DCON Attendees,

The announcement you all have been waiting for…the release of the DCON 2019 app! The following are instructions for how to download the new, interactive application.

This is how you will get the most up to date information while at the conference. All attendees are highly encouraged to download the app.

You cannot download the app directly from the app store. Instead, first download the Attendify app ( iOS , Android ), then search for "Florida Key Club DCON 2019" (it should come up if you just search "Florida Key Club").

Make sure you don't accidentally add the DCON 2018 event.

Once you find the event, make an account! NOTE: You only need to put your first name, last name, email. Your position, school name, social media, etc is optional.

  • There is an Activity Stream! Members can post about their DCON experience in a mini-social media setting. Please note that this will constantly be monitored and there is no anonymous setting. Do not post your room number or where you are on the app. Inappropriate behavior will lead to a ban from the app and your advisors/school will be notified.
  • You can rate sessions/workshops. If you click on any session, you can give it a star rating and a review. Please use this feature to give constructive feedback on how we can better DCON. Again, inappropriate behavior will lead to a ban from the app.
  • There is an interactive map. You can click on any room in the interactive map to see what sessions are happening there. Additionally, if you click on a session in the schedule, you can click its location at the bottom and see exactly where it is on the map.
  • There is a documents section. All important DCON documents (such as the candidates book) will be here. Once you open and download the document for the first time, you won't have to load it again. Please remember that there is limited internet access in the conference area, so it is recommended to download important documents in your room in preparation for the conference.

If you have any questions about the app please reply to this email! We cannot wait to interact with all of you!

Yours in service,
Tara Garner & Robby Witten
District Conference Co-Chairs
Florida District of Key Club International, Inc.