DCON Attendees,

Candidates Booklet
One of the most important activities at DCON is voting for your next district officers. Each school can send up to two delegates to House of Delegates to vote for your next District Governor, District Secretary, District Treasurer, and International Endorsements. These delegates vote based on the consensus of the club. Therefore, it is imperative everyone at DCON stays informed, even if you are not a delegate.

You can view our 2019-2020 Candidates Booklet HERE .

Proposed Amendments
Also during the House of Delegates, we will discuss and vote on various amendments that will impact our district for the following Key Club year. In order for these amendments to pass, a ⅔ majority must be in favor. Before entering this session, make sure delegates are educated on these amendments and have looked over them ahead of time.

You can review these amendments by clicking HERE .

Appointed Positions
Are you interested in running for an appointed position? The deadline for forms is March 28, 2019. You can apply for District Webmaster, District Editor, Executive Assistant or District Conference Chair.

To view applications and get the contact information for those who currently hold the position click HERE .

If you have any questions about any of these topics, you can reply to this email or reach out to our Legal, Elections and Credentials Chair Kyle Felter at legal@floridakeyclub.org
Thank you so much for reading!

Yours in service,
Tara Garner & Robby Witten
District Conference Co-Chairs
Florida District of Key Club International, Inc.