Looking Toward this Sunday August 20, 2017

Scripture: Matthew 15: 21-28
Sermon:Witness to the Mercy of God

Claire George-Drumheller will preach at 8:30 and 9:45 in Lingle Chapel and at 11 in the sanctuary.

This week's scripture tells a troubling story. A desperate mother begs Jesus for mercy, asking that her tornmented daughter be healed. Jesus ignores her and the disciples are annoyed by her. When the woman persists, Jesus writes her off because he is here for the children, and she is a dog. This story raises questions about Jesus, but it also teaches us about God's mercy. This woman has unshakable faith that God's mercy is big enough, even for her and her daughter.  

The Geneva choir will sing O God, Show Mercy to Us at the 8:30 service .
The Summer choir will sing Jesus Makes My Heart Rejoice at the 11 service.

The congregation will celebrate the Sacrament of Baptism  with  Carson Elizabeth Meetze, born October 12, 2016, daughter of  Keith and Machen Meetze.  
Choir Rehearsals Begin!   
Adult choir  rehearsals begin this week. The Geneva Choir, which sings for the 8:30 service, will rehearse today at 5:00 in the choir room. Chancel Choir, which sings for the 11:00 service, begins this Thursday at 7:00. If  you have thought about joining, even if you aren't sure, give it a try and you will find a welcome. For questions, email or call Jane Cain, or 704-892-5641.
2017 Davidson Gospelfest this Sunday   
2017 Davidson Gospelfest, is this Sunday, August 20, at 6:00 p.m. on the Village Green.  Performers include Strollers Singers, Jonahville Men's Choir, Praise-n-Motion, Gethsemane Gospel Singers, The Price Family, Worship Art Ministry, The Chosen Disciples. 
Come enjoy the fun!
Community Prayer Vigil   
In response to Charlottesville, DCPC and other Davidson and Cornelius houses of faith will join together for prayer, grieving, lament, and moving forward together on Wednesday, August 23, at 7:30 pm on the Davidson Town Green.
at the corner of campus and community
In recent days, two persons coming to and from DCPC were almost hit by vehicles while crossing Concord Road in the crosswalk.  We are grateful that they narrowly escaped injury.
As Davidson College students return to campus this week and as the DCPC Preschool begins in early September, it is vitally important that both pedestrians and drivers use extreme caution on Concord Road and Main Street.  Our community has suffered two devastating fatalities in recent years, and we want this never to happen again.
If you are a driver-
                Be vigilant in respecting that pedestrians have the right of way in all crosswalks.  Be on the alert for anyone attempting to cross the street and STOP!
                If a vehicle in front of you has come to a stop, do not attempt to pass it on the right.
If you are a pedestrian-
                Cross Concord Road and Main Street only in crosswalks.  Do not assume drivers will stop, however.  Do not step into the crosswalk until vehicles coming from both directions have come to a full stop.  Use the orange flags when crossing the street.  Refrain from using your cell phone for talking or texting while crossing in order to be as alert as possible.
If you witness a violation-
                Attempt to get the license tag number and report the incident to the Davidson Police Department.
Car Needed for Davidson Housing Coalition Disabled Adult
Residents of DHC's Cottages on Jetton, apartments for disabled, very low income adults, are experiencing multiple health problems, demanding many doctor visits.  Up to this point, this couple has relied on friends, Uber,  and car rentals, as they do not have a vehicle.  The husband suffers from extreme tremors, for which he will soon have surgery in Winston-Salem, and the cost of car rental for many visits is prohibitive for these folks, living on disability payments.  If there is anyone at DCPC who is planning on getting a new car, a donation of their old car to DHC could be extremely helpful.  We would, then, give the car to this couple.  The donor would receive a tax deduction for his/her charitable contribution to DHC.  The people about whom I'm writing are 65+ years old, once had productive working lives, but mental illness, arthritis, and in the past year, multiple surgeries for shoulder replacement, heart stint, and now brain surgery.  They have been great residents for our apartments, and I would love to help them out with this if there is any way.  Please feel free to contact Marcia Webster with any questions at 704-807-4368
All youth are invited to celebrate the start of a new school year, August 28 at 5:30 p.m. in the congregation house. Please RSVP to rboggs@dcpc.org by August 22.
  Save these dates! August 27 - SAGES will be hosting a Back to School dinner for the DCPC youth. Please use this intergenerational opportunity to get to know the amazing young people in the church. There will be a dinner at 5:30 ($8.00) with fun entertainment following. CLICK HERE TO RSVP September 28 - Odd month luncheon and program with Rev. Tony Marciano from the Charlotte Rescue Mission. Rev. Marciano is a well known and inspirational speaker in the Charlotte area. October 19 - Day trip to West Jefferson to see the changing leaf color, eat lunch at Shatley Springs and mosey around down town. We plan to rent a large bus and driver so all can travel together. Reservations must be made by September 28. More info, including cost, will come at a later date.
WEDNESDAY NIGHT LIVE will begin September 6. New kids club - All elementary school children are invited to a mid-week faith formation class. We will use "The Way of the Child" curriculum, an enriching program that helps children develop their own relationship with God through spiritual disciplines and reflection. Church bus pick up from Davidson Elementary School is available. Children's choirs for ages 4 through grade 6 begin at 5:00 on Sept. 6. Scroll through the dcpc.org home page banners to Wednesday Night Live to register for Kids Club and choirs. Dinner menu to come at a later date. CLICK HERE for more information.
RALLY DAY is September 10. Come at 9:45 as we kick off the new Sunday School year. There will be ONE worship service at 11:00. DCPC FALL PICNIC will follow  the 11:00 worship service in the Congregation House. Barbeque and drinks will be provided.   We ask each family to please bring a side dish to share (salad, vegetable and/or dessert).  Since the side dishes and desserts are so popular, please bring a generous portion to share!! All food items can be dropped off at the Congregation House before worship.  Tables and chairs will be set up, but families may want to bring a blanket for younger children. Come join the fun!
Ministers' Discretionary Fund is Low 
                The Ministers' Discretionary Fund is utilized by the pastors to meet crisis needs such as payments for rent and utilities for persons in the DCPC congregation and the surrounding community.  These needs typically increase during the summer, and thus, the fund is low at this time. Contributions are always appreciated!
Did you know PLAY invigorates the SOUL? Come to the Women's Retreat where we will be reminded how important it is to Live, Love, LAUGH & Trust God:) The Women's Retreat will be held September 15-17 in Montreat at the William Black Lodge. Retreat leaders are Jan Tevepaugh, DCPC lifetime member, and Kristin Clark, DCPC Preschool Director. Contact your wife, friend, sister, mom, or daughter and join us! CLICK HERE to r egister. Forms are also available at the information center across from the church office.  
Adult Faith Formation 
Hot Topic - Everything Must Change by Brian McLaren
To prepare for Brian McLaren's preaching in the DCPC pulpit September 24, the pastors are reading his book Everything Must Change. They invite you to join them in the parlor on Sunday afternoon from 4pm to 5:30 pm in August (6, 13, 20, 27) to reflect and discuss Everything Must Change. A copy of the book is available in the church library for check out. In McLaren's book, he talks about how do the life and teachings of Jesus address the most critical global problems in our world today?  Our schedule will be:
  August 20 - discuss chapters 19 - 26
August 27 - discuss chapters 27 - 34
Speaking of our Faith, Sundays at 9:45 am, Jetton Hall
During the month of August we will have a special month long Sunday school class at 9:45 a.m. in Jetton Hall. Each week church members will speak about their faith and reflect on their spiritual journeys.  Coffee will be available in Jetton Hall!
  August 20: Missy & John Kuykendall
August 27: Julie Alexander & John Hurst
This Sunday we welcome Missy and John Kuykendall who have been at DCPC since 1984.  Missy has been active as an elder and as participant on numerous committees.  John is a member of the Presbytery of Charlotte (honorably retired) and has frequently taught in the adult Christian Education program.  They are both life-long Presbyterians and have been married to each other for about 3/4s of their lives.
Covenant Bible Study will start in September-If you liked the Disciple Bible study program, you'll love Covenant Bible Study! Covenant, produced by the same people who did the Disciple program is an in-depth group Bible study in which participants read and discuss the Bible together, learning how to love God - and each other - better. The 24-week experience covers all the books of the Bible as participants move back and forth from Old Testament to New Testament. Covenant Bible Study shows the interconnectedness of scripture while demonstrating how the covenant relationship between God and people is woven through the entire Bible. Covenant represents a relationship - a living, breathing conversation. And we invite you to join in. Covenant Bible Study will meet on Wednesdays at both 10 a.m. and 7 p.m.
Register now for the Covenant Bible Study, starting in September by CLICKING HERE or contacting John Ryan.

Prayers and Concerns
We extend sympathy and the hope of resurrection to eternal life to: 

the family of Gordon Cook. A service of witness to the resurrection will be held at 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, August 19, in Lingle Chapel.

In the hospital:
Nina Holcombe-Health South, Rock Hill, SC
Financial Update and Attendance

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Davidson, NC  28036