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August 19, 2020                                                                 Barbara Grunbaum, Editor

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From the Commodore
Ed Halley

It has certainly been a different kind of season for the club this year.  I would like to thank everyone for following safety precautions and club protocols. Below are a few reminders as the season draws to a close.
The Board of Governor's will be publishing written reports, which will be similar to the spring reports provided in May. Look for those publications via our email communication system just prior to Labor Day. Our end of year membership meeting will take place on Labor Day, September 7th at 9:00am. This will be an in-person meeting and will take place in the pavilion.   
The Club facilities - with all current safety precautions in place - will remain open for member use through the scheduled September dates. After Labor Day, the Friday evening grills move to Saturday evening and Saturday and Sunday lunches will be available through the weekend of September 19th & 20th. Please continue to follow all posted safety instructions around the club.
Dock Pull is still scheduled for Saturday September 26th at 9:00am. Please mark your calendars. Details and more information will be provided at a later date.
As this summer winds down, I hope you and your family remain safe and healthy. 

There is still plenty of racing
still to come this season.

The July/August Series continues.

Click here for:

Upcoming Schedule:

Labor Day Weekend
Commodore's Cup

September 12
Fair Winds Regatta

September 19

Nominating Committee Announcement
2021 Board of Governors 

In preparation for the annual meeting and in accordance with Club by-laws paragraph 4.1.f., the nominating committee has made the following recommendations for filling expiring terms on the Board of Governors (see below).  

DCLSA Long Range Planning Committee Report
Ray Gauthier

The LRPC has been continuing to work on the plans for the Club building renovation which were distributed to the membership at the 2019 Labor Day meeting.

After a three-month hiatus due to uncertainty caused by the arrival of the virus, the architect was directed to resume work in June. We also directed the survey group to proceed. The survey team has since completed a complete property survey for use in eventual project permitting.

The great news is, pending a final review and minor edits, the building plans will go out for preliminary pricing shortly. The pricing process will take a six to eight weeks after which the LRPC will be able to inform the membership on the estimated costs of the required code compliance, improvements and repairs.
Although the process seems to be taking significant time, the LRPC has determined that it is best to have sufficient clarity of the proposed work for the pricing process to produce cost estimates that have a high degree of accuracy. There is no substitute for careful planning to assure that the projected costs the club membership will eventually vote on to approve will be accurate and will produce the intended end product.

We all realize the need to make the necessary improvements to our club and the LRPC has a process in place to do just that. Once the process is completed, we will again have a facility that all of us can be proud of and that will help us to attract new members and retain our loyal members.

We would like to thank the many members that have approached us with their thoughtful comments. Please take a look at the plans on the website and contact us with your thoughts.

This report is also available on the DCLSA website.

Thar She Blows!
August 2nd Conditions Test High Wind Sailing Skills

On the morning of Sunday, August 2nd, the wind was forecasted to be in the mid teens, with gusts higher. And as folks ventured out to the race course, that forecast was spot on. However, just as the race was about to start, the winds began to increase. And by the time the races were scheduled to start, the FS committee was seeing gusts up to 27 mph. This was above the threshold and the racing was subsequently cancelled for the day.

The Laser Fleet had headed out to the middle of the lake with plans to brave the high winds on their own race course. Thanks to Peter Frey and Mory Jabbour for RC duty and Eric VonEckartsberg as patrol. Tom Johnson reported that "the wind was strong and gusty when we went out and it just kept building to solid white caps... We all limped as best we could. Despite the great rides - it was a demolition derby in the full rig adult group with one gear failure after another."   The younger group in laser radial and 4.7 had some amazing rides and learned a lot. Kudos to Colin Haraway, Austin Latimer, Rose VonEckartsberg, and the duo of Emme Haraway and Emilie Jabbour.

The Flying Scot Fleet start was set up right in front of the Yacht Club which made for some great spectating from the deck. The challenger fleet dynamic duo of John Latimer and Mark Haraway sailed upwind for a while and decided to put their spinnaker up to practice before the start and they were flying!  But a shackle on their spinnaker sheet block broke which caused major issues with the spinnaker.  It was a miracle they did not capsize but thanks to calm, patient problem solving and a bit of grunt work, they got the spinnaker down.  Great job John and Mark!

Finally a shout out goes to Werner & Denise Lippuner who went out for a fun sail in the morning for a few hours.  As the wind built, they took the jib down and continued sailing for a while despite the high winds which cancelled the races.  They expertly returned to the dock and joined the rest of the sailors.  Hope to see them out sailing more often!  Great sea stories were shared by all at lunch on the deck.

~Joni Palmer

Righting the Ship
Capsize Drill Recap and Review

On Sunday August 2nd, 13-year-old Jackson Drury and 11-year-old Simon Drury demonstrated how to right a capsized Flying Scot.  The demonstration was  coordinated by their father, Chris Drurywho supplied the ballast for tipping the boat over and guided the demonstrators through the motions. The entire demonstration was narrated by Charles Graham over VHF radio, allowing spectators to social distance while watching.

 Simon Drury (11) at the top
of the mast to avoid turtling the boat

Jackson Drury (13) demos how
to reach the centerboard

With thanks to Greg Shafer

For a complete Capsize Drill Review:

Thanks to 
Charles Graham, Chris, Jackson, and Simon Drury
and all the volunteers who made this demonstration possible.  

8th Annual Savage Memorial Cardboard Race
Enjoy these photos from the August 6th event

Access more photos and race results here:

The Savage Family

Spotlight on:

The Savage Family
Savage Supper
August 8th

The evening began with a delicious dinner, catered by the managers; and was capped off with live music by
DCLSA Member 
Mike Delligatti
and Jimmy Flanigan

For Making Food Service Possible

Our hard-working and amazing staff keep on making food service a reality at the club, while maintaining safety and regulatory compliance. All those delicious grills and lunches are made possible by this dedicated team. Pictured are key team members, Carter Bowers and Jett Miller, as well as our managers, David Sheppard and Sara Newton.  Not pictured, but crucial to the effort is Cheryl Smearman and Beth Bowers. A big thank you to all of them!

Manager's Special
David & Sarah's Grandkids Visit

One of the many things our managers love about their summers at the Club are the frequent visits from their grandchildren, who also are the grandchildren of George and Linda Abramowitz, who live nearby.  The entire family took advantage being all together.  

Cardboard Boat Construction

Here too early for the official Savage cardboard boat race, but not wanting to miss the fun, Sara and David's grandchildren decided to build a boat anyway. Sara says: "We modified the rules for the cardboard boats. Trash bags, string and shopping bags were allowed. And two of the four kids only had rocks as cargo. The two brave sailors who had faith in their creations had spectacularly successful failures." We hope they will be back next year to try again!

TikTok Dance

David and Sara's grandchildren tried to teach the grandparents a dance to post on Tiktok. The other grandparents, George and Linda Abramowitz (pictured on the left), also got into the action.  Soon after the dance posted, the U.S. announced actions that would effectively ban TicTok. David reacted by saying, "I didn't think we were that bad."

Namaste on the Deck 
Monday Morning Yoga

The winds of grace are blowing all the time -- all we need to do is raise our sails.

Monday morning yoga at the club has been a big hit this year. Alice Kemp is a certified yoga instructor and loves sharing her passion of yoga with anyone and everyone who is interested in participating. "It's my way of giving back to the club and all our members, especially during these crazy covid days -- everybody needs a little peace and zen in their lives!"

To learn more about the all-levels yoga class, and to sign up to receive class notifications, add your name to the yoga email list on the club website, listed under Events and Reservations. You can also contact Alice directly at 412-812-1551.

The class is donation-based, with all the donations going to the Sailing School.

What's the DCLSA Connection to Down Under?

Has anyone noticed the newest flag usually perched on the lower desk at the club? And where did it come from? You have to guess, but if you are stumped, you might ask our clever managers!

In Search of Green Thumbs
DCLSA Horticulturist Seeks Volunteers

Our intrepid horticulturist, Mary Anne Sharer is seeking club members to help spruce up the grounds around the club.  This includes pruning, trimming, weeding, etc.  Many of the big jobs have been completed, but there is always more to be done and opportunities to learn.  The Club has tools available, but bringing one's own is a big help.  

Those interested should email Mary Anne at:

Inventory Reduction Sale
Past Year T-shirts Available

In an effort to see past-year T-shirts worn on members, instead of sitting in boxes, prices have been slashed on all remaining 2018 and 2019 T-shirts.  

Cost per shirt is $5.00 and can be billed to Club accounts.  Only certain sizes and styles remain.  Please see the chart below itemizing what is left.

Interested in purchasing?
Email David Klueter at
with your selection.

There are two options for pickup:

In Person:
Pick up your order at the Labor Day Membership Meeting 
(Sept. 7th at 9am)

By Mail:
Have your order shipped to your address
(the cost of shipping will be added to your purchase)

Another successful sailing school year ends this week.  Our team will be putting the boats away with positive thoughts for an "old normal" summer next year.

Kudos to all of our instructors.  Our junior and teen programs were well received.  The instructors did an awesome job as they successfully followed Ted Rissell's mantra:

"Be safe! Have fun! Learn to Sail!" 

Our talented instructors taught numerous private lessons - much more than usual.  Thank you to Mary Anne Sharer, our private lesson registrar, for stepping up this year, learning the ropes, and navigating the world of matching instructors, boats, and schedules with customers.

I especially would like to thank the DCSS Board for rising to the Covid challenges this year.  Opening the school could not have happened without an incredible team effort.  

After five years of handling our motor boats and Flying Scots, a herculean effort to say the least, Mark Schaefer has decided to move on from the Sailing School Board.  To say he will be missed is an understatement, but we wish him many good times traveling and spending time with his grandchildren.  

Congratulations to our newest instructors: Bryce Nill, Kenneth Yonke, and 
Bruce Spinnenweber.  We look forward to having them on the team next year.  

Fair winds and, on behalf of Ray Gauthier as we move to the next season, think ice!

Sue Wolffe
President, DCSS

Level 1 instructor class: Bruce Spinnenweber, Bryce Nill, and Kenneth Yonke
earned their small boat class 1 instructor certification.

Online Deep Creek Lake Racing Group
Sign Up for Updates/Information Sharing

Did you know there's an online community forum called "Deep Creek Lake Racing Group?"  Signing up for this Google group allows you to:  
  • keep up to speed on DCL sailboat racing related communication
  • find a crew for the weekend
  • volunteer to sail with someone for a race 


Silly Sailing
Kids On Board

On Saturday, August 1, for the first race of the day, there was an impromptu gathering of five Flying Scots, each with young kids aboard. The challenger fleet was pleasantly surprised when these boats joined them at the starting line equipped with water guns, mascots, pirate flags, and lots of laughter. As the kids' boats sailed around the course, the goal was not about winning the race, it was about getting close enough to one other to strategically shoot water guns and get each other wet.  There were smiles on the faces of all those out on the water watching the fun. Hope to do this again before the season is over. Thanks to those who participated.

Team Drury,
Crew members Caelyn (9), Miriam (6), & Jackson (13)

Team Pirate,
James Hillyer (6) & 
Ray Gauthier

Team Pink Flamingo,
Joni Palmer & Carolyn
Hillyer (4) under attack by Team Drury
Team Underdog,
Mark & Louise Schaefer, with 
grandson Lane (4)

Team Carpenter,
Harry Carpenter with daughter Carrie Andrews & grandsons William (4) & Caleb (2)
Carolyn Hillyer, posing with
3rd crew member and namesake of 
Team Pink Flamingo

The Meredith Clan
Barbara Meredith's sailing family keeps on growing!

This summer was a big one for Barbara Meredith (center front) who joined the club in 1983 alongside her late husband John, (who served as commodore in 1987.)  In June, Barbara welcomed two new great-granddaughters and future sailors, Brook Etta and Elizabeth Michelle, who are also the granddaughters of past-commodore Jeannette Meredith. Brook's proud parents are club members Ashley and Brett Ireland. Elizabeth "Lizzie" is the first child of club members Carrie and Tom Newton

The total Meredith family count is now up to 21, with most being sailors (past or present). Pictured above is the entire Meredith family, including Barbara's children, Coralyn Benhart, Jeannette, and Lisa and John Meredith (past-commodore), and their families. Barbara is especially proud that all of her grandchildren have been students at our sailing school, her first great-grandchild attended this year (James Hillyer, son of Meredith Hillyer), and four of her grandchildren have been sailing instructors!

Congratulations to the entire Meredith Family!

Can't Beat Our Sunsets!
Photo:  Andrea MacMillan
Feel free to share a sunset you've captured from the yacht club.
Simply reply to this email and make sure we know who you are.

DCLSA Living Legends

The DCLSA Community is filled with members who have been involved with the Club for generations. It is thanks to their hard work and dedication that today we are able to enjoy wonderful facilities, a robust racing program, and a shared sense of community. It is for these reasons we are proud to highlight photographs from long time members in this and future newsletters.

To share your historical photos, please reply to this email.

Al and Marlene Riebel
Joined in 1970
Current status: Senior

Marlene and Al Riebel, in 1996
when Al served as Commodore

An interesting fun fact is as a child, Al's family camped at Swallow Falls State Park. While there, the family visited the brand new fiberglass boat factory that had just opened its doors. The owner, Sandy Douglass came out to meet them and answered some questions.  

How to encapsulate 50 years?  Al sums things up this way. "Marlene and I have totally enjoyed our membership in the yacht club. We have been on many committees for social events. We have been able to enjoy meeting new people on those committees... people who have made our lives very fulfilling and have taught us many things along the way."
Al and Marlene Riebel are celebrating their 50th year as members of DCLSA. Al was drawn to the club after he purchased a new Jet 14, with no idea how to sail, let alone get it in and out of the water. But that would not deter him. After a few visits to Deep Creek Lake, he noticed several Jet 14s moored at the Yacht Club on Turkey Neck. 

A colleague at work, Bill Crawford, recommended Al for membership. He interviewed with Jim Davis in Pittsburgh and the rest, as they say, is history. Al's sailing improved each year, eventually switching from sailing his original Jet to Flying Scots.

From 1978, Marlene entertaining son Baron while Al sailed. In those days it was easier to locate crew than a babysitter.

Al and Marlene, circa 2000
Marlene and Al, 2016

Al and Marlene located some old
movies showing club activities
from the late 60s and early 70s.

The Riebel Family Today

From bottom to top:  Al and Marlene; 
Granddaughters, Lilly and Olivia;
daughter Ashley and daughter-in-law Jenn;
son-in-law Matt with grandson Owen; and son Baron

Membership Corner

Welcome New Members! 
Mory and Janine Jabbour

Mory, Janine, Emilie, Nathalie Jabbour
Mory and Janine live in North Bethesda, MD.  Mory is originally from Beirut, Lebanon and Janine grew up in Brussels Belgium.  They have 2 daughters, Nathalie (a rising Freshman at William & Mary College) and Emilie (14).  They own a mountain house on Bear Ridge in Friendsville.  Last summer, Emilie attended Deep Creek Sailing School and quickly fell in love with the sport.  

Janine reports that they are joining to help cultivate Emilie's interest in sailing. "We like the fact that Emilie enjoys such a beautiful and healthy sport and we want to support her in her ambition to race and to become a great sailor. She attended Teen Week a few weeks ago and she had a ball."

Mory is a retired Chef who has worked on four continents and who has operated a thriving catering business in Rockville. Janine took early retirement from the World Bank after a twenty-six year career and now works as a simultaneous conference interpreter.

Neither Mory nor Janine are sailors.  But they say that they are looking forward to learning more about sailing, to meeting more Club members, and to contributing to the Club's many social activities.  "We had the opportunity of attending a pot luck and the Fourth of July party last year and we met many fascinating Club members."

Welcome New Members! 
Lloyd and Kim Sowers

Lloyd and Kim currently live in Tampa, Florida.  Lloyd is a newscaster at Fox 13 and Kim owns a contract manufacturing company, producing skincare, pet care and household products.  They have 2 children, Jack (19) and Gray (17).  

As retirement approaches for both, Lloyd and Kim recently purchased a home in Swanton, with the expectation of eventually splitting their time between Deep Creek Lake and Florida.  The family is new to sailing, but their kids took lessons years ago.  By joining the club, they hope to get involved in sailing, while building a social network. 

And why Deep Creek?  Kim explains there's a family connection.  "Lloyd grew up in the Kitzmiller, MD and Elk Garden, WV areas, and has family and friends nearby. He started bringing me up to the area early in our marriage and I fell in love with the area and the people. It's a very special place."

New Member Applications:

Kristen & Kerry Diehl
Active Member Applicant
Residence: Pittsburgh, PA
Lake: Oakland, MD
Sponsors: Ed Kemp, Mark Schaefer, Charles Graham

Aaron & Sandra Faulkner
Active Member Applicant
Residence: Alexandria, VA
Lake: McHenry, MD
Sponsors: Sarah Nill, Laura Mckee, Kim Perozzi

Theresa & Geoffrey Feisley
Active Member Applicant
Residence: Belmont, OH
Lake: Swanton, MD
Sponsors: Sarah Nill, Greg Shafer, Carrie Andrews

Thomas and Kathryn Plofchan
Active member applicant
Residence: Potomac Falls, VA
Lake: Swanton, MD
Sponsors: Coralyn Benhart, Chris Drury, and Meredith Hillyer

Membership Application Process
Changes are ONLY for 2020

There seems to be a heightened interest in joining the club this year.  So if you have a friend that is interested in joining, please submit their application while spots are available.  Since some of the social restrictions may be with us for awhile, the membership application process has been amended just for this season. 

A new applicant needs a sponsor and two other endorsers to start the process. Due to the ongoing concerns and restrictions on social gatherings of the coronavirus, it maybe difficult for those interested in joining to meet all the requirements set forth on the operating procedures.  It's important to note that the Board approved to "suspend for 2020"  the new membership application requirement to participate in two social events and one sailing event for 2020 only.  

Email Joni Palmer, DCLSA Membership Chair, at, if you know of someone interested in joining the club!

A Note About Billing
Billing Statements Sent by Email

Just a reminder that DCLSA Billing Statements are sent electronically to all members for any charges incurred. The email is titled "IMPORTANT- DCLSA Billing Statement" and sent from our accountant, Erin Dibacco of Boal and Associates. If you haven't already, please remember to send your payment.  
Are You Buying? Selling?
Check Out the DCLSA Member Marketplace

DCSS Buffs For Sale
Support the Sailing School and Mask Up!

Looking for a mask to sport this summer?  Consider one from DCSS.  This Buff can be used as a mask (see photo below).  It serves well as a sun protection for the neck when you're out on the water.  Only $15 each and proceeds go to the Sailing School.  

To get yours email Sue Wolffe at

David & Lissa Klueter,
modeling the DCSS Buff
DCLSA 2020 Board of Governors

Ed Halley - Commodore 2020
Joni Palmer - Vice Commodore 2021
David Klueter - Treasurer
Coralyn Benhart - House Management & Personnel
Sarah Nill - Secretary 2021
Ed Kemp - Building & Grounds 2020
Greg Shafer - Board Member 

Please check out the bios that have been uploaded so far, and to view the list of committee chairs.  

Long Range Planning

Conceptual plans for a possible club house renovation
are posted on the club's website.
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The Board and the LRPC welcome any and all
comments/questions from members.
Please contact any Board member or Tom Scannell.

Also available at the Long Range Planning page,
are several historical documents in pdf format.  

If you are interested in a printed copy of the
1937 to 1987 history, contact Ray Gauthier directly.
He has nine copies available.

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