Thank you for your leadership Councilmember Nadeau!
(L to R) Mark Rodeffer, Sierra Club DC Chapter, Brianne Nadeau, DC Council - Ward 1, Valerie Baron, Natural Resources Defense Council, and Chris Weiss, DC Environmental Network, at Tuesday's Award Ceremony.
Not a Washington Nationals pennant winning game, nor a Democratic Presidential debate, could keep some of the District's best environmental leaders from celebrating the good work of Ward 1, DC Councilmember, Brianne Nadeau .

As you know, the DC Environmental Network presented our Environmental Advocacy Award to Councilmember Nadeau on Tuesday night for her work to put programs in place that will result in more District residents being protected from the threat of lead poisoning in our drinking water.

We wanted to share with you our award which is signed by Chris Weiss of the DC Environmental Network, and Valerie Baron, a campaign leader representing the Natural Resources Defense Council. We included a wonderful quote from our regular coalition partner and advocate, Ed Lazere, Executive Director, DC Fiscal Policy Institute.

The preamble shares why we thought Councilmember Nadeau deserved some special recognition.

"..for her commitment to promoting a more sustainable DC for all District residents with both her work as Chair of the DC Council Committee on Human Services, and, more specifically, for her leadership in introducing, helping to shepherd, and securing funding for Bill 22-0507, the "Lead Water Service Line Replacement and Disclosure Amendment Act of 2018." Her successful efforts resulted in the District adopting one of the strongest programs in our city's history to remove the dangerous water service line pipes from District homes that leech toxic lead into our drinking water and endanger the health of District families."

This quote by Ed Lazere shares how Councilmember Nadeau's efforts involved not just working to solve a health and environment problem, but also showed how her connected actions resulted in benefiting District residents in multiple and very critical ways.

“Councilmember Nadeau once again has shown leadership, creativity, and courage in addressing the most vital needs of DC's families and communities. Her work this year to identify ineffective tax subsidies, scale them back, and redirect those resources will help thousands of DC residents live healthy and dignified lives, and will make the entire District stronger as more of us are able live to our full potential. Thanks to Councilmember Nadeau, DC's children will be protected from the damaging effects of lead in their water, hundreds of DC residents will get the dignity of home, more students will get mental health support to help them succeed in school, and our youngest children will have better access to high-quality child care. Thank you, Brianne Nadeau, for your vision of a healthier and more equitable DC, and for your work to make it a reality.”

If you have a moment, please send Councilmember Nadeau some congratulations for the good work she had done on behalf of the District's environment.

DCEN is thankful for the Natural Resources Defense Council who shared their conference space and provided refreshments to participants. We also greatly appreciate the Audubon Naturalist Society who helped us at this award ceremony.

DC Environmental Network
DC Environmental leaders speak out in support of District plan to create an official District Office of Resilience!
Chief Resilience Officer, Kevin Bush, testifies before the Committee on Government Operations in support
of the "District of Columbia Office of Resilience Establishment Act of 2019."
On Tuesday, the DC Environmental Network , Audubon Naturalist Society , Sierra Club, Washington DC Chapter , and others, participated in a hearing focused on “B23-0130, the District of Columbia Office of Resilience Establishment Act of 2019.”

This hearing was held by the DC Council Committee on Government Operations , Chairperson Brandon Todd .

The stated purpose of the act is to establish an Office of Resilience within the City Administrator's Office for the purpose of developing, coordinating, and reporting on the implementation of policies, programs, and actions with respect to Urban Resilience.

Every person who testified generally supported the purpose of the bill.

We thought we would share some of the testimony given by DCEN and a few of our environmental colleagues.

If you were unable to testify at the public hearing, written statements are encouraged and will be made a part of the official record. The official record will remain open until close of business, Tuesday, October 29, 2019.

Send comments by mail or email, PDF format, to:

Thank you!