Help grow a more sustainable budget for DC!
Environmental advocates spend a lot of time trying to come up with new programs and policies to forward our sustainability goals. We have had meaningful success on that front.

Just as important, is making sure government agencies, that implement the policies we love, have the resources necessary to be successful.

Mayor Bowser is currently talking to District residents through her Budget Engagement Forums , about what they want the proposed Fiscal Year 2020 budget to look like when it's released on March 20th.

After the release, District residents will also have an opportunity to comment on the budget at DC Council budget hearings later this year.

In preparation for these budget hearings, the DC Environmental Network (DCEN), DC Fiscal Policy Institute (DCFPI), and District Department of Energy & Environment (DOEE), are partnering to hold a budget briefing on March 27th. All are welcome. RSVP below.

At this briefing, participants will have an opportunity to listen to DOEE Director Tommy Wells, and staff, make the case for the proposed FY20 DOEE budget, and ask questions about their favorite environmental programs. This process can help participants prepare for the upcoming DC Council budget hearings.

The Council Committee on Transportation and the Environment, will hold DOEE's budget hearing on April 1st, at 11:00 AM, in room 120.
A few DC Environmental Network priority issues:
The DC Environmental Network has a number of budget priorities, spread across a number of agencies and offices. We are already engaging the Executive on a number of them, including funding for lead line replacement , to reduce exposure to lead poisoning. We are hoping the Mayor's proposed budget will mirror some of our shared sustainability goals, including:

Clean Rivers: This year the District established the Clean Rivers Impervious Surface Area Charge (CRIAC) Relief Program to help low-income residents and non-profits that need assistance to pay fees earmarked for important water and sewer infrastructure improvements. DCEN will be working to make sure this program is appropriately funded in FY20.

Climate Change: Making sure there are no budgetary obstacles to aggressively implementing the Clean Energy DC Omnibus Act of 2018 is a critical priority for DCEN. We are currently trying to figure how to secure funding, early, to move forward with analyzing the costs and benefits of the Building Energy Performance Standards (BEPS) program within the bill. Something that has to occur in tangent with creation of the BEPS task force, which will, among a number of things, establish building efficiency standards. DCEN has also worked to support the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) for over a decade and will advocate for funding LIHEAP as long as District residents need it.

Affordable/Sustainable Housing: We are hoping the Mayor and Council use the FY 2020 budget to put DC on a path toward completely meeting the affordable housing needs of families with extremely low incomes, through increased investments in the Housing Production Trust Fund and Local Rent Supplement Program, and additional funds for tenant vouchers and preserving DC’s public housing stock. We look to partners, including the DC Fiscal Policy Institute, for guidance on these issues.

Urban Wildlife: DCEN is committed to making sure District residents benefit from the presence of urban wildlife. We will look to make sure ongoing District programs that support wildlife, including educational and recreational initiatives on Kingman and Heritage Island, wildlife rehabilitation services, and other important efforts, are funded.

Zero-Waste: DCEN will work to make sure the programs in the Department of Public Work's (DPW) Office of Waste Diversion are adequately funded in FY20. We are hoping this years proposed budget will be the first in which we don't have to mobilize public and Council support to achieve our sustainability goals. We hope to have a budget briefing for DPW sometime soon.

Office of Attorney General: At the Office of Attorney General (OAG) Performance Oversight Hearing last week, AG Racine agreed with DCEN that their office could do more environmental programming. Part of the answer is building up infrastructure at OAG, including adding more FTEs to focus on our priorities. We will see what is possible as the budget process moves forward.

More to come!
Are you coming to the DOEE FY20 Budget Briefing?
Offices of the DC Department of Energy and Environment (DOEE), 1200 First Street NE, 5th Floor

03/27/19 12:00pm - 03/27/19 1:30pm

At this briefing, participants will listen to DOEE Director Tommy Wells, and staff, make the case for Mayor Bowser's proposed FY20 budget.
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