DCON Attendees,

The following are some important notes about safety and Dress Code. Please review these topics carefully!

General Session Safety
For safety reasons, we cannot allow clubs to bring into sessions inflatable or large objects, such as mascots, and items to throw.   Such items will be confiscated . If it cannot be worn and is not of reasonable size, it should not be brought to DCON.

Dress Code
One of the most important things to remember when packing for DCON is dress code. For each event, there are guidelines on what to wear. An earlier email gave suggestions on the number of outfits of each type.  Remember that most of you will be in a room with three other students, so don’t over pack.

Ladies , for the length skirts and dresses, please adhere to the fingertip rule. In addition, make sure that the three B’s are completely covered. While you are packing for DCON, try on each outfit to ensure that proper dress code is met and that the outfits are appropriate for the designated attires for each session.  

Gentlemen , remember that dress shoes are required with business casual, professional, and formal dress.  For professional and formal, both a coat and tie are required.

Note on formal dress :  While formal dress is designated for the Governor’s Banquet and Ball, professional dress may be worn instead.  For ladies, formal can include prom or homecoming dresses. Shoulders do not need to be covered for formal dress events, but they do need to be covered at all other times.  Formal dress still needs to be appropriately modest.
Men may wear tuxedos, suits, or coat and tie (professional) clothing.

It is the responsibility of chaperones to enforce the DCON dress code.

For an extensive dress code guide, click here .

Tip:  Make your long walk in heels more comfortable

During DCON it will not be uncommon to hear and see girls complaining about their blisters or sore feet. The walk from the hotel rooms to the conference center is long and very time consuming. To lessen the impact on your feet consider bringing a pair of sandals or “folding shoes” to make the trip each time easier.
If you have any questions about any of the points discussed please feel free to reply to this email! Thanks for reading!

Yours in service and friendship,

Rebecca Yap
District Conference Chair