October 2016    The Official News of the Duval County Council PTA/PTSA      Vol. II

President's Message

PTA Members,

I hope you all weathered Hurricane Matthew and you and your families are safe.  So far we have had 4 weather days due to storms and we hope this is the end of the hurricane season for northeast Florida.

We are two months into the school year and I am sure you have completed your school’s Orientation, PTA membership drives, and open houses.  Now on to your, which is a great time to recruit PTA members from your school and your community at your Fall Festival. 

Completed Tasks for September
  • Completed initial PTA Membership Drive
  • Approved 2016-17 Budget at a General Membership Meeting.

Tasks for October
  • Remember, if you have not filed your IRS 990 form for the 2015-16 budget year, you need to file it before November 15th.  If you need help or have questions, please contact the Treasurer@dccpta.org.  Cathy Guiler, DCC PTA Treasurer can be an invaluable resource in handling this task.
  • Submit “Outside Association Monthly Report” to the school’s bookkeeper.
  • Submit Duval County Council dues of $35.00
  • Submit Florida PTA dues for membership collected.
  • Complete the application for the “Right Foot” Award.
  • Plan a program for Red Ribbon Week.

Our upcoming General Membership Meeting is Tuesday, October 25th at 9:30 a.m.  at the School Board Bldg.  We have an exciting agenda for you including PTA giveaways and a pass to shop at the Teachers’ Supply Depot immediately following the meeting.  You MUST attend the meeting to receive the shopping pass, so bring your bags.

It was great to see so many of you at our Leadership Workshops on October 1st.  We had some lively discussions and exchanges of information.  I hope these workshops were beneficial to you and your PTA.

I look forward to seeing you on October 25th.

       - Karen Nuland, President - Duval County Council of PTAs

Attention Local Units!

Remember, there are six things that must be completed to be considered in good standing:

  1. Filed your 990
  2. Completed Audit
  3. Bylaws are up-to-date
  4. Officers registered with Florida PTA
  5. State/National dues paid to Florida PTA
  6. DCC PTA dues paid

If you need forms or more details about what to do, visit www.dccpta.org under the Treasurer's section.

The "We're Off on the Right Foot" award is due by November 1st.  Please bring your application and attachments to the October general meeting on October 25th 

or mail to :

P.O. Box 5397
Jacksonville, FL 32247

Mail must be received by Nov 1st

Please e-mail any questions to awards@dccpta.org.

DCCPTA Dues are due by November 1st!
In addition to the two schools we mentioned in our last newsletter, Julia Landon College Prep and Stanton College Prep, we would like to recognize two additional schools who have also received the National PTA's School of Excellence Award.

Congratulations to
San Pablo Elementary PTA and West Riverside PTA!
Share Your Successful PTA Programs

Duval County Council is constantly starting and reactivating new PTAs that are
looking for program ideas. 
Has your PTA/PTSA had a successful program that you think others PTA's might want to implement? We would like to share these programs on the DCCPTA website.

Visit us and share your program!

The Parent Academy of Duval County Public Schools promotes parental involvement and enhances student achievement. Free Parent Academy courses are offered in schools, libraries, community centers and faith-based institutions. The Parent Academy's focus is in three strands: Student Achievement, Parenting & Advocacy, and Personal & Individual Growth.

For the Fall Catalog or a printable flyer to share with your parents, visit: duvalschools.org/parentacademy
Reminder for all PTA /PTSAs
An Audit Report with a copy of a bank statement showing the balance of each bank account for the period ending June 30, 2016 must be submitted to the school bookkeeper no later than October 10, 2016.

Please use the revised Audit Form that can be found here.
Want Legislative Updates?
Sign up for Florida PTA's Take Action Network to learn more about legislative issues affecting families, schools, and communities and to stay informed on the latest updates from Tallahassee

Visit Florida PTA to register for these updates and join over 300.00 advocates that support and speak on behalf of the children!
Bylaws Reminder

Please check the front page of your PTA bylaws for the approval date. Bylaws are valid for three years from that date. To renew your bylaws, download the 2016-2017 form from the Florida PTA. Fill it out, get proper signatures, and fax to Florida PTA for approval (407 240-9577). Be sure to fill out the bylaws submission form as well.

Remember, any amendments need the vote of the membership following a 30 day notice. Otherwise, simple notification of the membership is all that is required. If you have any questions, contact Betty Marty at bylaws@dccpta.org