December 2015

Season's Greeting

The end of the year is a wonderful time to reflect on what has been done and anticipate what will happen next. Regardless of your personal preferences there is a holiday spirit that can be felt. Families and friends gather to celebrate and share good cheer.But the vehicle-for-hire industry does not shut down. In addition to an increase in demand at key transportation hubs such as airports and train stations, the number of parties and gatherings produce pressure for more transportation services. So stay alert and be safe. On behalf of the staff of the DC Taxicab Commission I offer best wishes for the new year.

A Look Back at 2015 

The DC Taxicab Commission underwent exciting changes in 2015 including the transition to new leadership. The Commission implemented new initiatives that were successful in transforming the vehicle-for-hire industry. Accomplishments included:
  • Instituting a grants program to increase the number of wheelchair accessible vehicles in the District and provide free disability sensitivity training
  • Easing the burden of regulations by approving a reduction in fines
  • Proposing a pathway for issuing new H-tags
  • Eliminating a backlog of complaint cases and establishing an efficient due process for adjudication
  • Creating a mechanism to resolve disputes between drivers and companies 
  • Balanced enforcement actions against digital dispatch providers for violations
  • The industry is robust in the face of increased competition with over 16 million rides in District taxicabs generating $234 million in economic activity. 

Ready for the Holiday Festivities

A Look Ahead to 2016

2016 promises to continue the transformation in the vehicle-for-hire industry as it modernizes and responds to external changes. Here's what can be expected from the Commission:
  • Consumer protection campaigns in an environment of multiple on-demand transportation options 
  • Incentive programs to reduce vehicle emissions to help the environment
  • New services to those who have been traditionally underserved
Tell Us What You Think

The DC Taxicab Commission wants to engage with members of the vehicle-for-hire industry, industry stakeholders and the general public to get feedback on various topics such as prepayment for rides and issuing new vehicle and operator licenses. This is also an opportunity to offer opinions regarding proposed regulations as well as ideas, suggestions and observations.  Tell Us What You Think.

DC Taxicab Commission 
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