March 2016

Commission Meeting 
 Wednesday March 9 , 2016
10:00 AM

Chairman Ernest Chrappah
Industry Engagement
At the February General Commission Meeting, I presented the outline of a concept for Reinventing Vehicles For Hire. It is imperative to respond to  the evolving marketplace conditions with  smart strategies based on data analysis and consumer trends. As ideas, proposals and regulations are considered it is important for the public and those in the industry to share their opinions, comments and suggestions with us.  I encourage you to participate at one, or more of our upcoming one hour virtual town halls on the following dates: March 17 at 1:30 pm; March 23 at 10:30 am; and March 28 at 4:00 pm. We are striving to establish a fair and competitive for-hire marketplace for the District's transportation ecosystem. 

The economic viability of the industry depends on being nimble, responsive and flexible in adapting business models to take advantage of evolving consumer preferences and technological enhancements . Your input will shape the future.  
The DC TaxiApp will soon be available in all
District taxicabs
Administrative Issuance:
DC TaxiApp  Implementation
The DC Taxicab Commission has published an Administrative Issuance that establishes implementation dates for District taxicab operators to comply with the requirement to be signed in to the app when on duty.The complete order can be reviewed here.There are two sets of deadlines for operators to meet. However, all District taxis should be using the DC TaxiApp before Memorial Day. The app is available for both iPhone and Android and can be downloaded for free at DCTaxi.com .
Lost & Found Services
Sometimes...for whatever the reason...items are left in a taxicab. When a passenger forgets something there are often feelings of despair and desperation. But don't give up all hope.The DC Taxicab Commission provides Lost & Found services.The agency has been able to retrieve many things that would otherwise be lost forever. Passengers can submit a Lost Property Form or call (202) 645-4431. A quick tip for all passengers is to take note of the Public Vehicle Identification Number, also known as the PVIN, that is displayed on the dome light.The PVIN makes it easier to identify a specific taxi and driver. All drivers are reminded of their responsibility to turn in lost items to DCTC.  
Contact Information
In order to facilitate communication and access to updates all drivers licensed by the DC Taxicab Commission must provide valid contact information to include a mailing address, a phone number and an email address. No transactions will be conducted without verification of these items. 
Tell Us What You Think
The DC Taxicab Commission wants your feedback. The opinions and insight from the vehicle-for-hire industry, related stakeholders and the general public offer valuable input and are critical considerations that shape policies, proposals and regulations. We want to hear from everyone!   Give Feedback 
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