DCON Attendees!

Volunteer opportunities deadline has been extended to March 20! Click the link HERE  to sign up and earn service hours! This is such a unique way to get involved with DCON and a way to meet new people along the way.

Some important points about your hotel room assignment.

  1. Everyone is assigned to a specific room and you may not change your assignment without authorization from the DCON room coordinator (Heather Locke). For your safety, we need to be able to find you in an emergency after everyone is in bed. This will also ensure that you can get a replacement key should you lose yours.
  2. If you lose a room key, go to the front desk with picture identification to request a new key. You do not need to be accompanied by an adult and getting a new key will not require all occupants of that room to get a new key. NEVER write your room number on your key!!!
  3. No more than four people may be assigned to or stay in a room overnight.
  4. Rollaways may not be requested in any student rooms and the hotel has been instructed not to fulfill such a request. In some cases, adults might be provided with rollaways at registration if rooms with two beds were unavailable where they were needed.
  5. Under limited circumstances and with permission from the room coordinator, room changes for individuals may be allowed if possible once you arrive at the hotel. Note that there are no vacant rooms at the hotel, so no changes can be made that would require adding a room.

Special Notes

  1. For all meals, registrants with special meal requests will have those requests printed on the back of their name badge. During meals, you may not request a special meal unless you have done so in your registration and it has been included on your name badge. If there is an issue with your meal preference, you MUST go to the registration desk Thursday night to have the preference changed. If you do not go to fix the meal request Thursday night, we will be unable to accommodate any meal changes. 
  2. The hotel has informed us that balloons cannot be brought into the hotel because they interfere with the fire alarm system and will result in a substantial fine against the school or individual.

Saturday Banquet Seat Assignments

  1. For the Governor’s Gala, every attendee will be assigned to a specific numbered table.
  3. You may not add or remove chairs at a table.
  4. Anyone not abiding by #2 or #3 will be removed from the meal function for the rest of the evening and receive no refund. This includes adults. Several adults have been assigned to sections of the room to enforce these rules. These rules allow for an even workload for servers. In addition, assigning tables ensures an orderly seating of everyone registered and only for those registered, and eliminates the need to rush into the room to save tables and seats.
  5. Note that current district board members from your club will be sitting at the head table and not with their clubs. Incoming district board members will sit with their clubs.
  6. Tables vary in the number of seats. In cases where schools have more than 11 or 12 attending, you are generally evenly split between two or more tables located near each other with other schools filling in the remaining seats.
  7. There is no meal ticket for the banquet on Saturday; every seat is assigned instead.
  8. Seating assignments will be provided in the chaperon’s registration envelope at DCON along with a map of where the numbered tables are located.
Thanks for reading! If you have any questions about these topics please reply to this email.

Yours in service,
Tara Garner & Robby Witten
District Conference Co-Chairs
Florida District of Key Club International, Inc.