DCS Weekly Update
April 12, 2021
Josh Ingle
Character Theme: UNDERSTANDING
Word of the Week: Understanding
DCS elementary (3rd - 5th grades) and all middle school students will soon begin participating in the GA Milestones, End of Grade (EOG) testing. If you have particular questions about the EOG requirements, please feel free to contact the school principal. If your student is currently a virtual student, please direct your questions to Ms. Patti Johnson, Director of Academics (pattijohnson@dadecs.org). For a list of the EOG testing dates and subject areas, you can click HERE.
The DMS / DCHS Fishing Team along with Coach Al Barton (DCHS Teacher) and Boat Captains are making a name for themselves on the waters in the tri-state area. Coach Barton and team are currently participating in as many fishing tournaments as possible while also following COVID-19 protocols and all of the different boat ramps. Coach Barton states "it has been a challenge, but the kids are loving it."
Davis Elementary Preparing For Spring Break
Davis Elementary students celebrate and gear up for Spring Break! To see more pictures, you can click HERE!
DMS Students Participate In Video Challenge
DMS Broadcast Media students have demonstrated tremendous growth under the direction of DMS Teacher Mr. Wil Martin. DMS Principal, Ms. Michelle Beeler states that "this is one example of their fine work and highlights another successful DMS Program through our partnership with NASA HUNCH." Click HERE to see the video.
Dade Elementary 5th Grade Promotion Information
DES 5th grade promotion celebrations will be in the upper gym. Each student will be able to invite 4 people to attend. There will be 3 programs with two 5th grade teachers presenting at a time. Each side of the gym will be open with one classroom teacher's visitors sitting on one side together. Masks are required to enter the gym and may be removed once you are sitting with your family group.
  • 8:30 - 9:15 - Bradford/Powers
  • 9:30 - 10:15 - Carter/Wood
  • 10:30 - 11:15 - Moore/Poston
Only visitors for scheduled classroom presentations will be allowed in the gym. For more information, please contact DES Principal, Ms. Tracy Blevins.