Looking Toward this Sunday October 22, 2017
8:30 and 11 Worship SERVICES ONLY

Scripture: Genesis 1: 27 and Matthew 22: 15-22
Sermon: Giving to God The Things That Are (Already) God's
Lib McGregor Simmons will preach at 8:30 Lingle Chapel and 11 in the sanctuary.

The Pharisees and the Herodians were at opposite of the religious-political spectrum, but they joined forces to set a trap for Jesus by asking him this question: Is it lawful to pay taxes to the emperor or not?
Jesus responded by asking if any of his questioners had a coin of the Empire.  He asked whose image was on the coin, and they responded, "The Emperor's."
When Jesus then said, "Give therefore to the emperor the things that are the emperor's and to God the things that are God's," he was challenging not only the ultimate allegiance of his first-century questioners, but of any person of faith of any century who affirms the claim of Genesis 1 that we are created in the image of God.
On Sunday, we will consider what it means to give to God the things that are God's in the midst of our present-day culture of consumerism.

The Geneva Choir will sing  A Grateful Heart at the 8:30 service.
The Chancel choir will sing Jubilate Deo and the Massed Choirs will sing Praise to the Lord, for the Lord Is Good at the 11:00 service .
The Tower Ringers will play Ein' Feste Burg at the 11:00 service.

October 22nd, Stewardship Dedication Services at 8:30 and 11.  
Brunch in Congregation House at 9:45.  

We all recognize that the future of our church lies in our younger members,
our youth, and our children.  The Session demonstrates that by designating approximately $230,000 in our budget for direct expenses in programs and personnel dedicated to this group. This total does not include any allocation of expenses for operations and administration, which would increase the total to well over $300,000.
These statistics are shared in order to encourage all our members to make an investment in the future of DCPC.  Just as all parts of the tree work together to insure growth and good fruit, all parts of our congregation are vital to the future of the church. We're certainly thankful for those "older generations" who have demonstrated their dedication to our church, and we're confident that all our members will embrace a spirit of generosity when considering their financial commitment for 2018.
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Lib's Celebration!    
Save the date, Sunday, October 29. Lib McGregor Simmons is retiring! Join us as we celebrate following the 11 worship service 
in the Congregation House.
Discipleship Series "Living Our Vision"    
Discipleship Series "Living Our Vision" begins Wednesday, October 25, from 7-8 p.m. and every Wednesday for three weeks in the room D of the Congregation House. Sign up by emailing Rhonda Boggs. If you have questions contact Stephanie Rollans or Robert Alexander. Please consider joining us for dinner as well. Our Wednesday Night Live dinners are buffet style served between 5:45-6:30 p.m. There is a brief, informal worship service after dinner in the main room of the Congregation House. The class will begin shortly 
after that at 7:00 p.m.
LifeLine Community Conversation
All citizens  are invited to Davidson LifeLine's Community Conversation Beyond Silence documentary viewing with Jeff Fink, featured Thursday, November 2, 7:00 p.m. at Our Town Cinema (227 Griffith Street).
Day of Service-November 4th
CLICK HERE  for our Day of Service Sign-up Genius. The best way to make a difference is to do something!! So sign up and come help us! We are still in need of some  Project Leaders . If you are interested in learning more about this, please contact Robert Alexander at  ralexander@dcpc.org
PDA Disaster Assistance Trip-November 5-10
There is still recovery work needed in Kinston, NC following flooding from Hurricane Matthew.  We are scheduling a trip the week of November 5.  Are you interested??  Please let Robert Alexander know ASAP
2018 College Conference at Montreat    
The 2018 College Conference at Montreat  is just around the corner - January 2-5. It's time to register! DCPC will host both Davidson College students and DCPC students. Registration prices go up at the end of the month and housing space is limited, so sign up today! Register online here, and Claire will be in touch with more information.
Dinner is at 5:45 in the Congregation House. RSVP's ARE REQUIRED, before noon on Tuesday for dinner. New Kids Club- for information contact Jenny Alexander.

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