Spring 2020
President's Message, Spring 2020
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Just a little note from Caron Mellblom-Nishioka, Ed.D., DCD President, 2020-2021
Our Current Reality
The memes are plentiful during this unprecedented and challenging time. “ I can do anything - I Quanteach!” “What a week! Time for a Qurantini!” “My child was an honor roll student until it was my turn to teach.” “I just sent half my class to the Principal's office.”
make up word "coronusional" meaning having illusions of getting stuff done while in quarantine
stay home save lives
As I write this, we are starting week seven of “Safer at Home” restrictions in California. We have learned to work from home using computer technologies, which many of us had barely used before. We have learned to order our groceries and necessities for pick up or delivery. We have learned to communicate with family and friends via these same technologies. We have celebrated traditional family holidays using virtual technology with smiles and cheer, but with no hugs. We have been told that this is like fighting a war, and so we soldier on. 
We have learned the importance of a routine, not just for our students, but for us as well. We have begun to walk more and drive less. The air has become clearer. We have slowed our pace. We talk more. We rush less. We smile at people we have never met who we pass on the street We search for ways to be helpful and supportive of those less fortunate. We have learned that while it is possible to maintain connections, it is not the same. We are social beings. Real-time computer exchanges cannot take the place of live human face-to-face interactions.
We are teachers of students with Communication, Language, Hard of Hearing issues, or who are Deaf. We understand the importance of wearing protective face covering, but we shudder as we realize how it isolates the individuals with whom we work from mainstream conversations and connections.
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We scour the internet for ideas and suggestions as to how to maintain connections with our students. We strive to continue working toward the IEP goals and objectives developed for our students. We have tried to compile lists of useful tools and materials that have been suggested , and we encourage you to share tools that you have found useful with us as well.
I invite you to browse our social media posts, blogs, and web pages. Specifically, see the “ Ideas for connecting with other educators” and “Tips for teaching remotely. ” Another valuable resource available is the DHH bibliography .
CEC 2021 Baltimore
We are hopeful that we will see you all at the CEC annual convention in Baltimore, March 2021. We hope to raise a glass with you at Memberfest to commemorate the incredible year we lived through. 
Call for Proposals Extended
CEC 2021 Baltimore Call for Proposals has been extended until June 1, 2020. We encourage all of you to submit presentation proposals for the CEC 2021 Convention and Expo. Session presentations occur Wednesday through Saturday of convention week and are selected from this Call for Proposals . Please be sure to review all the information and instructions regarding proposal submission prior to completing the online proposal form . It is helpful to develop your proposal description, review it carefully, then begin the online form.
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CEC 2021 Convention logo
We are tired. We are worried. We are lonely. 
outline of word HOPE against bright sun
We are hopeful - hopeful, that whatever the new normal looks like as we move forward, that we will be able to begin experiencing it soon. 

We hope you are well and that you, your family, and your loved ones remain so, and we hope that you will reach out to us for brainstorming and support as we continue this challenging march forward. 

Be well and stay safe!
DCD 2020 Board of Directors

President,  Caron Mellblom-Nishioka
President-Elect,  Anna Paulson
Treasurer,  Kevin Miller
Secretary,  David Conway
Committee for Multiple Disabilities,  Susan Bruce
Committee for Infants, Toddlers, & Preschoolers,  Jennifer Buchter
Committee for Deaf and Hard of Hearing,  Brittany Dorn
Committee for Speech, Language, Learning Disabilities,  Chris Ross
Ad Hoc Committee on Knowledge and Skills:  Kevin Miller Dana Kan
Committee on Membership,  Jonathan Solomon
CAN Coordinator , Debbie Lively
Online Communications Committee,  Susie Tiggs

If you have ideas, comments, or suggestions for the board please  contact us .