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July 29, 2020                                                                    Barbara Grunbaum, Editor

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From the Commodore
Ed Halley

We have rounded the leeward mark and are now heading for the finish line of our 2020 club season. Hard to believe that June and July have passed to our stern already. Our managers and staff continue to provide outstanding lunches, Friday evening dinners and club services. The Board of Governors has met frequently to stay on top of health and safety issues related to our club operations. Understandably, attendance at the club has been moderate, but I encourage your continued safe use of our facilities. I hope you have all had the opportunity to watch the day come to a close from our pavilion and deck. The sunsets have been amazing recently. We have the best location and view on the lake!
I would like to remind members that the mug room is only open for self-service beverages during club hours. Signs are posted outside of the entryway that provide instruction for mug room use. Please note the new mug room use procedures are for non-event time frames and require use of face coverings. During Friday or Saturday evening events, the mug is closed off to members, but tended by club staff for distribution of beverages.
As we continue to navigate the remainder of the season, please join me recognizing  the dedication and service to the club that our board members Joni Palmer, Ed Kemp, Sarah Nill, Greg Shafer, Coralyn Benhart and David Klueter have demonstrated. Thank you all for a job very well done.  

Lastly, please mark your calendars for the annual Labor Day meeting scheduled for Monday September 7 th, 9AM at the Club. Please watch your email for additional meeting information as the date approaches.

Dateline July 20, 2020: The Deep Creek Sailing School had an excellent week with a great group of students.  It was windy Monday, but the kids were excited to sail after our capsize drill.  Despite the wind,
Colby Nill was eager to move into a Tera and kept his boat flat throughout the week.  There was some stormy weather midweek which made for a day of teaching knots and techniques. 

Ella Meredith transitioned from Creek Critters and is already roll tacking and jibing while her sister Eva is beginning to master upwind sailing.  Liam and Brendan Macan cracked jokes all week to keep the energy of the group high and learned the basics of racing.  It was Brooke Eyer's first time sailing and she learned a lot about the Wind Circle and all of the points of sail while her sister advanced in backward sailing and man-overboard.  

Sue Wolffe
President, DCSS

photos: Augie Henry

 2020 Laser Regatta

photo: Sue Wolffe

The Laser Regatta was held July 11-12.  Just a few weeks before we were not sure we would be able to hold the event due to Covid-19. When given the green light, we were hoping to get at least 20 boats.  I guess people wanted to get out as we had 33 lasers on the race course.  Big Thanks to Mark Bennett and his race committee of Steve Podlich, Ned Holloway, John Benhart, for providing some great race courses.  

As with any event there's lots of THANKS to go around; DCLSA Club managers and staff for well organized lunches, Jack and Mary Jo Faulkner for hosting campers,  Stephanie Hawtof for helping with the dollies and Barbara Grunbaum for helping with the trophies. 

The first day we the winds tested everyone's ability to stay upright and the second day tested our ability to read where the wind was going to be and the direction it was going to come from.  Overall the Laser Regatta challenged everyone's sailing skills. 

~Charles Graham

Laser Regatta First Place Winners:
Laser Open First:  
David Waiting
Laser Radial First:   Tate Bothner

For a complete list of winners:

A very special 
thank you to
and MARK BENNETT for organizing
this very successful
Laser Regatta.

 2020 Sandy Douglass Regatta

photo: Charles Buffington

The Sandy Douglas Regatta was held July 25-26 and was a great event with 36 boats competing on beautiful Deep Creek Lake. On the water, five races (two for masters division) were sailed over two days. We got lucky with the wind with enough to get two races in on Saturday and not too much that we had to cancel Sunday's races. The RC boat stayed on station at the starting line well below the leeward gate, and finishes were taken by a finish boat positioned about half way up the course. This arrangement allowed divisions to finish one race, slide down to the starting line, and start another race. On Sunday, Gold, Silver and Challenger divisions all started three races in less than two hours.

Ray Gauthier set perfect marks and adjusted the position of the weather mark in response to a persistent northerly shift in wind direction for the third race on Sunday.

It was a pleasure to have several of our young people who volunteered to record finishes from the finish boat..  Nice work by Justin  Burnam, and  Greta & Augie Henry.

Special commendation to Jeanette Dodd who assumed patrol duty on Sunday during a very windy start because of engine trouble on the assigned patrol boat. This happened just in time to rescue Spenser Deacon and Luana Ballester after their capsize.  Kudos also to Bryce Nill who helped rescue the Coraors after their mast fell down.

2020 Sandy Douglass Regatta
First Place Winners
Flying Scot Gold:  
Tyler & Carrie Andrews
Flying Scot Silver:   Ed & Beth Halley
Flying Scot Masters:   Alice & Ed Kemp
Flying Scot Challenger:  
John & Cassandra Lattimer
For a complete list of winners:

To see photos of the race and the awards ceremony,
follow this link:

AND scroll though the

A very special
thank you to 
for organizing 
this very successful
Sandy Douglass Regatta!

Race Committee Boat:
Charles & Sarah Buffington and Geri Meehan
Mark Set Boat:
Ray Gauthier and Tom Johnson
Finish boat Saturday: 
Tom Scannell and Justin Burnam 
Finish boat Sunday: 
Augie & Greta Henry
Safety patrol Saturday: 
Wetzel Family
Safety Patrol Sunday (4 boats): 
Faulkner Family, Jeanette Meredith,
Tom Scanell, Bryce Nill

July/August Series
There is still plenty of racing still to come this season.
The July / August Series is underway.  

Click here for up to date:

Hats Off to Volunteers!
We could not have a racing program without the dedicated support from race volunteers who help behind the scenes.  We are grateful to those who come forward to help.  Special thanks goes to Jeanette Meredith who coordinates the safety patrol schedule.

Below are only a few of the folks who have volunteered
their time so that everyone can race.
Ron Bryant and Elaine Solomon
Safety Patrol, Sunday, July 19th
Ray Gauthier and  Monica Murphy-Kumar  
Safety Patrol, Sunday, July 19th
Tom Scanell and Justin Burnam
Finish Boat, Saturday, July 25th
Charles and Sarah Buffington,  setting
the starting mark, Sunday, July 26th.

Bryce To The Rescue
Shout Out From Joan & Lee Coraor 

Many thanks to 16-year old  Bryce Nill (& friends) for towing us back home after our mast came down during Race 5 in the Sandy Douglass Regatta. It turns out that Bryce wasn't even officially on patrol but he answered the race committee's call for assistance anyway. He handled the situation in a very responsible and mature way and did a great job of carefully returning us to our dock.  Kudos to Bryce for rising to the occasion!

Bryce Nill aboard "Bob Marley," the Whaler
formerly owned by Ron Gregory

Important Task Completed
At Long Last!
Comcast Cable Buried

We are so grateful to Ed Kemp for coordinating with Comcast in order to have their cable buried this week. The cable was in the upper Flying Scot Drysail area.   

This has been in on the Yacht Club project list for many years and he made it happen.   

Thanks so much Ed!

Wednesday Night Races Return
The Summer Tradition Continues

Weather permitting, Wednesday Night races will start on July 29th at 5PM. We want to thank Colin Haraway for volunteering to run the races. I'm sure he would appreciate help bringing the marks to and from the boat and in setting the course. 

To cap off the evening, families are invited to bring their own self contained picnic and sit on the deck or lawn. Due to COVID, this is not a pitch-in event and the kitchen area is not available for use.  We request all continue to follow the DCLSA Social distancing guidelines.

Launch Ramp Open to DCLSA Members Only

A quick reminder that the Club's launch ramp is for member use only and not available to the public.   Please understand that this is a liability and permit concern.   Please keep within the club procedures and help monitor the ramp use accordingly.

Thank you for your on-going assistance with this important matter.

Social Committee                                        Spotlight On:

Caribbean Night
July 19th

Featuring delicious food, great weather, and a tropical festive vibe, Caribbean Night was a big success.

Dinners were either taken to go, or eaten on one of our lovely outdoor decks. We are so lucky to have a club with so much outdoor space.

Thank you Beth Halley, Robin McGill, and Julie Mead for hosting.

August 1st
Bring Your Own Picnic

August 8th
(Catered by the Managers)

Sherri Haraway
Social Chair

Photos: Cheryl Shafer
Capsize Drill Demonstration
Sunday, August 2nd at 10am

All sailors should know what they do if they capsize.    People on shore or in powerboats sometimes see a boat capsize and should know how to assist. To address that training need, a FS Capsize Recovery Demonstration is planned for Sunday, August 2nd at 10am in front of DCLSA-Turkey Neck (weather permitting).  

Chris Drury has volunteered to do the demonstration and will answer questions. Everyone is encouraged to come to watch and learn. Please view (stay socially distanced) from the club deck, patio and or yard.  But please, do not congregate on the dock. If you have a VHF radio please bring it as we will be explaining the process in real time on Channel 19.  

Thanks to  Chris Drury, Charles Graham, and all the volunteers who are making this demonstration possible.  

Nominating Committee Announcement
2021 Board of Governors 

At the end of the season, Ed Halley and Ed Kemp will have served their three year term on the Yacht Club's Board of Governors. We thank them for their invaluable service and guidance. This weekend, per the bylaws, the nominating committee will officially be posting the two new nominees for the 2021 Board of Governors.  You will also receive an official email notice early next week.

We are very pleased to announce that  Susie Crawford and  Ralph Kemp have both graciously accepted their nomination to be a member of the Board and are looking forward to serving the Yacht Club.

Respectively submitted by the Nominating Committee
John Meredith (Chairman), Susan Henry, and Jeanette Meredith
6th Annual Savage Cardboard Boat Race
August 8th, 5pm

Members and guests of all ages... It's time to start making your vessels for the 6th Annual Savage Memorial Cardboard Boat Regatta! Event will be held at DCLSA at Turkey Neck on Saturday August 8th at 5:00pm. Thank you to   Ruta Savage  (recently named an honorary DCLSA member),  Heather Savage, Daina Savage,  and   Elyzabeth Goralski  for this time honored tradition! 

If you aren't racing, you're invited to watch this event from land or lake. If you stand on shore, please stand with your co-habitants and socially distance from other families as you spread out on the lawn, balcony, or patio. 

For more information and to register for this FREE event:

Not Into Racing? Just Go Sailing!

Three different boats went out just for fun on July 19th while the Sunday races were going on.  Dan & Kathy Rubel Steve Maier & Randy Sawyer, and Joni Palmer, with two potential new members, John Wolford & Dora Lynn were all out there enjoying the day, and the sailing activity around them.

Joni Palmer remarked, "It's a great opportunity to be out there when other boats are racing and sailing (comfort in numbers) and to come in and enjoy lunch at the same time with everyone.  It's a great sailing community. "

Start 'Em Young!

Lane Schaefer at the Helm
Lane, trimming the jib (2 years old)

Lane Schaefer (grandson to Mark and Louise) began learning to sail at age two.  There's no better way to connect with a child than to share something you love.  

Grandpa's hand guiding Lane's
on the tiller (4 years old)

Andrews Toddler Alert!

Tyler Andrews taking his sons William (4) and Caleb (2)
for a Sunday afternoon sail. 

Like Father Like Son

The Drury family dusted the cobwebs off their FS 1577 "Bach" for a leisurely sail that just happened to coincide with the 2nd A fleet start on Sunday, June 19th.   They may have been a few steps off the pace but a 20+ year hiatus from racing certainly didn't show as Bruce Drury was calling shifts and reminding his son, Chris, he still had a few things to learn from his dad on the racecourse.   

Good luck wiping the smile off Bruce's face!

Sailing No Matter What !

Ned Holloway is  often out sailing singlehandedly on weekday evenings, enjoying the beauty of the lake.

Multi-Purpose Dock!

Abe Getty  is an avid fisherman and can be seen down on the Yacht Club docks fishing a few times a week.

A Tradition Delayed...

L-R: Anne Wiley and Carole Anne Lovett,
reunited at last
...But Not Cancelled!

There's an ongoing tradition at our club that's endured for approximately 20 years... Who will be first member to go swimming off our dock?  And who will swim the latest in the season?  Every year  Anne Wiley and  Carole Ann Lovett are the hardy swimmers who achieve this goal.  Usually they swim the day the club docks are installed and sometimes even earlier.  The latest known date was October 16, 2011. It's reported that they swam to the club from a neighboring dock on a very blustery day. Thanks always to hubbies Howard and Bill for swim support group!   

This year Carole Ann arrived to the lake late in the season.  So the duo's  celebration of swimming finally occurred during the week of July 13th!  

Online Deep Creek Lake Racing Group
Sign Up for Updates/Information Sharing

Did you know there's an online community forum called "Deep Creek Lake Racing Group?"  Signing up for this Google group allows you to:  
  • keep up to speed on DCL sailboat racing related communication
  • find a crew for the weekend
  • volunteer to sail with someone for a race 

Can't Beat Our Sunsets!
Photo:  Barbara Grunbaum
Feel free to share a sunset you've captured from the yacht club.
Simply reply to this email and make sure we know who you are.

DCLSA Living Legends

The DCLSA Community is filled with members who have been involved with the Club for generations. It is thanks to their hard work and dedication that today we are able to enjoy wonderful facilities, a robust racing program, and a shared sense of community. It is for these reasons we are proud to highlight photographs from long time members in this and future newsletters.

To share your historical photos, please reply to this email.

Ted and Willetta "Willie" Rissell
Joined in 1967
Current status: Senior

Willie and Ted Rissell,
sailing in the early 1970s

Willie created the beautiful stained glass compass rose that hangs in the club pavilion.  She also launched the club's website for updating membership.  

Both of their children, Kathy Rubel and Kevin grew up sailing at the club and are now active members, continuing the family tradition and enriching our club.  
Ted and Willie Rissell came to the club in 1967 when Ted's job brought the family to Cumberland, MD.  They had sailed before, but as Willie says, "We were not sailors" and "it took a couple of years and many races to reach that level."

Their imprints can be seen all around the club.  Just to name a few... Ted served as Commodore in 1978.  He also helped to start the sailing school with the help of many, but especially Dan Muss.  

Stained glass compass rose,
made by Willie Rissell.

L-R:  Willie Rissel, Ted Rissell, Kevin Rissell (in the back), Kathy Rubel,
Dan Rubel, David Rubel, Beth Rubel

For a more complete history of the Rissell Family's
relationship  to the Club, in Willie's words:  

Membership Corner

Welcome New Members! 
Merrill and Ann Brunson

Ann and Merrill's interest in the yacht club grew out a their friendship with Suzie Crawford and Roger Higgins. They are looking forward to enjoying both  social and sailing aspects of DCLSA.  As lapsed sailors, they say,  "We are looking forward to get back into sailing having been out of the game for quite a few years."  

They live in Deep Creek full time and, for the moment, both still work. Merrill has been a Chesapeake Bay pilot for 27 years and Ann works for Chanteclaire Farms, booking weddings and giving tours. They have two adult children and "two of the finest grandchildren ever."
Welcome New Members! 
Tom and Lee Ann Knapp

Lee Ann and Tom Knapp are both of us are long-time sailors. They both grew up in Chicago and spent summers at Lake Geneva. There they sailed in scows, mainly cubs and M-16s, and enjoyed being part of the Geneva Lake Yacht Club.

Today they live in Bethesda, MD where Lee Ann is an editor and Tom is an attorney.   They have 4 children and 3 grandchildren and another on the way. 

According to Tom, "We love DCL and enjoy all four seasons. We try to come up every weekend we can [and] both of us love to sail and very much look forward to being part of a sailing club again, socializing with other members and enjoying the sailing."

New Member Application:

Janine & Mory Jabbour
Active member applicant
Residence: Rockville, MD
Lake: Friendsville, MD

Sponsors: Charles Graham, Sherri Haraway, Mark, Schaefer

New Member Application:

Lloyd and Kim Sowers
Active member applicant
Residence: Tampa, FL
Lake: Swanton, MD

Sponsors: Ann Brunson, Kathy Johnson, Susie Crawford

New Member Application:

John Wolford & DoraLynn Hornet-Hawkins
Active member applicant
Residence: Cumberland, MD

Sponsors: Greg Shafer, Ed Kemp, Joni Palmer

Membership Application Process
Changes are ONLY for 2020

There seems to be a heightened interest in joining the club this year.  So if you have a friend that is interested in joining, please submit their application while spots are available.  Since some of the social restrictions may be with us for awhile, the membership application process has been amended just for this season. 

A new applicant needs a sponsor and two other endorsers to start the process. Due to the ongoing concerns and restrictions on social gatherings of the coronavirus, it maybe difficult for those interested in joining to meet all the requirements set forth on the operating procedures.  It's important to note that the Board approved to "suspend for 2020"  the new membership application requirement to participate in two social events and one sailing event for 2020 only.  

Email Joni Palmer, DCLSA Membership Chair, at , if you know of someone interested in joining the club!

A Note About Billing
Billing Statements Sent by Email

Recently, the DCLSA Billing Statements were sent electronically to all members for any charges incurred since the club opened. The email is titled " IMPORTANT- DCLSA Billing Statement" and sent from our accountant, Erin Dibacco of Boal and Associates. If you haven't already, please remember to send your payment.  
Are You Buying? Selling?
Check Out the DCLSA Member Marketplace

DCSS Buffs For Sale
Support the Sailing School and Mask Up!

Looking for a mask to sport this summer?  Consider one from DCSS.  This Buff can be used as a mask (see photo below).  It serves well as a sun protection for the neck when you're out on the water.  Only $15 each and proceeds go to the Sailing School.  

To get yours email Sue Wolffe at

David & Lissa Klueter,
modeling the DCSS Buff
DCLSA 2020 Board of Governors

Ed Halley - Commodore 2020
Joni Palmer - Vice Commodore 2021
David Klueter - Treasurer
Coralyn Benhart - House Management & Personnel
Sarah Nill - Secretary 2021
Ed Kemp - Building & Grounds 2020
Greg Shafer - Board Member  

Please check out the bios that have been uploaded so far, and to view the list of committee chairs.  

Long Range Planning

Conceptual plans for a possible club house renovation
are posted on the club's website .
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The Board and the LRPC welcome any and all
comments/questions from members.
Please contact any Board member or Tom Scannell.

Also available at the Long Range Planning page,
are several historical  documents  in pdf format.  

If you are interested in a printed copy  of the
1937 to 1987 history,  contact Ray Gauthier directly.
He has nine copies available.

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