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Karen Zheng was named the Optimist Club STAR Student of the Year while Ms. Tonya Gatlin was selected as STAR Teacher of the Year! Shown with Don Townsend.
February 25-Mar 1, 2019

Theme: Humility
Word of the Week: Wisdom

EQ: What does it mean to be wise?

Wise People Treasure Knowledge. King Solomon

Quotes by Dade County Young Authors

Monday: BOE Regular Meeting -5p
A thoughtful leader is a wise leader - one who puts the needs of others before his own. Abby Moore, DCHS

Tuesday: Soccer Home 5:30p
Wisdom means you step away from a problem, look at the variable, and then make a decision based on the knowledge you have gained. Arianna Clayton, DMS

Wednesday: KWN "Reading, Writing and Arithmetic" at 1p
Wisdom is a necessity for success in life. Makaela Chance, DMS

Thursday: CHAMPS
I once read a proverb that said, “Even a fool seems wise if he keeps his mouth shut.” That proverb really stuck with me. Anna Ballard, DMS

Friday: 8th Grade Registration, Read Across America Day, DPS Bus Inspections
They say wisdom comes with age. Rather, I think it comes with experience. You can be an old fool or a wise child who has seen too much. Arianna Clayton.