Deep Creek Lake Sailing Association News
Spring 2020

May 15, 2020                                                                  Barbara Grunbaum, Editor
To insure that DCLSA members are kept abreast of club happenings,
this newsletter will be published on an as-needed basis until the club reopens.  
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From the Commodore
Ed Halley

Memorial Day traditionally marks the official "in season" opening of our club with a weekend of racing, reconnecting with friends, and the annual Commodore's Reception. Unfortunately, the current Maryland State coronavirus guidelines require that our building remains closed through at least the Memorial Day weekend.  That means all DCLSA Memorial Day social events, which includes the Commodore's reception on Saturday night are cancelled.  

The good news is that recreational boating is now allowed in Maryland and as such, our club docks, moorings, and grounds are available for member use. It is requested that all members continue to follow public health guidelines and practice physical distancing. In addition, I am very optimistic that we will eventually open the club building and hold social events. A lot has been done behind the scenes to insure that we can hit the ground running as soon as these medical restrictions are eased.
Normally, at the Commodore's Reception, I am able to introduce the 2020 Board and honor individuals who that have already contributed valuable time and effort to prepare our club for the coming season. So I want to take the opportunity now to publicly thank those individuals who have gone above and beyond so early in the season.   

We are very fortunate to have an outstanding board. Each contributes significant time toward the betterment of our club and each provides outstanding service/leadership in club operations. They all receive my highest regard and sincere thank you: Joni Palmer, Vice-Commodore; Sarah Nill, Secretary; David Klueter, Treasurer; Coralyn Benhart, House; Greg Shafer, At large; and Ed Kemp, Building & Grounds. 

The depth of talent among our membership is amazing.  There are always many people working behind the scenes, exceeding expectations. Committee chairpersons and members have been hard at work planning and organizing in an ever changing environment due to the coronavirus. Our traditional way of doing things had to be suddenly altered. I would like to recognize a few individuals who quietly played a significant part to prepare our club for the 2020 season in this unprecedented time:

Membership Directory Marty Hill quietly answered an online survey, stating that he wanted to help the club but didn't know how from Tennessee. He agreed to take on the big job of publishing our Club directory and he has done fabulous job. We hope to have the opportunity to see Marty and Sandy this summer and when we do, I hope you will remember to salute him for his efforts. Additionally, Will McGill is working with the local printer and will make the directories available to the membership.  Thank you both.

Medical Advisory Committee - Lead by Tom Johnson and a group of professionals; Alan Silverman, Judy & Doc Templeton, Judy Bertsch, Rob Gerlach, and Ed Kemp have and will continue to provide critical advice and guidance to the board regarding coronavirus issues. Thank you all for stepping up in our time of need.

Docks & Moorings Ray Gauthier, as always, quietly and efficiently organized and executed placing the docks, moorings, and dinghy in the water with limited support due to the coronavirus. He worked diligently over four different weekends.   It started back in March with dock repairs, and he was aided by  David Tuel, David Klueter, Greg Shafer ,and  Mark Schaefer.   Joni Palmer and Cheryl Shafer provided lunch.   Later in the month, Eric, Thomas, and Kenneth Yonke worked with Ray to prepare the new moorings.  Then in late April,   Kenneth Yonke, Thomas Yonke, Joseph Yonke, David Tuel, and David Klueter joined in to install the moorings.  Finally, on May 2nd the docks went in smoothly with help from David Tuel, David Klueter, Kenneth Yonke, Joseph Yonke, Roger Higgins, Ray Gauthier, and Medical Advisor Tom Johnson. Thanks to those who offered to be backup, but whose support was not needed: Ed Peters, Will McGill, Greg Shafer, Mark Schaefer, and Charles Buffington.   A big thank you to all.

Social Sherri Haraway and Susie Coburn have been busy thinking of creative ways to continue to have social events while remaining mindful of health and safety concerns. I am very sure that if it can be done, they will find a fun way. We thank them both.

Buildings and Grounds Alice and Ed Kemp took it upon themselves to complete the "Adopt a Road" clean up on their own. This is a lot of work usually performed by a team of members. Very well done and we thank the Kemps.  Additionally, Ed Kemp has singlehandedly turned on the water and electricity to the club so we are ready to open when allowed. He is in the process of making other repairs as noted in the Spring Meeting report.  Thank you Ed for always seamlessly getting things done.

The board has taken the approach of preparing the club as much as possible so that we will be ready when restrictions ease in our area. There is no doubt, this summer will be a challenging one as everyone navigates coronavirus concerns. But I am confident our season can still be great. And it will certainly be one to remember.  The DCLSA board asks all members to do their part by following our state's mandated guidelines and procedures when utilizing club facilities. 

We will continue to keep you informed via email regarding the status of the club opening and scheduled activities.  We thank you so much for your patience and understanding

Current Maryland Boating Information

As of this writing, the State of Maryland allows recreational boating. 
However, this is an evolving situation. To stay up to date with 
the Maryland's  Department of Natural Resources 
outdoor recreation guidelines, which includes boating...

House Management & Personnel
Coralyn Benhart

As soon as our club can reopen, our wonderful managers, Sara Newton and David Sheppard, will return to our Club. And we are so excited to have them back! Knowing that flexibility and safety will be the guideposts for our summer, they are already thinking of creative and adaptive ways to meet our Club's food delivery needs while giving us a taste of their wonderful cooking and "managers' specials.

They had some fantastic adventures over the winter. They write, " We have been traveling from Arizona desert to LA to the Sierra Nevada to the west coast.  And i n March we took a road trip up to Eugene, Oregon, along the spectacular Northern California coast."

Deep Creek 
Sailing School News
Sue Wolffe
President, DCSS

In view of current health and safety guidelines, Governor Hogan's anticipated phases of opening Maryland, and social distancing protocols, DCSS has adjusted
our schedule as follows:
  • The first two Junior instruction weeks in June are cancelled.  The remaining scheduled junior weeks and the teen week are maintained at this time but with only 8 students and 2 instructors. 
  • Both Adult weeks are cancelled for this summer. 
  • Creek Critters is still on the calendar but is limited to the three students that have enrolled.
  • We are hopeful to offer private lessons later in the summer. 
We may make further adjustments as we are provided additional guidance from the state, our insurance company, and US Sailing.  Should social distancing requirements be relaxed, we may be able to open the classes to more students and instructors.  

We are also considering some other options such as pop up coaching classes. We will be working with DCLSA to ensure we maintain all health and safety protocols for both the school and the club members.

A special shout out to all who applied to be instructors and interns this summer.  We are continuously impressed by the skills and dedication of our instructor staff.  We are truly heartbroken that the sailing school will not be operating as normal, and we will not be hiring our usual complement of instructors and interns.   And a special thanks to Thomas, Joseph, and Kenneth Yonke for removing the Lasers from under the club house.  
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me or any other board member.

HEADS UP! Schedule Change
Women's North American Championship

The Flying Scot 2020 Women's North American Championship scheduled for June this year at Deep Creek Lake is being postponed for one Year. Mark Your Calendars for 2021! FSSA Women's NAC - Deep Creek Yacht Clubs - June 26-27, 2021

2020 Membership Contributions
David Klueter, Treasurer

Many thanks to all who have contributed money to DCLSA,
either to the funds listed below or to support Dock Push/Pull.  

Capital Improvement Fund
Judy Bertsch in memory of Paul Weiler
Eric & Elizabeth Boughner
Michael & Twilley Delligatti
Ed & Beth Halley
Ramesh & Monica Kumar
Leslie McGill
John & Lisa Meredith
David Moran & Lori Wall
Greg & Cheryl Shafer
Wendy & Jonathan Staebler
Danielle & Brian Uffelman
Steve & Elizabeth Valenti
Jane & Reeve Vanneman
Eric & Gayle von Eckartsberg

Memorial Fund
Barbara Grunbaum in memory of Ron Gregory
Ralph Kemp & Donna Hansen in memory of Ted Kemp
Alan & Lyn Silverman in memory of Roger & Cathie Titus

Sailing School
Eric and Elizabeth Boughner
Skip and Sue Case
Chris and Susie Coburn
Bob and Cheryl Evans
Marilyn Filemyr
Mark and Sherri Haraway
Ralph Kemp and Donna Hansen
Roger and Barbara Levin
John and Lisa Meredith
Ted and Willie Rissell
Alan and Lyn Silverman
Wendy and Jonathan Staebler
Charles and Judy Templeton
Danielle and Brian Uffelman
Steve and Elizabeth Valenti
Jane and Reeve Vanneman
Eric and Gayle von Eckartsbert
Joe and Jean White
Sharon and Rich Wibble-Mankovich
Ellen Williams

Mugs, Tags, Burgees and Pins
Kathy Rubel

MUGS: Mug orders are typically placed once a year.  Mugs can be ordered on the same form.  Typically there is also a sign up sheet on the board at the Club.  Please be sure that your name is spelled the way you would like it to appear on the mug.  Name tag and mug orders are placed once we have 8-10 requests.  Name tags are approximately $9 and mugs are between $20 and $25 depending how many are ordered at one time.

The initial order was placed in April.  New members or members who requested name tags will find them on the name tag board in June (or whenever the Club opens). Depending on the number of new members and name tag requests, a second order may be placed later this summer.

There is a form on the DCLSA website to order mugs and name tags. It is near the bottom of the home page. Or you can...

BURGEES & PINS:  Burgees and burgee pins are available at any time.  Burgees are around $20 and pins are $7. Contact Kathy Rubel with those requests.

Questions? C ontact Kathy Rubel at

Welcome New Members

Anna Blake 
Progeney: John & Cheryl Blake
Justin Burnam
Jr. Progeny: Warren & Rene Burnam
Charlie Miller & Courtney Safritt  

Progeny: Ellen Williams
Lynn & Josh Troutman
Progeny: Joan & Lee Coroar

Since some of the social restrictions may be with us for awhile, the membership application process has been amended just for this season. 
If you know of someone who is interested in joining the club this year, we encourage you to contact the membership chairman for more information.  
A new applicant needs a sponsor and two other endorsers to start the process.  Due to the ongoing concerns and restrictions on social gatherings of the coronavirus, it maybe difficult for those interested in joining to meet all the requirements set forth on the operating procedures.  It's important to note that the Board recently approved to "suspend for 2020"  the new membership application requirement to participate in two social events and one sailing event for 2020. Please contact  Joni Palmer, DCLSA Membership Chairman, if you know of someone interested in joining the club!

New Member Spotlight
Anna V. Blake
Anna Blake is the daughter of members John E. Blake and Cheryl S. Blake. She currently lives in Elizabeth Township, south of Pittsburgh, where she teaches at the elementary level in the Elizabeth Forward School District.   She's a robotics teacher, which involves teaching kids to fly drones and computer program.   When not in school, she works as a technology consultant for multiple technology companies in Pittsburgh. 

Anna grew up at the Yacht Club, and says that all of her greatest childhood memories are from Deep Creek Lake: participating in the Women's Regatta; learning to sail at the Sailing School; sailing with her dad; and of course enjoying all of the social events like the Talent Show and the Irish Night and Luau.  A self described "middle of the road" sailor, she's looking forward to getting back out on the water.  

Quote from Anna:  "I cannot wait to reunite and meet everyone once again. I'm looking forward to seeing new faces and giving back to the Club that I loved as a child. I would love to bring any fun events with kids to the Club. I enjoy getting involved and meeting new people. Thank you again I'm so excited to see everyone this summer!"

New Member Spotlight
Justin Burnam

Justin is the son of Warren and Renee Burnam.
An attorney in Washington, DC, Justin grew up attending the Deep Creek Sailing School (DCSS) every summer.   He began sailing school around age 6 and as a teenager, he became first an intern and later an instructor with the school.   Throughout high school and college, Justin taught sailing at DCSS.   In addition to sailing school, Justin participated in the racing program, both in the Laser Fleet, as well as the Flying Scot Fleet.   If that wasn't enough, Justin was a member of his college sailing club.  

Quote from Justin:  I am most looking forward to increasing my sailing participation, improving my sailing skills, and deepening my relationships at the club.  All year and every year (without exception), I have keenly looked forward to summers at the lake and community events at the club. I am especially excited to develop new friendships at the club and to see my friends and mentors there with more frequency. If we have not yet met, I would welcome the opportunity to meet you (whether on or off the water)!

New Member Spotlight
Charles Miller & Courtney  Safritt

Charles Miller is the son of Ellen Williams.  He is joining the club alongside his fiancee, Courtney Safritt. They live in Broadway, VA. Currently, Charles is halfway through a 4-year doctoral program in psychology. Courtney is a case manager for individuals with developmental disabilities.  

Charles is the sailor in this couple. He is looking forward to sharing what he knows about sailing with Courtney. He claims he's a little rusty saying, "If I can remember how to rig the Flying Scot, I can sail it." Charles loves the feeling of hooking onto the wind and remembers sailing with his grandparents, Charles and Ellen Williams. He's certain they'd be very proud to know he and Courtney are continuing the tradition.  

Both Charles and Courtney look forward to being with the club for a long time and they hope sometime in the future to live full-time on the lake.

New Member Spotlight
Lynn & Josh Troutman

Lynn and Josh Troutman are looking forward to spending summers at the club.  Lynn is the daughter of Joan and Lee Coraor.  She and Josh have sailed with her parents many times, but so far they haven't dipped their toes into racing.

Residents of Chambersburg, PA, Josh works as a Tech Education teacher and Lynn is a school counselor.  They have two children, Claira (5) and Dietrich (4).  

Quote from Lynn:  "We look forward to learning more about sailing and meeting more people at the club."

Boat Maintenance Tips
Carrie Andrews of Flying Scot

As we're getting our boats into the water this season, one key maintenance issue to worth paying attention to is rig tension.  I'm not talking about rig tension while sailing - the tuning of the rig for the sail that we use.  I am talking about the rig tension while the boat is stored.  This is sometimes overlooked as we put our boats away for the day.  But proper rig tension can affect the longevity of your rig, especially for boats on moorings being pummeled by the waves kicked up by wake surfing boats.  As a rule of thumb, you want the rig is as tight as you can get it.  This is not to say you need to break out the wrench and go crazy.  Simply make it as tight as you can get it with the aluminum crank.

The main rule of thumb is never leave the boat sit with all of the rig hanging on just the forestay.  The jib halyard acts as a second forestay while the boat is not being used and does a fantastic job sharing the load.  Sometimes, if your rig is tight enough to begin with, you can put the jib halyard and the jib tack wire together shackle to shackle and tighten the jib halyard to take the slop out of the rig.  Most of the time, however, you can't get it tight enough with this method.  In that case, we take the jib halyard all of the way down to the bow handle and then tighten.  When you do this, you may even notice your forestay slack a little and that's ok!  This means the overall rig is tight and ready for storage.

With how busy the lake has become, on our personal boat we take the jib halyard off of the jib and put it to the bow eye and tighten it each time we leave the boat sit at the dock for any length of time.  By doing this, when the boat rocks and rolls the rig stays firm.  This will lengthen the life of all of the stays and the butt of the mast and keep the mast up where it belongs!  For those that dry sail, this is still an important tip as even just the harmonics in the wires caused by a windy day will fatigue the rig more quickly if it is left loose.  I hope this has been helpful!

DCLSA 2020 Board of Governors

Ed Halley - Commodore 2020
Joni Palmer - Vice Commodore 2021
David Klueter - Treasurer
Coralyn Benhart - House Management & Personnel
Sarah Nill - Secretary 2021
Ed Kemp - Building & Grounds 2020
Greg Shafer - Board Member  

Please check out the bios that have been uploaded so far, and to view the list of committee chairs.  

Long Range Planning

Conceptual plans for a possible club house renovation
are posted on the club's website .
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The Board and the LRPC welcome any and all
comments/questions from members.
Please contact any Board member or Tom Scannell.

Also available at the Long Range Planning page,
are several historical  documents  in pdf format.  

If you are interested in a printed copy  of the
1937 to 1987 history,  contact Ray Gauthier directly.
He has nine copies available.

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