshop series, the Delaware County Community Foundation (DCCF) recently wrapped up a four-part focus on Fundraising for Nonprofits. The major topics covered were Developing a Fundraising Plan; Making Your Best Case; Annual Giving; and Individual/Major Gift Cultivation.
So what did we learn? Here are a few fundamentals from the sessions:

It starts with a PLAN - if you don't have a plan, you'll go nowhere fast....

Taking the time to develop a comprehensive fundraising plan ensures that you know what your organization needs, how you're going to achieve your goals, and who needs to be involved in the process.

TIP: try organizing your action items like a calendar to help keep you organized
Fundraising is about RELATIONSHIPS first...the money comes second...
Cultivation and stewardship are about building RELATIONSHIPS between your organization and donors that result in sustained financial support. Fundraising is cyclical by nature: cultivation leads to financial gifts, which leads to stewardship, which leads right back to cultivation. Taking the time to nurture donor relationships can have a transformational impact on both your organization and your donors.
TIP: keep the ball rolling by entering donor contact information in your database so that you can track how and when you've interacted with your top prospects

Don't ignore your small donors...
Your small donors can be your most loyal donors and your best prospects for major gifts...if you steward them properly. Analyze your giving data to see who has given to you year after year. Consider doing personal outreach to those who give consistently. You'll likely get some useful feedback that can help you engage with your regular donors more substantively and sustainably. Donors who give small amounts in regular intervals can also be great prospects for planned giving.
TIP: regularly run and analyze reports from your database to identify individual prospects and giving trends

Using data to tell your story is important-but still make it personal...
In an outcome driven world, funders want you to demonstrate your impact with data to prove that your model works. But particularly when cultivating individual prospects, one person's story might resonate more than numbers. It's important to know how to tell your story through both data and anecdotes. For example, it's great to know that 70% of kids in your program improved their reading level by two grades after coming to your after school program. But it FEELS better to hear that Tommy is now reading at a 9th grade level and was accepted to the magnet high school of his choice, which seemed like an impossible dream before your program.
TIP: get permission from a few people impacted by your organization to use their likeness and story on your website, in newsletters, grant applications, and when meeting with donors
These were just a few things we learned in our Morning Buzz Fundraising Series. DCCF is now moving on to a four-part series on Marketing for Nonprofits. Check out the schedule on our website. 

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Founded in 2002, the Delaware County Community Foundation (DCCF) supports charitable giving in the county through grant making, charitable vehicles, fund management, and community resources. DCCF works closely with professional advisors, individuals, families, nonprofit organizations, corporations, and other foundations in creating funds that facilitate their philanthropic giving. 

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Making a Difference

In this issue of Connections, we spotlight  Senior Community Services -- 
a recent recipient of the 
Home Health Care Grant

For many people,  growing older means giving up the self-sufficient lifestyle they have always enjoyed. One of the recipients of this year's Delaware County Community Foundation's Home Health grants, Senior Community Services (SCS), is working to change that.

Senior Community Services works with community partners and donors to help older people remain healthy, active and independent through four nationally accredited 
senior centers and programs in the home and community. 

Based in Folsom and founded in 1977, SCS programs reach more than 16,000 people each year. These programs include care management, health insurance counseling, education, senior centers, transportation, chore assistance, home visits, caregiver support and more. Read More