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Deep Creek Lake Sailing Association News
Summer 2019
Week 4 of 20
May 28, 2019
Upcoming Events

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Register for Belly Dancing & Yoga Clinic to be held July 17,18,19
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Wednesday May 29th RSVP by 6:30 PM for the Friday Grill
Friday May 31st  Grill 6:30 PM
Saturday June 1st White Night Pop Up Picnic 6:30 P.M.
Saturday June 8th Sailing & Sliders Fleet 6 / Laser Picnic
Saturday June 15th Tillers, Tacos & Tequila
Saturday June 22nd Keels & Wheels
 Summer SAILstice  More Info Coming Soon!

*Reservations are no longer taken by pencil & paper sign up sheet, e-mail, or phone.  All reservation buttons will be placed on our website.  

When you click on the button to RSVP for each event,
it will show you the MENU and details.

Event Flyers

This Saturday's event is a bring your own picnic 
with voluntary donations going to support the sailing school.  
Everyone must RSVP, but there is NO DEADLINE!  
Use the RSVP link above to find this event.
We hope that this format allows for a great turnout!

News from the Board of Governors

Sarah Nill - Event RSVP / Sign up News

Imagine you are one of the previous managers over the last decade. You create the weekly grill menu and send it out to the membership.   You get nearly 100 emails that (in 4 days) need to be opened, read through, clarified, replied to and typed into a chart - all in order to ensure that everyone gets the correct grill order on Friday night.  . . . and then it starts all over again the next week.  

Fast forward to 2019.  Now, thanks to the willingness of the members to use our new online sign up system, the managers need not do any of those time consuming steps which left much room for human error . . . now they simply click on a link anytime they want to see the entire picture.  The butcher, treasurer, and accountant also click the link anytime they want to see the data - automatically tallied and ready for analysis and billing.  Imagine the countless hours that may have been wasted on a task that could be automated.  Now the managers can concentrate on what they do best - creating delicious meals and ensuring great member service.

Thanks also to all of our members for adhering to the new RSVP cut off deadlines.  We only had 2 members sign up late for the grill this week and we were able to accommodate both due to cancellations.  This will save the club money as we are having the butcher look at the chart in real time and give us exactly what has been pre-ordered by the membership.

If you are hosting a party, you will be given the link to watch your RSVP list and income projections in real time as well!  

As we continue to transition to this new RSVP system, if you know of anyone who is having difficulty going onto our website to RSVP, please have them contact Sarah Nill 412-302-5599.  I have talked members through the process and I'm happy to assist in any way - even those who do not use a computer at all.

Check out what your answers  automatically look like on our end - in real time:

Event Summary Manager's View

So what happens once the orders are placed and the event is underway?  
When you RSVP online, your order will be printed and clipped to this cute welcome board (thank you to Susie Coburn for her artistic talent!).  

Find your family's name and take your order slip with you to pick up your items. This replaces the sign in sheet since everyone is now signed up online ahead of time.  

Here's what your Friday Night Grill order slip will look like when you pick it up from the board:

News from Chairs:

Gail Getty, House Chair

Coffee Klatch
Don't forget to come and get coffee, espresso, or a specialty drink in the morning.  We have a delicious menu of breakfast items as well.  Visit our website for hours and menus.

Joni Palmer, Membership

Pending Applications:

Karen Michenko
Pittsburgh, PA
Active member applicant
Sponsors: Lissa and David Klueter

Heather Savage Crowe
Parkton, MD
Progeny member applicant
Sponsor: Ruta Savage

Kim and Jamie Perozzi
Rostraver, PA
Active member applicant
Sponsor: Sarah and Jacob Nill
Endorsers: Sue and Chris Coburn & Laura & Gary McKee

Matthew Harbaugh
Mt. Lebanon, PA
Progeny member applicant
Sponsor: Greg & Gail Harbaugh
Endorsers: Eric Boughner and Tom Scannell

Mark Haslig and Marci McClive
Accident, MD
Active member applicant
Sponsor: Dan Muss
Endorsers: David Tuel, Morgan France, Judy Bertsch 

Long Range Planning Committee

Tom Scannell
LRPC Chair

DCLSA Social Events Recap

May 24th Friday Night Grill

The manager's organized and prepared our Friday night grill for 86 people this past weekend.   The manager's special (meat or vegetarian lasagna) and the featured dessert (lemon curd cheesecake) were all delicious!  The managers even made a special gluten free lemon curd cheesecake to meet the needs of our membership. 

With our new sign up policy in place, there were 3 cancellations and 2 add ons. This is significantly more accurate than in the past.  More accuracy = less waste and more financial savings for our membership. Make sure to always login to cancel so that we can use your meals and save you unused charges.  If you are not near a computer, and are in a pinch, call the managers to cancel.  

The 2019 Commodore's Reception

On Saturday evening we celebrated with our past and present Commodores.  We had 174 people RSVP through our new online system.  The membership brought out their best appetizers and desserts and the it was great to see such a huge turn out.  Cheryl Shafer even managed to get our fearless leader, Ed Halley, out on the deck at sunset for this photo opportunity.

The Steiding and Becker Cup Races 
May 25 - 27th , 2019

Winner of the Steiding Cup 
Chris Drury

If you have news to share, 
the weekly deadline is Monday at 4:00 P.M.  
Please send articles to Sarah Nill: dclsa.secretary@gmail.com