DCS Weekly Update
March 22, 2021
Josh Ingle
Character Theme: COUNSEL
Word of the Week: Making Decisions
DCHS BETA Club Moving On To Nationals
Dade County Choirs Receive SUPERIOR Ratings
Every choir received an overall SUPERIOR rating (the highest score you can receive) from all three judges. This is the first time in the history of Dade County Chorus that every choir from grades 6-12 have received a SUPERIOR rating, as well as being the first time a 7th grade choir has received a SUPERIOR rating. Click HERE to see a video of their performances.
DES Celebrates St. Patrick's Day
Students and staff and Dade Elementary go ALL out celebrating St. Patricks Day!
DCHS Students Open STAR CAFE
Students in Mrs. Kendra Belcher's functional program celebrate St. Patricks Day by cooking and preparing food in their "STAR CAFE" for DCHS Staff members!