Volume 16 | May 12, 2019
Eagle Flyer
Newsletter for the Deer Creek Elementary School community
Upcom ing events
May 21: 3rd-5th grade field day, see information below

May 22: K-2nd grade field day, see information below

May 22: 5th grade continuation at FMS 6-7pm

May 23: Last day for students and early dismissal at 12:55pm. Report cards go home.
Announcements and Reminders

Field Day Information

There will be two field days this year in order to ensure that the days can be enjoyed and will not feel rushed. On Tuesday May 21st, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade will have their field day. The morning will start with half mile runs for each grade starting at about 9:15. Immediately following the last half mile runs, the field events will start. Students will go with their class from event to event until they have completed all events. Then students will eat lunch at about their regular time. Following lunches we will have class vs. class tug-o-wars back down on the lower field as long as the weather permits. Lastly, there will be a 5th grade vs. staff kickball game after the tug-o-wars.
Then on Wednesday May 22nd, Kinder, 1st, 2nd grade will have their field day. They will have about the same field day schedule with the only changes being the lunch schedules for that day. However in the afternoon instead of a kickball game, the teachers, volunteers and any interested parents will entertain the students by competing against one another in the same events the students performed earlier.

Students from each grade will receive a different color bandanna for their grade color from the PTA. Feel free to dress in your grades’ color for field day to show your pride.

5th grade-----------Red
4th grade-----------Orange
3rd grade-----------Yellow
2nd grade----------Green
1st grade-----------Blue

Basic tips for field day:
-Wear clothes that students will be ready to run and move in including good running shoes. A sweatshirt might also be a good idea for the cooler morning weather.
-Bring a water bottle if possible so that students can stay hydrated.
-Bring a hat if desired and wear sunscreen.

Feel free to contact me with a questions or concerns, and I’ll see you at field day.
Thanks, Shawn Flores

Platte Canyon Volleyball Skills League for 4-8th graders
If you are interested in signing up please see the flyer here: Platte Canyon Volleyball page 1

We have some sleds at DCES and they are not allowed on the bus. Please pick them up next time you are at school. They are located outside the gymnasium.

Please send in a transportation note or call the main office prior to 2:30pm when making changes to transportation for your child.

When dropping off your child or picking up your child please pull all the way forward in our car rider line. Please refrain from parking in the car rider line.

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