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Deep Creek Lake Sailing Association News
Summer 2019
Week 5 of 20
June 4, 2019
Upcoming Events

*Reservations are no longer taken by pencil & paper sign up sheet, e-mail, or phone.  All reservation buttons will be placed on our website.   When you click on the button to RSVP for each event,  it will show you the MENU and details.  All events have an RSVP cutoff of 48 hours prior to event start.

Jean Thagard, Pitch In Chair

Pitch In  this Wednesday, 6/5/19, at 6:30. Chairs are McCombs, Belmonte, and Kurtz.  Everyone is welcome, no reservation needed. Bring your favorite dish to share that serves eight or more, depending on the size of your party. 

House News from Gail Getty & Crew: 

The youth room has been given a fresh coat of paint, received some "new" furniture, and has a new HEAD ping pong table.  We hope your children will enjoy all of these improvements and take good care of them too.  The volleyball net is up-looks great to see it again.  The volleyballs and a new Corn Hole game are all being kept just inside the lower level door. Anyone is welcome to use it. A giant Jenga game is in the youth room too-play a game or two with your friends or family between races or waiting for the dinner bell!

P.S. from Sarah Nill, mamma to 3 boys!  ~ In order to show the house crew and membership our sincere appreciation for the new room and games, I have shared these tips with my children & guests and perhaps you could too:

When finished playing with games at our club you have 2 choices:  
1) Put everything away where it belongs as neatly as you can.
2) Hand the item to someone who is waiting, and tell them the rule - that they must choose 1 or 2 when they are done.

Hopefully this will help the children to understand that no sports equipment, toys or games should ever be "abandoned".

Other things to discuss with kids before your next visit:
Use all club belongings for their intended use (do not kick a volleyball or hang on the volleyball net) .
Look around before you walk out of a room and take what you brought in such as drink cups etc.

Several people have discovered our new Coffee Klatch open on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Baked goods, hard boiled eggs and juice are offered with the specialty coffees from 8:30-11:00.  Sara and David will be offering some vegan selections this week at lunch.  

 According to our operating procedures, children under 12 must be supervised by an adult while at the club.  
 Dogs need to be on a leash.  
 The restrooms on the lower level have dehumidifiers running in them, so please keep the doors closed.

Sue Campbell, Cheer Chair

In addition to redecorating and painting and organizing newly purchased games, our decorating fairies have been hard at work.  The m ason jars have been newly enhanced to be more nautical and can be used for votives, flowers, stones or decor of choice. 

Joni Palmer, Membership

Pending Applications:

Karen Michenko
Pittsburgh, PA
Active member applicant
Sponsors: Lissa and David Klueter

Heather Savage Crowe
Parkton, MD
Progeny member applicant
Sponsor: Ruta Savage

Kim and Jamie Perozzi
Rostraver, PA
Active member applicant
Sponsor: Sarah and Jacob Nill
Endorsers: Sue and Chris Coburn & Laura & Gary McKee

Matthew Harbaugh
Mt. Lebanon, PA
Progeny member applicant
Sponsor: Greg & Gail Harbaugh
Endorsers: Eric Boughner and Tom Scannell

Mark Haslig and Marci McClive
Accident, MD
Active member applicant
Sponsor: Dan Muss
Endorsers: David Tuel, Morgan France, Judy Bertsch 

Alice Kemp, Yoga Interest Group

Let us know if you would be interested in coming to yoga at the club when you are around.  We are gathering data . . . 

Lissa Kleuter, T Shirts

2019 Participation Shirt
Email Lissa Klueter at  Lklueter@icloud.com when you have completed  3 races to reserve your t-shirt. Please indicate your desired size, men or women's, long or short sleeve. 

2018 Participation Shirts For Sale $5.
Email Lissa Klueter at  Lklueter@icloud.com if you are interested in purchasing. Please indicate color, size, long or short sleeve. 
Here's what is available:

12 small short sleeve red
13 small short  sleeve green
4 small long sleeve green 
2 extra large short sleeve red 
1 extra large short sleeve green
4 extra large long sleeve red
3 extra large long sleeve green

Lissa will be at the club Sunday afternoon after the races to distribute shirts.

Sue Wolffe, Belly Dancing & Yoga Seminar
July 17-19th 9:00 a.m to 12:30 p.m.

Alice Kemp will be leading yoga during our 3 day class.  Alice will help strengthen the body, mind, and spirit in an hour each morning.   Alice has been practicing yoga since 2006.  After just one class she was hooked on that strong, cleansing healthy feeling! Alice believes that by combining the body, mind and spirit it then brings health and healing to an even greater dimension.  Alice believes in a holistic approach to health and wellness through diet, exercise, and an optimistic outlook toward life.  By using modifications and having the ability to customize a practice to specific needs, Alice is always excited for the opportunity to share her love of yoga with anyone and everyone

For those that have signed up already  - Thank you!  
For others, you can sign up here: 

This is going to be a fabulous three-days!.  
I want to pass along two fun links - 
The first is our instructor Keika performing Oriental style belly dance:  

The second is a performance on Clarendon day in Virginia - Many of these ladies were new to belly dance

Some of you may recognize Saphira in the video - She is the owner of the Saffron Dance studio.  Her son has attended the sailing school the last four years.

DCLSA Social Events Recap

May 31st Friday Night Grill
There were 52 people in attendance 
June 1st White Night Pop Up Picnic
What a great evening!  There were 70 in attendance.
Our income was $1,050 and after costs . . . 

$800 was donated to the sailing school!

Seth Snider & Guests Joni Palmer & Ray Gauthier Halley, Kemp & Graham Families Alice Kemp, Anne & Charles Graham

Larry & Debbie Anderson
Tom Wolffe & Bayden Copley and Friends
Halley, Kemp, Shafer & Graham Families
Ted Rissell & Joni Palmer
Jimmy Flanigan

The Rubel & Wolffe Families "The Black Sheep" rebels of the evening

The Nill Family (complete with want-to-be- adopted daughter Emma)
The Hosts
Seth Snider, Sarah Nill, Julie Mead

Julie Mead & Guests


Saturday June 8th 
12:00 & 2:30
Pro: Bruce Spinnenweber
Assistant Pro: Andy Carrier
Patrol Boat Captain: Todd Graham
Patrol Assistant: Brett Ireland

Sunday June 9th
Pro: Bob Vance
Assistant Pro: Eric von Eckartsberg
Patrol Boat Captain: Will McGill
Patrol Assistant: Dave Moran

Click Here to View Race Results

SAILING NEWS from Joni Palmer

Lots of folks showed up at the club this weekend for the Flying Scot and Laser races.  Unfortunately the wind was too light on Saturday and there were too many thunderstorms on Sunday.  Though no races were completed over the weekend, all sailors enjoyed great camaraderie and fabulous lunch at the club.  It was exciting to see new sailors getting out on the water this weekend... the Latimers sailed with Rob Gerlach, George  Abramowitz with Larry Anderson, Caleb and Sarah Buczynski with Ray & Joni respectively.  And it was great to have Joan & Lee Coroar's young grandchildren, Claira & Detrich on their boat and hear peals of laughter when an impromptu water battle started up with other Flying Scots!  
Many thanks to the wonderful volunteers who were running the races:  
Saturday:  Tom Wolfe, Ned Halloway, and Geri Mehan on the RC boat with Tom Craven and Anthony Celo as safety patrol
Sunday: Mark Schaefer and Rob Gerlach on RC boat with Ralph Kemp and Jake Nill as safety patrol.

There are a lot of skippers with boats that are looking for crews every weekend.  Please subscribe to the Deep Creek Lake racing Google groups if interested in crewing, looking for a crew, help on the RC boat or assist on the safety patrol boat. 


Hope to see everyone out on the water next weekend learning, racing, or engaged in fun water games!

If you have news to share, 
the weekly deadline is Monday at 4:00 P.M.  
Please send articles to Sarah Nill: dclsa.secretary@gmail.com