Deep Creek Lake Sailing Association News
Early Summer 2020

June 17, 2020                                                                 Barbara Grunbaum, Editor
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From the Commodore
Ed Halley
Just in time for Memorial Day, the State and local authorities were able to ease health and safety restrictions, which meant our summer season at the Club was able to begin.   It was and continues to be a challenge, trying to making decisions for the Club amidst ever-changing guidelines and rules, which we are required to follow. So far, members have done a great job being mindful of the procedures and being respectful of the  health and safety of others.  

Our managers, Sara and David have really stepped up.  They have prepared fantastic culinary meals while operating our food services in compliance with all the new directives.  They have also worked hard to train our kitchen staff on best practices for the preparation and safe handling of food and beverages.  Additionally, our safety Chair, Rob Gerlach provided outstanding advice and support to our managers, helping them to review and understand what was required to keep everyone safe. I would like to personally thank Rob, Sara and David for all of their efforts going above and beyond all expectations.  

I also want to thank our social team of Sherri Haraway, Susie Coburn and Sarah Nill. They have been very creative in thinking of safe Saturday evening events for us to enjoy. 

As the summer progresses we are hoping for a gradual return to normal. The board will continue to stay on top of governmental guidance and keep you informed of any operational changes at the Club. With health and safety as a top priority, I hope that you will consider utilizing the Club and food services as your personal situation allows. I hope to see you all soon.

Deep Creek Sailing School  Opening 
June 29th is First Week of Classes

We are so excited that we can open up for the season. The Board of Directors has been very busy planning
and establishing protocols to meet best practices for dealing with Covid-19.

We will be operating on a modified schedule and reduced class size. Augie Henry will be our head instructor this summer and he will be joined by the
talented Hannah Lothrop, Isabel Dhar, and Connor Lothrop.  

We are also expanding our private lessons to include teaching youth in Prams, Tera's and Lasers. Check out our website for details or click here. 

Questions? - Give Sue Wolffe or Jill Bennett a shout.

Sue Wolffe
President, DCSS

Social Committee
Sherri Haraway

The social season started off well!  Attendance is much lower than usual but that is completely expected. We miss seeing all of the folks that have to stay home and be safe. Many theme parties have been  cancelled this summer as we're unable to be in the kitchen and bar area and we can't make or serve food.  We also can't have large numbers socializing. The rules are definitely loosening up but there are still rules we have to follow.  

Now is a great time to  host a simple version of a theme party. Simple food, simple decor, staffed kitchen and bar and smaller numbers of people coming to the club make it easier to pull off a small theme party. Sarah Nill is doing a large Pirate Party on 6/27, so we will get to see how that works soon!  If you'd consider hosting a party, please contact me at 410.979.2677 and I'll help to arrange it.  If not, we hope you'll come to the smaller parties on Saturday nights.  There may be some Saturdays that we don't do anything.  You'll get the weekly sign ups from Sarah Nill to see what is planned for the coming weekend.  Hope to see everyone soon!!!

Memorial Day Weekend
Racing Gets Underway at Deep Creek

2020 Steiding Cup

2020 Becker Cup

The Steiding Cup is the official opening of the Season sailed on Saturday of Memorial Day.   Ray Gauthier with crew Joni Palmer won this warm up race.

The Becker Cup is the first regatta of the year.  It was so refreshing to be able to finally get out on the water.  Nineteen boats competed in the this year.  Full results can be found here:  Race Results

The June Series has been a fun competitive series to date.  Forty one boats have sailed at some point in the series to date and nine races have been conducted.  Two more weekends of racing before the July 4th Regatta.  Check the scores to date here:  June Series Scores

6th Annual Savage Memorial Cardboard Boat Regatta 
The Fourth of July Tradition Continues

Members and guests of all ages... It's time to start making your vessels for the 6th Annual Savage Memorial Cardboard Boat Regatta! Event will be held at DCLSA at Turkey Neck on Saturday July 4th after the last sailboat race around 5:00. Thank you to Ruta Savage (recently named an honorary DCLSA member) Heather Savage, Daina Savage, and Elyzabeth Goralski for this time honored tradition! 

This Fourth of July, there will be no carnival type games at the club because of social distancing guidelines, so you are encouraged to decorate your golf carts and motorized boats in the spirit of the 4th of July and join us to watch this event from land or lake. If you stand on shore, please stand with your co-habitants and socially distance from other families as you spread out on the lawn, balcony, or patio. Enjoy these photos from the last 5 years! Guidelines for boat regulations are available here:  Event Page of

Heads Up
Laser Sailors

All Laser Sailors, this is a reminder that if you have a laser at the Yacht Club there's a few key things we would like you to be aware of:

1) MAINTAIN: please make sure your boat dolly tires are always inflated so people can move your boat easily to maintain the lawn or get their own boat out.

2) LABEL: please clearly label your boat, cover, and dolly with your name.  It's also wise to label all your boat parts too.

3) COVER: please make sure your cockpit and cover is properly secured to keep it free of water so the boat can be moved easily and so your hull is not damaged.

Meet Our Wonderful Staff for 2020
Every year, but especially this year
with all the challenges we're facing,
we're grateful to our loyal and talented staff.  

Beth Winkelvoss Bowers
Food Prep/Lunch Help

My grandparents had a house on Paradise Point so I spent every weekend and summer at Deep Creek. After graduating from Kent State University in 1994 with a degree in newspaper journalism I moved here full time. I've now been here longer than I was in Ohio so I consider myself a local now. My youngest son Carter is considered my "boss" here at the club and my oldest son Tyler worked here several years ago as the dinghy driver.

Carter Bowers
Food Prep/Kitchen Help/Grill

It's my fifth summer at the yacht club. I just finished my first year at Garrett college and plan to transfer to get a degree in biology. 


Bryce Nill
Lawn Maintenance

Hi my name is Bryce Nill. I enjoy all outdoor sports. My main favorites are skiing, mountain biking, and wake surfing.


David Alexander Rubel
Dinghy Driver

I'm the club's current dinghy driver, which I enjoy (except for the geese).  My current interests include Computer Science & Mathematics.

Cheryl Smearman
Food Prep/Lunch Help

This is my fourth year at the club. I've got three kids Mackenzie, Caitlyn and Masson. I moved to Oakland 16 years ago and have yet to be on a boat on Deep Creek Lake. My favorite thing is spoiling all the little ones at the yacht club.

Youngest Beef Brother Inductee
James Hillyer Keeps His Cool in High Winds

Saturday June 6 sailing was held in very breezy and puffy conditions. Six year old James Hillyer and his mother Meredith arrived at the starting line with James at the helm. Many boats had three adults aboard just to hold the boat down, struggling to survive. Not James and Meredith... it was just the two of them. James started the race and steered the full weather leg.

This feat was duly recognized by a special heavy air sailing association. The Deep Creek Chapter of the Beef Brothers High Performance Sailing Team immediately called a secret meeting and by unanimous vote by  the High Performance Fat Boys elected  to induct James Hillyer into the  magnificent association.

James Hillyer was recognized at that evening's dinner. He was
presented with the true badge of membership, his very own Beef Brothers T-Shirt. The Deep Creek Beef Brothers Association president Ray Gauthier presented this token of membership and pulled open his shirt to display the secret logo hiding under all True Beef Brothers shirts. Now James will be remembered in the annals of Beef Brothers history as the youngest and bravest Beef Brother in known times.

B.B. James Hillyer!

Scene on the Lake!

Can't Keep Him Away!

Ted Rissell has been out on the water almost every race
this season watching the races with daughter and son-in-law
Kathy & Dan Rubel in their float boat.  Ted is a loyal long time
supporter of sailing on Deep Creek lake.
It is so great seeing him out there cheering on
all the generations of racers.  

Scene on the Lake!

Arrr, Mateys!

On June 6th, Flying Colors 4801 was turned into a racing pirate ship.  Captain Meredith Hillyer, First Mate Chris Drury and 5 pirates, James Hillyer, Jackson Drury, Simon Drury, Caelyn Drury, and Miriam Drury sailed the first race armed with water cannons, hunting innocent racers and searching for pirate booty! A good time was had by all!

Scene on the Lake!

It's A Family Affair!

The Kusic family has been enjoying sailing a lot this spring!
Amy and Michael and their four boys Reid, Nate, Grayson,
and Hayden have been recreationally sailing the family
Flying Scot and Lasers on a regular basis.
Some of the boys have also been racing the Lasers.
It's so great to see a family out there sailing together!

DCYRA Committee Boat Launched

Many thanks to all the generous donors
who made this purchase possible.  

George & Linda Abramowitz
Larry & Debbie Anderson
Anonymous, in memory of Don Hott
Anonymous, in memory of Matt Mathews
Mark & Jill Bennett
Judy Bertsch
John & Cheryl Blake
Charles & Sarah Buffington
Ron Bryand & Elaine Solomon
Warren & Renee Burnam
Harry & Karen Carpenter
Andy & Debbie Carrier
Susan Case
Rachel & Matt Clark
Ron & Kathy Cohen
Spencer Deakin
Michael Delligatti
Jeannette Dodd
L Dougherty & K Schmidt
Bruce & Claire Drury
Bill & Melanie Dunham
Peter Frey
Ray Gauthier & Joni Palmer
Michael Gellar & Maribeth Persson

Rob & Karen Gerlach
Ken & Susan Gibbs
Todd & Tammy Graham
Dick & Sara Gregory
Don & Barbara Griffin
Barbara Grunbaum
Elizabeth & Ed Halley
Mark & Sherri Haraway
Greg & Gail Harbaugh
Jeff & Julie Haseler
Meredith Dodd Hillyer
Thomas & Kathy Johnson
Tom & Heidi Kammer
Ed Kemp
Ralph Kemp
Stephen & Elizabeth Kingsley
David & Lissa Klueter
Monica & Ramesh Kumar
Bob & Susannah Kurtz
John & Cassandra Latimer
Roger & Barbara Levin
Renee Lorton
Kristen McCombs & Brian Mueller (Charles McCombs)
David & Karen Meehan
Frank & Geri Meehan
John & Lisa Meredith

David Moran
Dan & Carol Muss
Tom & Karen Myers
Ed & Barbara Peters
Marlene & Al Riebel
Dan & Kathy Rubel
Randy & Debra Sawyer
Tom & Sharon Scannell
Gary Schubert & Alice Rosanski
Greg & Cheryl Shafer
Mary Anne Sharer
Alan & Lyn Silverman
Thomas & Nan Smitherman
Bruce Spinnenweber
Richard and Christina Stafenberger
Frederick & Kathleen Stieff
Paul Stipe & Joyce Thompson-Stipe
Darrell & Kris VanHutten
Reeve & Jane Vanneman
Ellen  Williams
Sue Wolffe
Eric & Carrie Yonke
Charles & Alice Zellefrow

New Member Application:

Ann and Merrill Brunson of Swanton, MD
Sponsors: Susie Crawford, Tom Johnson, and Julie Mead

Membership Application Process
Changes Are Only For 2020

Since some of the social restrictions may be with us for awhile, the membership application process has been amended just for this season. 
If you know of someone who is interested in joining the club this year, we encourage you to contact the membership chairman for more information.  
A new applicant needs a sponsor and two other endorsers to start the process. Due to the ongoing concerns and restrictions on social gatherings of the coronavirus, it maybe difficult for those interested in joining to meet all the requirements set forth on the operating procedures.  It's important to note that the Board recently approved to "suspend for 2020"  the new membership application requirement to participate in two social events and one sailing event for 2020. Please contact  Joni Palmer, DCLSA Membership Chairman, if you know of someone interested in joining the club!

Mugs, Tags, Burgees and Pins
Kathy Rubel

MUGS: Mug orders are typically placed once a year.  Mugs can be ordered on the same form.  Typically there is also a sign up sheet on the board at the Club.  Please be sure that your name is spelled the way you would like it to appear on the mug.  Name tag and mug orders are placed once we have 8-10 requests.  Name tags are approximately $9 and mugs are between $20 and $25 depending how many are ordered at one time.

The initial order was placed in April.  New members or members who requested name tags will find them on the name tag board in June (or whenever the Club opens). Depending on the number of new members and name tag requests, a second order may be placed later this summer.

There is a form on the DCLSA website to order mugs and name tags. It is near the bottom of the home page. Or you can...

BURGEES & PINS:  Burgees and burgee pins are available at any time.  Burgees are around $20 and pins are $7. Contact Kathy Rubel with those requests.

Questions? C ontact Kathy Rubel at

DCLSA 2020 Board of Governors

Ed Halley - Commodore 2020
Joni Palmer - Vice Commodore 2021
David Klueter - Treasurer
Coralyn Benhart - House Management & Personnel
Sarah Nill - Secretary 2021
Ed Kemp - Building & Grounds 2020
Greg Shafer - Board Member  

Please check out the bios that have been uploaded so far, and to view the list of committee chairs.  

Long Range Planning

Conceptual plans for a possible club house renovation
are posted on the club's website .
button to take you there...


The Board and the LRPC welcome any and all
comments/questions from members.
Please contact any Board member or Tom Scannell.

Also available at the Long Range Planning page,
are several historical  documents  in pdf format.  

If you are interested in a printed copy  of the
1937 to 1987 history,  contact Ray Gauthier directly.
He has nine copies available.

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