DCON Attendees,

Arriving by bus or large passenger van:  If you are riding a bus or van to DCON, your vehicle will pull up next to the doors leading into the conference center.  Do NOT proceed to the hotel or to any other location. After turning into the hotel’s main entrance, take the first right after the guard house, then turn left just before the lift gate that will be in front of you.  See diagram at the end of this email.

This will put you at the conference center where you will be met by a bus greeter who will board your bus and give you instructions. After this, everyone will get off the bus at that location, grab their luggage, and enter the conference center where registration takes place.

Arriving by smaller vehicle:  Attendees arriving in personal vehicles should park in the main parking area below the hotel and next to the conference center.  Parking is free. DO NOT DRIVE UP TO THE HOTEL or you will have a very long walk with your luggage back to the conference center as room keys will be distributed in the conference area, not the hotel registration desk.  Students driving themselves to DCON must give their car keys to their chaperons after arriving and may not have them back until it is time to go home.  Students may not drive their vehicles once they arrive for DCON.

Registration Checklist Preview:  To assist in the registration process, chaperons will be given a checklist containing instructions on where to go and some other helpful information.  That checklist can be seen now HERE .

2018-2019 District Board Members in meetings Sunday morning:  On Sunday morning, there will be a meeting of the retired and new district boards. This will last until 10:30 a.m. at which point all students are free to leave. Please do not try to have these board members leave the meeting early because they are required to be in attendance, no exceptions.  We thank you for your understanding and support of their commitment to our District.

If you have any questions or concerns about these topics please reply to this email!

Yours in service and friendship,

Rebecca Yap
District Conference Chair
Bus route in the below image is in green and runs from left to right. Convention center is in the far right. Main parking lot is in the center. Cars should follow signs for parking which is a different route than that shown for buses.
Route for buses and vans arriving at DCON.