This email is being sent to all Faculty and Kiwanis Advisors. It is imperative you view all images and read the entirety of this email.

DCON Chaperones,

You have been invited to these two events at our conference! See instructions on how to download the DCON app below:

Over 2,000 teenagers are registered for this Conference. Fortunately, Key Clubbers have a reputation of behaving exceptionally well and much of the credit for this belongs to the dedication of our advisors and other chaperones. Thank you for volunteering to serve.

Make sure to bring a hard copy of your students’ code of contact and medical forms with you to DCON and keep it with you at all times.

Here is what we need your help with:

1. Prior to DCON, perhaps while traveling to Orlando, discuss the rules with your students. Don’t assume they know the rules or even read what they signed in the Code of Conduct.

2. Prior to DCON, review with your students the dress code so they will pack all they need to be properly dressed. At DCON, check your students’ attire as well as your own. Enforcing dress code is primarily the responsibility of the chaperone, not the district staff.

3. We are very strict about males and females staying out of each others’ rooms at all times and under any circumstances, even if adults are present. Other than in sleeping rooms, males and females may be together. We do send students home for breaking this rule, so make sure students are informed and know the consequences.

4. Remind students that we are a family, that all chaperons are expected to correct any student, not just their own, and that all adults are to be respected at all times.

5. Treat students with the same respect you expect them to treat you.

6. Most participants have had their costs subsidized to at least some extent by another person or organization who expects them to benefit from participation in DCON. Therefore, chaperons as well as students are expected to attend all functions and stay for the entire session . All chaperons are expected to enforce this.

7. Visually check that students are in their proper rooms by curfew . Students are not allowed out of their rooms after midnight even with chaperones, with the exception of Sergeant-at-Arms.

8. Adults are required to follow the same rules about alcohol and drug use as students.

9. Counsel your students about being considerate of others staying at the hotel. If you become aware of any student not being considerate, respectfully talk to that student. Remember, “Caring is our way of life.”

10. Talk with your students about being on time for sessions. This is a big hotel and it takes extra time to get around.

11. Please call the Sergeant-at-Arms Office if you have any disciplinary problems.

12. Adults and non-Key Club members are not permitted to be involved in Key Club election campaigns . This includes asking or suggesting questions during caucuses or other times.

13. At general workshop sessions, please assist in keeping attendees quiet once the meeting begins.

14. Students may not leave the hotel even with an adult, without completing a Permission to Leave form. Chaperones violating this policy will be sent home with their students.

15. Relax and enjoy DCON!

Please make sure you have signed up to our remind system.
Text @fldcon2019 to 81010

If you have any questions, please reply to this email!

Yours in service and friendship,

Tara Garner & Robby Witten
District Conference Co-Chairs
Florida District of Key Club International, Inc.