January 2016

A Look Ahead to a New Year

The new year brings a renewed energy to seek new opportunities for improvement. Much like personal resolutions, the DC Taxicab Commission has several initiatives that are planned for implementation in 2016. Title 31 which governs the operations of the vehicle-for-hire industry will be rewritten to lessen the burden of regulations. However, it is important to understand that upholding excellent service standards will be expected. Enhancing safety and service will continue to be the primary focus of the agency. It is the intent of DCTC to support technological advancements that can improve consumer choice and streamline administrative procedures. There is also research underway that will review market data to produce robust results, insightful analysis, smart recommendations and dynamic programs that can be effective solutions. This is just a brief peek and more can be expected.

Electric Taxicabs
Grant Funding 

The DC Taxicab Commission has opportunities available for licensed taxicab operators to receive grant funding to obtain electric vehicles and to provide neighborhood van service. The objective is to fulfill the regulatory responsibility to ensure the economic viability of the vehicle-for-hire industry. Applications can be submitted for grants ranging from $10,000 to $200,000. Get more information here 
Washington, DC Neighborhoods

24/7 Deployment of Vehicle Officers

2016 brings the implementation of 24 hour/7 days a week deployment of Vehicle Inspection Officers aka "Hack Inspectors" to the District's streets. Enforcement staff will continue to have the responsibility to identify Title 31 violations and issue Notices of Infractions (NOIs) which are considered civil penalties. Alleged violators are afforded due process to challenge NOIs and even pursue a court hearing.  The DC Taxicab Commission promotes transparency and integrity. It is important that both the industry and consumers are able to trust that safety and fairness are a priority. In addition, drivers, vehicle owners and the general public are encouraged to engage with the DCTC  Enforcement Department and provide feedback, ask questions and offer suggestions.   
Tell Us What You Think

The DC Taxicab Commission wants to invite the vehicle-for-hire industry, related stakeholders and the general public to give feedback on various topics and issues including regulatory matters, proposals under consideration and new technologies. Visit the DCTC website and  Tell Us What You Think.

DC Taxicab Commission 
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