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Summer 2019
Week 3 of 20
May 21, 2019
Upcoming Events

Register for Sailing School (See link below)
Register for Belly Dancing & Yoga Clinic to be held July 17,18,19
Review the LRPC Results (See below)

Friday May 24th Grill
Saturday May 25 Commodore's Reception
Friday May 31st Grill
Saturday June 1st White Night Pop Up Picnic 6:30 P.M.
Saturday June 8th Sailing & Sliders Fleet 6 / Laser Picnic
Saturday June 22nd Summer SAILstice  More Info Coming Soon!

*Reservations are no longer taken by pencil & paper sign up sheet, e-mail, or phone.  All reservation buttons will be placed on our website.  When you click on the button to RSVP for each event, it will show you the MENU and details.

Event Flyers

Get ready for an introduction to belly dance that includes history, culture, and gets you moving! You'll gain a stronger sense of self-confidence and feel more energized.
Many lovely ladies have already signed up! - Join the fun!  
July 17-19, 9:30 am - 12:30 pm at DCYC (Deerhaven).
Here's a short bio of our instructor Keika!
Keika discovered belly dance in 2002. First a hobby, it soon became a passion, as she fell in love with the beauty and sensuality of the dance. Keika has spent countless hours studying various forms of Middle Eastern style dance. She has extensive experience in performing for audiences small and large, and is a seasoned instructor and choreographer. 
As a teacher, Keika is a master at explaining movement in an easy-to-follow way and has contagious, fun-loving personality. She gives thoughtful feedback tailored to each dancer's abilities, and her students describe her as patient and nurturing.

For more information, please visit our website & to RSVP.  
-Sue Wolffe 

News from the Board of Governors

The DCLSA Bylaws and updated operating procedures are posted on the website and available in your new directory.  Members are encouraged to review these documents as the information should help outline expectations for members and the association.  

Highlights of some new clarifications are below:

- The schedule of when the club is open to members has been updated for 2019. 

-Social event sign ups and cancellations.... do you know how to RSVP and the deadline for sign up so the event planners can properly prepare and you will have enough food?  If you need help learning the new RSVP system, please call Sarah Nill 412-302-5599.  

- Laser sailors, do you know the expectations regarding storing your boat and dolly in the small boat lot?  And have you already paid to store your boat there?

The 2019 directories are now available for each family.. a huge thanks goes to David Klueter for compiling all the information and producing a fabulous product!  Stop by the club to pick up your directory and read the updated operating procedures... learn more about your club!

News from Chairs:

Gail Getty, House Chair

Our managers, Sarah Newton and David Sheppard have dusted off our milkshake machine and have been experimenting with some very interesting and delicious milkshake recipes.  
Try one this coming weekend!  

We are also introducing our "Advance Ordering" system.  When you arrive at the club, before hoisting your sails, come up to the deck and place your lunch order at the kitchen window.  Your sandwich will be ready when you come off the water.  This should facilitate a faster moving lunch line.  You can look forward to your old favorites or plan to try something new!  Sara and David will have a fine selection of savory soups and deli sandwiches each weekend day.

Coffee Klatch  Specialty coffees will be available by our own barista, Shay Tasker. Stop by the new Yacht club coffee center Saturday and Sunday mornings to order your custom brew and chose from our freshly baked selections to get your racing morning off to a great start! Our Coffee Klatch will be available 8:30-11:00 AM.  

These menus are all available on our website in the social / rsvp tab.

Sarah Nill, Secretary & Sue Campbell, Cheer Chair

Funny Story - Are we really serving Michelin at the club!?  Sue texted me (Sarah) an  announcement about the kind of beer on tap at the club this summer and asked me to place it in the 5/14/19 Newsletter.  The text was Autocorrected from Michelob Ultra to Michelin.  Not being a beer drinker, I didn't recognize Michelin so I googled it.  Sure enough, it's a beer.  So I published it.  Sue texted the next day and we had a laugh.  So, the beer on tap will be Michelob Ultra, NOT Michelin!

Joni Palmer, VC & Membership

Recent Applications:

Matthew Harbaugh
Mt. Lebanon, PA
Progeny member applicant
Sponsor: Greg & Gail Harbaugh
Endorsers: Eric Boughner and Tom Scannell

Mark Haslig and Marci McClive
Accident, MD
Active member applicant
Sponsor: Dan Muss
Endorsers: David Tuel, Morgan France, Judy Bertsch 

Long Range Planning Committee

DCLSA Members,

We received very good results from our member survey.  128 responses were received. Thank you all for participating. Without your active input the Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC) would not be able to plan the future of our clubhouse and grounds to meet the membership's desires. Please review these results and comments. These responses were very helpful for the LRPC to formulate a follow up survey, which  will be sent out soon. Please keep an eye out for it.  Even if you did not express your opinion in the first survey, please let the LRPC know your thoughts in the follow up survey.  I strongly encourage all members to participate and comment accordingly.
All results and comments are anonymous and are provided for your review. The information will be posted on the Club website and can also be accessed by clicking the link below.

Tom Scannell
LRPC Chair

Sue Wolffe, President, DCSS

Greetings from the Deep Creek Sailing School,
Registration is now open to sign up for a second week of sailing school - Act fast if you would like a second week! Some weeks have only a few spots remaining.  (Note, a second email address is needed to sign up for a second week.)
Creek Critters - for our 6 and 7 year olds - has a few spots available.  Introduce your younger kids to the fun of sailing!
We have an incredible team of instructors lined up to teach your children and grandchildren.
And let's not forget adults! - Learn to sail or improve your skills! - We have three day and five day options for adults as well as private lessons.
Enjoy dancing with the wind!
President, DCSS

(The Sailing School Link can be found below.)

DCLSA's 1st Grill of 2019

This past weekend the managers hosted the first grill of the season. There were 36 in attendance.  A shout out to Margaret Ammann for offering to be our standing sign in person.  The new sign in process worked well.  We had two cancellations, which allowed us to accept two families from the waiting list.  It all worked out!  Thank you for your commitment to learning a new procedure.  It is our goal to make the process enjoyable for all who attend, to ensure the amount of food is perfectly aligned with the pre-orders, to minimize waste, and to maximize our budget.  So far so good!

Jon and Deb Skoog, Sailing Promotion

On Saturday morning we got six boats rigged and ready to go for the upcoming sailing season. While this is a good start, we still have a good number of boats to get rigged and ready for racing next weekend.  In addition to raising and tuning masts, we got two of our newest sailors rigged and out on the water for their inaugural sail in their new boat.  Great to see new members Randy and Debra Sawyer and Steve and  Debbie Maier out on their boat early in the season.

On Sunday, I hate to say, those that missed the practice starts and races missed a Chamber of Commerce day in Garrett County.  Warm 85 degree temperature and good 12 mph SSW winds welcomed the six boats that participated in the event.  We started the day by splitting up our new sailors Randy Sawyer and Steve Maier and paired them up with long-time sailors Ralph Kemp and Melanie Dunham respectively.  On the water activity started at 1:00 with three practice starts.  Each start was followed by sailing 3 minutes upwind so each boat could assess their starting result.  Before each start, durning the start sequence, and after each start, Darrell and Kris Van Hutton provided expert coaching and advice to the sailors from their motor boat.  Following the practice starts, four one lap races were run.  Each races lasted about 15-20 minutes and each race saw a different winner.  Again Darrell and Kris provided coaching to the fleet during the races.  One observation, the racing got closer with each subsequent race was run. Newer sailors Mark and Colin Haraway made big improvements after starting the day with minor rigging problems.  We were off the water 2:45 just before the rain.
After returning to the club, boats were put away and ideas were shared.  Based on feedback, everyone seemed to learn something new including PROs for the event Jon and Deb Skoog.  (Thank you Super PRO Mark Bennett!). Everyone really enjoyed the event and if enough people are interested, we can try this again later in the summer.  

If you have news to share, 
the weekly deadline is Monday at 4:00 P.M.  
Please send articles to Sarah Nill: dclsa.secretary@gmail.com